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Circulation & Access Policies


Visitors are welcome at the Bryn Mawr College Libraries on weekdays from 9am - 6pm. See this announcement for more details about after-hours access for visitors. 

Our first priority is to support the Bryn Mawr College community of students, faculty, staff and alumnae/i.  The Library is open for U.S. depository access.  Library or Public Safety staff may ask for ID at any time.

Visitors may not:

    • Borrow materials
    • Print from library printers
    • Access electronic resources from off-campus

Patrons with visitor card from other Tri-College libraries (Swarthmore or Haverford) may not borrow materials from Bryn Mawr College Libraries.  Correspondingly, patrons with Bryn Mawr Visitor Cards may not borrow from other Tri-College libraries.

The following people may borrow library materials:

    • Current Tri-college students, faculty, and staff: present a valid college ID card/OneCard at the circulation desk.  This card must be activated upon first use.
    • Tri-college alumnae/i: obtain a borrowing card from a circulation supervisor at your alma mater's library.
    • Tri-college faculty and staff partners/spouses: obtain a borrowing card from a circulation supervisor at your respective campus library.
    • Faculty affiliated with EZ-Borrow Libraries: obtain introduction papers from your home library.  This privilege may be renewed yearly with confirmation of faculty status. For more information see: Faculty Reciprocal Borrowing.

Patrons must show a valid Tri-college ID or Yellow Bryn Mawr Borrowing Card in order to borrow library materials or request information about their account.

Report a problem with your Library Account  


Undergraduates, Post-Bacs and Non-Degree Students [PDF]

Seniors & Graduate Students [PDF]

Faculty & Staff [PDF]

Carpenter Carrels [PDF]

Visitors & Alumnae [PDF]


You may renew most library items by accessing your library record and following the on-screen directions.

ILL books may be renewed by filling out a form at the circulation desk or emailing the Interlibrary Loan Office.  EZ-Borrow books and bound journals are only self-renewable once.


Any current student or faculty member may recall any item that is currently checked out by using the "Request Item" function.

    • Any recalled item must be promptly returned, even if the borrower is using it to write a thesis.  Keeping recalled items past their new due date will cause your library account to blocked.
    • The requesting borrower may not have the book until the original borrower has had it for a minimum of two weeks.  After two weeks, a new recall due date is issued allowing the first patron a few days to finish up with the book.  If a book is already overdue, no additional time will be granted and the book will be due immediately.
    • If you leave the Bryn Mawr area, you are still responsible for returning recalled books on time.  If you travel with library materials, watch for recall notices and be prepared to mail recalled items to the library.   If you do not have email access, do not keep library materials out on your account while traveling.
    • Books needed for reserve and overdue books are subject to immediate recall. 
    • Recalled books will be available for pickup at the Circulation Desk.
    • If a book is recalled from you and you still need it, try EZBorrow! You can also place another hold on the book once you return it, and after the next patron has had it for two weeks, it'll go on hold for you again.


Canaday reserve books and DVDs/videos are located on the Course Reserves shelves, on your left when you walk in the front door. Carpenter and Collier reserve items are available at the Circulation Desk. Please look each item up in Tripod to find it's call number.

More information on viewing DVD/video reserves in Canaday

Online reserves (e-reserves) are accessible on Moodle.  Faculty wishing to place materials on reserve should consult the library's Reserves Procedures.


Current Bryn Mawr students, faculty and staff may borrow books from Haverford and Swarthmore College libraries in person, or request items to be sent to Bryn Mawr. Use the "Request Item" function in Tripod to get items from these libraries. Requested items may be picked up at the Circulation desk, usually within 24 hours.


Material not in Tripod may be borrowed from another library. Reference librarians can help you identify the most useful and quickly obtainable resources. Submit requests via the Interlibrary Loan/EZBorrow webpage, or choose the "EZ-Borrow/ILL" function from the Tripod menu. 

ILL books may be renewed by emailing the Interlibrary Loan Office.  EZ-Borrow books can be renewed twice through your Tripod account.

Do not remove yellow/blue bands from books.  A $2 fine will be assessed for each band removed.


"Thesis Status" is automatically given to all Bryn Mawr seniors and graduate students.  This means that all regularly-circulating tri-college books will be due for these patrons at the end of the semester. For more information see Lending Policies

Thesis status does NOT apply to:

    • RECALLS - any recalled book must be promptly returned, even if the borrower is using it to write a thesis
    • Videos and DVDs
    • Bound journals
    • ILL and EZ-Borrow books
    • Laptops
    • Any other short-term loan materials not individually listed


All library fines and bills for students are reported to the controller's office at the end of the month if they amount to $10.00 or more.  These charges are listed on student accounts as "library charges" and must be paid at the controller's office.

Fines under $10.00 will remain on a student's library record and will only be sent to the controller's office for collection if/when they add up to $10.00.

Library fines for faculty, staff, visitors & alumnae must be paid to the circulation desk.  The circulation desk will only accept payment in the form of a check made out to Bryn Mawr College. Fines under $10 are accepted.

The library charges the following fines for overdue library items*:

    • Reserve materials: $1 per hour or portion thereof
    • Recalled materials: $2 per day
    • Laptops and multimedia equipment: $25 per day or portion thereof
    • EZ-Borrow and ILL (books borrowed from outside the Tri-colleges): $1 per day

The library issues bills ($75 or more) for items so long overdue they are assumed to be lost.

    • You are e-mailed at least three overdue notices before you are billed for an item.  A non-refundable billing fee of $15 will be assessed even if the billed item is subsequently returned.

Borrowing privileges will be blocked if:

    • Unpaid bills exceed the library's set limit
    • You keep a recalled item past its new due date

If your library record is blocked, you will be able to borrow materials again when:

    • Billed books are paid for or returned to the library
    • Overdue recalled books are returned to the library

*Please be aware that some items from Haverford and Swarthmore may accrue fines where their Bryn Mawr counterparts do not.  You will be responsible for paying these fines.

Did you get an overdue notice for something you think you've already returned to the library?  Report a missing item - we'll take a look for it and reply within one week with the results of our search.  The item will remain checked out to you while we search.

Report a fine or bill received in error


Did you look something up in Tripod only to go to the shelf and find that it's not there?

1) Make sure you're looking in the right place!  All Bryn Mawr items have a location beginning with B, followed by the library: Canaday, Carpenter or Collier

2) Check the to-be-shelved area: an item that was recently used might be there

Not sure how to find your way around the library?  Ask for help at the TECH Bar!

Report a missing item. We will get back to you with the results of the search within one week.  If we find the item, we will hold it for you.


Alumnae/i of Bryn Mawr College's undergraduate and graduate programs who are in good standing with the library may request borrowing privileges at no cost. 

Alumnae/i borrowing does not include access to electronic resources from off-campus.

Request/Renew Alumna Borrowing Privileges Online

Lending Policy: VIsitors & Alumnae [PDF]

To guarantee access to the Tri-college libraries on nights and weekends, Alumnae/i should apply for a borrowing or access card at their alma mater's library.


In an effort to conserve paper, the Bryn Mawr College libraries send all library notices (overdues, recalls, fines, bills, hold pickup and cancellations, etc.) via email.  These notices are sent to your Bryn Mawr email address ( 

If you do not use your Bryn Mawr email, it is your responsibility to set your Bryn Mawr email account to forward to the address that you do use. You are also responsible for setting your spam filters on your Bryn Mawr and any other email account to allow messages from the library.  These messages are sent from the address circadm at tripod dot brynmawr dot edu.


A limited number of carrels in Canaday are available to Bryn Mawr College community members. In order to be eligible for a carrel, you must have a current Bryn Mawr College borrowing card.

Student Carrels

For seniors and graduate students, you may apply for an academic year carrel stating on August 1st. All other students and staff members may apply for a carrel starting on October 1st.

All carrels must be assigned via an appointment with a professional circulation staff member. To make an appointment with a professional staff member, please email Circulation will keep a list of all carrel assignments. All carrels that have been “saved” without an official assignment will be cleared of all belongings.

Carrel assignments stay in place for one academic year. All carrels must be cleared out by the Monday after Commencement so that we can perform routine maintenance and upkeep. You can reapply for the same carrel the next year, but we cannot guarantee that it will be available for you.

Do not leave valuables or materials that have not been checked out in your carrel. Library items left in carrels that have not been checked out will be re-shelved by library staff. Items left in carrels by those who have graduated will be removed during the summer.

Canaday carrels B7 and B8 are designated for prelim exams only. Graduate students may book a carrel for up to 5 hours for test-taking. Keys for the prelim carrels and the Video Viewing Carrels on the third floor (305 and 308) may be checked out from the circulation desk. You may not store your belongings in either of these carrels.


Book a Prelim Carrel

To cancel or change a booking, email to

To check out a carrel, simply ask to check out the key for whichever carrel you’ve booked at Canaday Circulation.

Carpenter has a limited number of carrels for seniors and graduate students in majoring in classics, cities, archaeology, and history of art. For more information see this page.


Canaday Library is an academic/administrative space and enforces the Bryn Mawr College posting policy.  Please post only on the general-use bulletin board on the 1st floor facing the elevator, and in designated spaces within the Lusty Cup.  The front doors, windows, and vestibule area are are reserved for library information only.


Canaday: Food is allowed only in the Lusty Cup on Floor A.  Beverages are allowed elsewhere only in covered containers or bottles.

Carpenter: Food is not allowed in the Library.  Beverages are allowed only in covered containers or bottles.

Collier: Food is not allowed in the Library.  Beverages are allowed only in covered containers or bottles.


Bryn Mawr faculty have borrowing privileges at PALCI member institutions, including Penn. As a member of the PALCI consortium, Bryn Mawr College also extends reciprocal direct borrowing privileges to faculty members of other PALCI member institutions. For a list of participating institutions and a link to the Faculty Borrow form (required for Bryn Mawr faculty who want Penn or other library borrowing privileges, or for faculty from other institutions wishing to borrow from Bryn Mawr), please see You will need to have the Faculty Borrow form signed by a librarian at Bryn Mawr or your home institution.


Canaday Library Circulation Desk: 610-526-5276 - email: circulation

Report an problem with your Library Account

Report a missing item

Report a fine or bill received in error