Joan has been a useful adjunct to advertising for many years: La Lorraine beer was among the sponsors of de Gombervaux's 1893 Jeanne d'Arc, Sa Mission, son Culte (left). She was popular in the collectible cards issues by various advertisers: Bryn Mawr's collection of ephemera includes four of the six-card series on Joan issued by the Compagnie Liebig, manufacturers of OXO bouillon cubes (right).



The college also has "Joan of Arc" from the series of Famous Minors (left), issued by Godfrey Phillips Ltd., a manufacturer of tobacco products - presumably the fact that both their goods and Joan were burned is coincidental.


The Ringling Brothers circus drew on the vast popularity of Joan of Arc just before the outbreak of the First World War to promote their "newly added $500,000 spectacle": "The Most Sublimely Beautiful Story in all Modern History Expressed in that entirely New Form which is Just Now Amazing All Europe.

During WW II, a consortium of electric companies punned on Joan's name and reputation to promote themselves as supporters of America's war effort.