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Part II: Box and Folder List-Poetry and Other Writings

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Published Writings
Notebooks and Miscellaneous Papers


Box Folder Contents Date
    From A Shropshire Lad  
5 10 AMsS, "On Your Midnight Pallet Lying" n.d.
5 11 AMsS, "Into My Heart" n.d.
5 12 AMsS, "Loveliest of Trees" n.d.
    From Additional Poems  
5 13 AMs, fragment of R.L. Stevenson's requiem n.d.
5 14-17

AMs, Fragments and drafts

Folders labeled Additional Poems XIX, XIII, XIV, XX

    From Last Poems  
5 18 AMs, "Astronomy" n.d.
5 19-22

AMs, Fragments and drafts

Folders labeled Last Poems VII, IX, XXIX, XL

    From More Poems  
6 1 AMs, "Tarry Delight" n.d.
6 2

AMsS, "For My Funeral"

see also Death of A.E. Housman.



AMs, Fragments and drafts

Folders labeled More Poems VI, XII, XVII, XIX, XXXI, XXXIV, XXXIX, XLIV, XLV

    Nonfiction and Translations  
6 13 Ms, Translation of "Horace: Odes IV. vii" n.d.
6 14

AMS, "Three New Lines of Lucan?"

with note in pencil "proof to Prof. Housman, Trinity College Cambridge"

6 15

AMs, Notes on classical text

with two page typescript

    Miscellaneous Poetry  
6 16 AMs, "The Parallelogram or Infant Optimism" n.d.
6 17 AMsS, "Fragment of a Greek Tragedy" n.d.
6 18

Typescript with notes, "Fragment of a Greek Tragedy"

With note at top: "Collected by Yale Review 1928 (copy sent to me by AEH with a correction by him)."

6 19

AMs, "The Illustrated Bible"

Single sheet with notes on verso in Greek. Folder also contains several photocopies and letter from Paul Naiditch which dates the verse and describes the notes as possibly related to Housman's "studies for the Pass Examination in 1881/1882."

c. 1898
6 20 AMs "The Bear or the Pathos of Ignorance" and photocopy of "Infant Innocence" n.d.
6 21 AMsS, "As Into the Garden Elizabeth Ran" 1919 April 27
6 22 AMsS, "Lucinda or Domestic Astronomy" n.d.
6 23 AMsS, "When Adam Day by Day" n.d.
6 24

AMs, "Verses for Mrs. Woolbright"

Verses accompanied by signed note card to Mrs. Woolbright with a birthday greeting.

6 25

Ms, Notebook "Poems and Other Pieces Hereto Uncollected"

Includes poems, classical works, and a 1892 lecture given at University College London. Title page includes note "John Sparrow, Oxford, 1927" as if publisher. Opposite title page there is a signed note from John Sparrow to Houston Martin. See also Houston Martin Correspondence.

6 26

Ms "Felan's Flowers"

Manuscript with note: "Transcribed by LH (Laurence Housman) from MS by AEH now lost."

6 27 AMs, "Hexameter: Paradise Lost V, 1-17" n.d.
6 28 AMs, photocopy "Nonae Novembres" with essay on poem by unidentified author n.d.
6 29 AMsS, "Purple William or The Liar's Doom" n.d.
6 30 AMs, "Inhuman Henry or Cruelty to Fabulous Animals" n.d.
6 31

Poetry not in Housman's hand and unidentified verses

Includes typescript of letter in verse to his sister, Katherine Symons (see Katherine Symons Correspondence), an unidentified work possibly in the hand of Lucy Agnes Housman, a copy of a work from The Name and Nature of Poetry, and a typescript fragment.


Published Writings

Box Folder Contents Date
6 32

The Death of Socrates

Newspaper printings from The Bromsgrove Messenger with note describing clipping as the first printing of AEH's first published poem.
1874 Aug 8
6 33

Robert Louis Stevenson tribute

One pamphlet and one clipping from The Academy of R.L.S., a tribute to the late writer.

1894 Dec 22, n.d.
6 34

"Illic Jacet"

Clipping from The Academy.

1900 Feb 24
6 35

Fragment of a Greek Tragedy

Five reprintings of the parody. Two pamphlets printed in Massachusetts by At The Snail's Pace Press with newspaper clipping regarding printing. One printed by The Peter Pauper Press. One in The Trinity Magazine and one in the New York Herald.

1921, 1925, n.d.
6 36

"The bells jostle in the tower..."

Two copies of fragment which the pamphlet claims was "preserved by oral tradition and said to have been composed by A.E. Housman in a dream." 37 copies of the pamphlet were printed by John Carter and John Sparrow. One pamphlet contain signed dedication by John Carter to Seymour Adelman from 1960.

6 37

Jubilee Address to King George V

Letter written in name of "Masters, Fellows and Scholars of Trinity College" to commemorate the King's jubilee. Notes from auction catalog state that AEH's authorship was never officially acknowledged.

6 38

"For My Funeral"

First American printing in the New York Herald Tribune and copy of John Carter's burial service containing the poem.

1936, 1975
6 39

"Quatrains" from Collected Poems

Clipping from The New York Times Review of Books.

1951 Nov 11
6 40

Poems Set to Music

Folder includes "Nine Songs from A Shropshire Lad" by A. Redgrave Cripps with autograph dedication to Housman on title page, two works by George Butterworth from "A Shropshire Lad," and "Four Songs" by DM Stewart based on Housman's Last Poems.


Notebooks and Miscellaneous Papers

Box Folder Contents Date
7 1


Red case stamped "Housman 1889." Contains daily temperature readings and notations of flowers in bloom.

7 2

Notebook X, 180 p.

Contains extensive notes on, and quotations from, classical texts and modern authors such as Edmund Burke, George Eliot, Goethe, Pascal, Burns, Lessing, Nietzsche, Cowper, Blake, Anatole France, Keats, Shelley, Arnold, and Lamb. Folder also contains photograph copy of book and copy of entry in auction catalog on 25 July 1978.

c. 1903-15
7 3

Notebook Y, 66 p.

Contains extensive notes on, and quotations from, classical texts. Also contains notes and drafts towards the preface and text of Housman's 1930 edition of Manilius V, as well as for his lecture "The Name and Nature of Poetry" (delivered in 1933). Quoted authors include Swinburne, Wordsworth, Pope, Coleridge, Dryden, and Arnold. Folder also contains photograph copy of book and copy of entry in auction catalog on 25 July 1978.

c. 1930-33
7 4 AM, Commonplace book

Copies of poems, each marked with name of poet.

7 5

ANs, Notes on printing of A Shropshire Lad and Last Poems

Notes, possibly in Housman's hand, noting differences between manuscripts and printed text.

7 6

ANs, Notes on Propertius written on verso of a Laurence Housman manuscript.

7 7 ANs, Notes (Critical Apparatus) for Juvenal's Saturae, 23 p. n.d.
7 8 ANs, Pages from commonplace book, 2 p in English and Greek n.d.
8 1 ANs, Translations of Greek words, 2 p on back of envelopes n.d.
8 2

ANs, Pages from a notebook, 20 p

Lists of words and rhymes

8 3 ANs, Miscellaneous notes n.d.

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