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M. Winslow Lundy

Development of the Library's home page on the World Wide Web began in the spring of 1995. A committee of staff members, Berry M. Chamness, M. Winslow Lundy, Judith H. Regueiro, and Dora D. Wong, charged with designing, creating and maintaining the Library's pages, has continued to work together since then, expanding and refining the information about the College's libraries and finding useful and appropriate links to other web sites around the world. Information about the libraries includes descriptions of the library departments, special collections and services, hours of operation, guides to research and specific types of reference materials, the schedule of exhibitions, and instructions for using Tripod (the Tri-College Library catalog) and Trilogy, which provides networked access for the Tri-College community to a selection of scholarly databases and indexing resources in a number of academic subjects. An exciting new interface, WebPac, is available as an alternative to the current way of searching Tripod. Searches can be done directly using a Web Browser.

Links to other web sites are organized to assist the user in searching for information contained in the millions of home pages on the Web. Within the structure are links to search engines which index large portions of the Web, to other academic institutions and libraries, to government information, to sites offering general reference information, to Philadelphia area resources, to electronic versions of many newspapers and journals, and to selected sites in the various academic disciplines in the College's curriculum.

When you have a minute, please do take a look at the Library's home page at

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