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True NarrativeTrue Narrative of the Whole Proceedings at the Sessions-house in the Old-Bailey, Begun on Thursday the 12th. of this instant July 1683, Against Captain Thomas Walcot..., &. As also an Account of the Tryals of Several Notorious Malefactors, for Treason, Felonies &c. London: Printed for George Croom, 1683.
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What sorts of crimes do women commit?  The truth, of course, is that women commit the same crimes that men do, although in different numbers and proportions.  This report on a trial for conspiring to kill the king of England in 1683 is rounded out by a series of far less serious crimes, among which women are charged with clipping – that is, removing precious metal from the edges of coins (acquitted for lack of evidence), stealing lace (cleared), theft of goods worth 5 pounds (cleared), and witchcraft (acquitted in spite of many accusations by witnesses because the defendant's minister testified that her faith was satisfactory).

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