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Ring Around the Strasse

360˚: Vienna 1900 is an integrated two-credit seminar which is interdisciplinary in nature. Participants study works of art, architecture, design, literature, psychoanalysis, and pseudoscience. The seminar features critical discussions of visual culture, literary works, and psychoanalytic texts by artists and writers such as Freud, Hofmannsthal, Hoffmann, Klimt, Kokoschka, Loos, Musil, Schiele, Schnitzler, Wagner, and Weininger.

The version of 360˚: Vienna 1900 taught in the spring of 2011 included archival work, web-based group research projects and a trip to New York museums to see original examples of art and design produced in Vienna at the turn of the 20th century. It also gave students the unique and exciting opportunity to conduct field research in the city of Vienna itself over spring break. Packed into the week were visits to numerous important museums and galleries, architectural sites, the Freud Museum, the opera, and the theater. Three time blocks were set aside to give students an opportunity to conduct research for their group projects, which focus on topics as diverse as Art, Music, Architecture, Theater, the New Human Sciences, Fashion, and Coffee House Culture. The results of this research are presented in this exhibition.

View the syllabus.

Read about the trip to Vienna as told by Meghna Singh, one of the students in the course.

Coffeehouse Culture

Aki Snyder, Laurel Lemon, and Stephanie Viggiano. Many thanks to Professors Christiane Hertel & Imke Meyer for leading us through this amazing academic expedition through Vienna 1900. More special thanks to Cheryl Klimaszewski, Jennifer Lopatin & Bryn Mawr, for our 360 experience.

Music in Vienna 1900

Lise Chlebak, Allegra Fletcher and Emilia Marcyk

Theater in Wien

Jessica Bawgus, Faith Westdorp

Wien 1900: Streit der Moden (Vienna 1900: The Fight of Fashion)

Many thanks to Christiane Hertel, Cheryl Klimaszewski, Jennifer Lopatin, and Imke Meyer. Exhibit created by Jillian Galloway and Megan Clark.

Freud's Vienna, Vienna's Freud

Meghna Singh '13, Hyoungee Kong '13

Viennese Art in 1900: A Study of Gender and Sexuality

Adriana Grossman and Natalie Muniz