D'Arcy of the Guards

By Louis Evan Shipman
Performed October 30, 1907

D'Arcy of the Guards, 1907

(L-R) Jessie Dewitt, K Anderson, Beth Harrington, Helen Smittie, Mary Richardson, Alice ??, Phoebe ??

"...Our delight only increased throughout the play itself, from the moment when the curtain first rose on the "Garden of the Townshend House" till it fell on "The Same, five weeks later." Unfamilar as we were with the actors, the gaily uniformed officers and the two pretty heroines gave an impression of reality which since then we have seldom felt in college theatricals...The vivid scenes with their song and jest and laughter, remained in our minds and on our tongues long after we had left the gym and scattered over the dark campus."

--Eleanor Ecob, Yearbook 1908, Bryn Mawr College

D'Arcy Program, 1907

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