Mirabile Dictu

Mirabile Dictu is the Friends of the Library Newsletter published every year. It includes in-depth articles about some of our fascinating collections as well as information regarding current projects, staff, and building renovations.

Mirabile Dictu means "wonderful to relate" in Latin. That is how we feel about the Friends of the Library projects and events that fill the pages of our annual publication. If you would like to receive Mirabile Dictu, please join the Friends of the Library. Wonderful to read too!

Current Issue:

Number Fifteen (2012)

Previous Issues:

Number Fourteen (2011)

Number Thirteen (2009)

Number Twelve (2008)

Number Eleven (207)

Number Ten (2006)

Number Nine (2005)

Number Eight (2004)

Number Seven (2003)

Number Six (2002)

Number Five (2001)

Number Four (2000)

Number Three (1999)
Number Two (1998)

Number One (1997)