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Bryn Mawr has a site license to GreekKeys. Download the packages for PC or Mac including instructions and fonts at

Enabling polytonic Greek on Windows XP

Enabling Polytonic Greek for Mac OSX

See below, GreekKeys for Macintosh, for an alternative way of entering diacritics.

Freeware for writing polytonic Greek on a Mac using Beta Code.

Unicode Classical Greek Inputter

An easy-to-use web utility for entering small amounts of polytonic Unicode Greek.  Enter Greek directly or choose from a menu of characters.  Your text can then be pasted into any Unicode-compliant program like Word.
More information.

New Athena Unicode font for Greek

Installation instructions for both Mac OS X and PC. Combined accents for polytonic Greek display well with this font; other Unicode fonts may display breathings and accents poorly.

Adding Unicode characters using hexadecimal codes

If you know the code for any character you want to enter, you can enter it directly. In Word (PC), type the hexadecimal character and then ALT+x.  To type combining accents (for instance, omikron + rough breathing + grave), type 03BF, then ALT+x, then 0300 and ALT+X, then 0314 and ALT+X. On a Mac, you can see and enter Unicode characters by hexadecimal code from the Character Palette (available from the Keyboard menu).

Codes for Greek characters, accents, and related languages can be found at

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