detail of face of protrait

"The Sargent Portrait: M. Carey Thomas and John Singer Sargent" was originally presented as part of the exhibition "The Very Best Woman's College There Is": M. Carey Thomas and the Making of the Bryn Mawr Campus, curated by Barbara Ward Grubb, Linda Leeuwrik, and Claire Pingel (September 21 - December 20, 2001). Additional help was provided by members of the Bryn Mawr College Special Collections and College's Collections staff: Eric Pumroy, Carol W. Campbell, Marianne Hansen, Tamara Johnston, and Lorett Treese. Margot Smith, '01, provided preliminary research assistance. Special thanks to Paola Nogueras-Balasquide Tagliamonte, for her photograph of the portrait and to Molly Greenfield for her photograph of the Garrett portrait. Web exhibition by Marianne Hansen.

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