Marion Bierwirth Honored


Mary S. Leahy

Marion Moise Bierwirth, Class of 1947, was awarded the Phyllis Goodhart Gordan medal for outstanding service to the Library on Wednesday, April 2. A dinner in her honor was held at Wyndham following the presentation. Marion's husband, Jack, joined her for the daylong celebration.

Marion's vision, encouragement, concern, and support for the Library have deeply involved her with books, manuscripts, and maps in a variety of ways. She has responsibly, quietly, and effectively made possible a number of projects. Many years ago Marion set up an endowed fund for books. The most recent purchase on that fund is the rare second part of Madeleine de Scudery's 1665 treatise on women. Marion, a former Chairman of the Friends of the Library, now joins a distinguished group of Gordan award winners.

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