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Reserves Guidelines for Faculty

Electronic Reserves

Our policy:

  • Scans from books and journals must be limited and the scope, nature, and extent of the copying must be within the reasonable limits of fair use. For information on fair use considerations for reserves, see Contact Camilla MacKay (Scholarly Communications Librarian), with questions.
  • Canaday Library will assist in obtaining copyright permission when needed.
  • Materials will not be placed on reserve for more than one semester in any given year without obtaining the copyright holder's permission.
  • All use of materials placed on electronic reserves will be solely at the initiative of faculty and solely for the non-commercial educational usage of students.
  • Audio visual materials placed on reserve must be legally acquired in compliance with United States copyright laws. The Library will accept videos and dvds that are owned by the Tri-college libraries or by faculty, students, or other agents of the Colleges. Personal copies will be returned at the end of the course.

Access electronic reserves via Moodle.

Book and Video Reserves

The libraries keep course materials behind the circulation desk for short-term access. Reserve books and dvds circulate to students for 3 hours with 2, 3-hour renewals, and to faculty for 7 days with 2, 7-day renewals.

The College wishes to provide students with greater access to course readings in order to reduce the overall cost of their college education. A Plenary resolution was passed in October 2014 and was supported by the College Administration, including the CIO and Director of Libraries. The adopted resolution calls for at least one item available on reserve for every twenty students enrolled in a course when reserves are requested by faculty.

Library staff will use the enrollment limit figures in Bionic to know how many copies to provide on reserve:

1-20 enrollment limit = 1 copy

21-40 enrollment limit = 2 copies

41-60 enrollment limit = 3 copies


Please note:

  • If a faculty member puts a personal copy on reserve, library staff will make their best attempt to find additional copies for purchase when the course enrollment limit exceeds 20.
  • If a faculty member requests only an e-version for reserve, the library will not pre-emptively purchase any physical copies. If we are unable to acquire the requested e-version, we will purchase physical copies per the formula above.
  • If a faculty member requests a physical copy for reserve and the library already has an electronic or streaming version, the electronic or streaming version may serve as the second and higher copies.  In such an event, both the physical and e-formats will be put on reserve.
  • Supplementary and optional readings on reserve will not be subject to the 1 copy per 20 enrollee rule.

IMPORTANT: For e-book titles to be used in your courses, please ask that the e-book and/or a print version be purchased for reserve via the request form below. We "rent" and do not "own" most of the e-book titles in Tripod, and unless you request a specific title be purchased, the publisher may remove its availability in a "rent-able" e-version from our vendor. Simply linking to the Tripod record for an e-book in your Moodle course will not guarantee its continued availability, unless we specifically purchase it. If you wish to put an e-book on reserve that we don't already have in Tripod, you may request it through this form. Please be aware that not all books are available as e-books and not all e-books are available for library use. If you request an e-book and we cannot acquire it, we will acquire a print copy of the book.

All reserve requests should be submitted via the applicable online request form:

Canaday Book Reserve Request

Canaday Video Reserve Request

Carpenter Reserve Request (Contact Laura Surtees with questions about Carpenter reserves

Collier Reserve Request (Contact Terri Freedman with questions about Collier reserves)

Please note:

    • You must research your requests in Tripod before completing this request form. You will be required to provide information from the Tripod records for materials already in the library.
    • If the item is at Bryn Mawr, please provide the title, the call number, and the book's location.
    • If the item is not at Bryn Mawr, it will be acquired as quickly as possible.
    • All items will be kept on reserve until the end of the semester, unless otherwise requested.

Personal Copy items

    • Please bring your personal books and dvds that you would like your students to have access to the Circulation Desk of the appropriate library to be placed on reserve. Library staff will add the materials into Tripod and place them on reserve for you within 48 hours, Monday through Friday. Please indicate your name and the course title on the form. Please also write your name on the item itself. If necessary, library staff will then order additional copies, based on enrollment totals for your course.
    • The library assumes no responsibility for lost personal copy items.

Items not eligible for reserve:

  • ILL or E-ZBorrow books
  • Rented or borrowed films

Turnaround time

Reserve requests are processed in the order in which they are received, Monday through Friday. Items may be added throughout the semester. 

Access print reserves via Tripod.