photo of Mary Patterson McPherson

Mary Patterson McPherson, sixth president of Bryn Mawr College (1978-1997)

From the inaugural address of Miss McPherson:

"Just as I am grateful for the training which Bryn Mawr has given me, so we can all be grateful for the contribution which the college has made to education both nationally and internationally--out of all proportion to her size.... And our crowning achievement, the alumnae and alumni of this college, though determinedly and, I think, enjoyably independent and individual, are as one in their pursuit of excellence for themselves and for all that they touch and influence."

--Mary Patterson McPherson, 1978

Mary Patterson McPherson (at right) with the presidents of the other Seven Sisters Colleges on the occasion of her inauguration. McPherson's inauguration marked the first time that all the presidents of the Seven Sisters were women. From left: Elizabeth T. Kennan (Mt. Holyoke), Barbara W. Newell (Wellesley), Jacquelyn A. Mattfeld (Barnard), Virginia B. Smith (Vassar), Matina S. Horner (Radcliffe), Jill K. Conway (Smith), President McPherson. presidents of the Seven Sister colleges

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