Carrels in Rhys Carpenter Library

Graduate students and senior majors in Archaeology, Classics, History of Art, and Cities are eligible for carrels in Rhys Carpenter Library. Eligible students will receive instructions on the procedures for carrel selection via email in mid-August.

Carrels are located on the A floor (main floor), B floor (lower level), and Old Library stacks of Carpenter Library. Carrels are indicated by the small white boxes with numbers corresponding to thier location in library (e.g. A101, B100, T1).

These maps are to help you find a suitable carrel for you. Not all carrels are available. For list of available carrels, refer to link send via email or contact Laura Surtees.

Please consult the map below for location of carrels. Click on the carrels on map for links to general images of the carrels. Please note that not all the carrels are represented in the images but show the general appearance of the carrels and area in which they are located.

Carrel selection for graduate students will begin on August 16, 2017 at 9am.

Senior majors in Archaeology, Classics, History of Art, and Cities deparments can select their carrels on August 23, 2017 at 9am.


**For better zoomable image with the numbers of the carrels see Carpenter Level A and Carpenter Level B***

Carpenter Level A


Carpenter Level B Classroom side B Carrels Carrel B Atrium

A windows A clusters


Window carrels A cluster Grad study A Atrium Old Library Carrels


b atrium carrels b classroom carrels