Slavery By Another Name

Even as slavery ended in the south after the Civil War, new forms of forced labor kept thousands of African Americans in bondage until the onset of World War II. This film is based on the 2008 Pulitzer Prize-winning book of the same title by Douglas Blackmon.

Click here to watch Slavery By Another Name (online at the Created Equal website).

Fall 2014 Event

Abridged film screening, featured talk and discussion
October 7, 2014, 4:30pm, Carpenter 21
**Free and open to the public**
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Featured speaker:

Ruth Wilson Gilmore Ruth Wilson Gilmore
Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences, and American Studies,
CUNY Graduate Center
Director, Center for Place, Culture and Politics
Giving a talk entitled:

Mass Incarceration Today: Understanding the Present Conjuncture

With nearly 2,500,000 modestly educated people locked in prisons and jails, and about 7,000,000 more under direct supervision of the criminal justice system, many mainstream individuals and organizations -- politicians, policy wonks, and others -- are suddenly eager to address the scourge of mass incarceration. However, a movement against it has been building a different agenda for more than 20 years. This talk will investigate the current categories, characterizations, and consequences of abolition versus incremental "reform", in order to develop a useful analysis of what some call "the prison-industrial complex".

Professor Gilmore is the author of the prize-winning book Golden Gulag: Prisons, Surplus, Crisis, and Opposition in Globalizing California (2007), which the San Francisco Chronicle called a "must-read book". Recognized for both her scholarly and social justice contributions, Professor Gilmore has been the recipient of many awards, including the American Studies Association's Angela Y. Davis Award for Public Scholarship, and the Harold Rose Award for Anti-Racist Research and Activism from the American Association of Geographers. Her current projects include a second edition of Golden Gulag, as well as several other book projects: Fatal Couplings: Essays on Motion, Racial Capitalism, and the Black Radical Tradition; and Big Things: Reconfigured Landscapes and the Infrastructure of Feeling.

Special thanks to the Greater Philadelphia Women's Studies Consortium for their co-sponsorship of Prof. Gilmore's talk.