Written by the Class of 1905
Presented by Class of 1905 to Class of 1904
November 15, 1901

""No class is a class until it has had a show."
These were the words which rang in our ears for the first two months of college life"
--Frances Eleanor Mason, Isabel Adair Lynde, The Book of the Class of 1905

Borumora Cast Members

The freshman class of 1905 performed Borumora for the sophomore class of 1904 in the fall of 1901. Although part of the freshman play tradition at Bryn Mawr, Borumora was particular because it was a completely original comedy, written by the freshman class. The play contrasts three distinct settings-- the battleship "Olympia", a study room at Bryn Mawr College, and the Phillipines. The outrageous costumes seen in these photographs display the popular trend of staging "exotic locales" in the theater during this period. This play was performed in the old Bryn Mawr Gym (now the Campus Center), and from the description in the Class Book of 1905, was a giant success:


"Each pun was heartily appreciated by the enthusiastic audience, and when finally the Small Boy asked them plainly, "Do you like our play?" the applause, the cheers, the armfuls of gorgeous flowers, was more than the most eager of us could have desired".

Borumora Cast Members


Borumora Program

(Photos by Broadbent Co., Philadelphia)

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