The Intrigues, Amours, & Adventures of Rachel Cunningham: Called from her Many
Crimes the American Milwood: Detailing the Eccentric  Course of her Career..., Her
Deceitful Conduct to her Aunt and Entrance into Public Life at Sixteen, Is Debauched
by Mr. Wallingdon, Becomes the Mistress of Mr. Haverley, His Death in a Duel,
Intrigue with his Antagonist, Her Attempt to Poison her Keeper Mr. Green and Failure,
Her Debut at the Saloons of the Theatres, Engages the Affections of Mr. L---, the
Wealthy Merchant, Intrigue with that celebrated Debauchee Judge F---, Her Amour
with the Sheriff, George van Swearington and Murder of His Wife, Together with their
Escape, Capture, Trial, and Execution for Murder.
London: E. Duncombe, c.1820

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