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Rachel CunninghamThe Intrigues, Amours, & Adventures of Rachel Cunningham... London: E. Duncombe, c.1820.
Rachel Cunningham
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The story of Philadelphia native, Rachel Cunningham, is fairly fully recounted in the title of this book.  Possessed of extraordinary beauty, but also of a variety of "demonic" desires, her path led from insolent selfishness, through adultery and lewd couplings (recounted with zest, to be sure), to the grave.  She was doomed from the beginning of her evil life in a resort town:  "At that place of fashionable folly, vice, and profligacy (Bedford Pa.) while residing with her aunt… it may be said the ice of continence was first broken and she (Rachel) went down rapidly with the full current of licentiousness that surrounded and bore away her youthful inclinations, finally to the wide and over-whelming ocean of sensual pleasures!"


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