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Part II: Box and Folder List - Writings

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Short Stories
Printed Works


Box Folder Description
1 41 Years of Grace, Part I, TMs with MS changes
1 42 Years of Grace, Part II, TMs with MS changes
1 43 Years of Grace, Part III, TMs with MS changes
1 44 Years of Grace, Part IV, TMs with MS changes
2 1 Bridal Wreath or Background (original title), TMs with several versions
2 2 First chapter and synopsis for untitled novel, a romantic melodrama which was never completed, TMs


Short Stories:

Box Folder Description
2 3 "Arms and the Boy", TMs
2 4 "Charmer", TMs
2 5 "Cordelia on the Styx", TMs, 3 differing drafts
2 6 "Deceiving Husband", TMs with MS changes
2 7 "Dinner Party", TMs, 2 copies
2 8 "Eyes of Youth", TMs
2 9 "Feather Beds", TMs
2 10 "Home Fire", TMs, 2 copies
2 11 "Lady of Letters", TMs
2 12 "Perpetual Care", TMs
2 13 "A Question of Temperament" published under the title, "Even if a Wife is Right", TMs, 2 copies, dated April, 1946
2 14 "Quotation from Scripture", TMs, dated August, 1945
2 15 "Set a Thief", TMs with MS corrections, 2 copies
2 16 "Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves", TMs
2 17 "A Square Meal", TMs with MS corrections, 2 copies
2 18 "Stardust", TMs, 3 copies
2 19 "Whopping Success", TMs
2 20 "Sauce for the Gosling", TMs, 128 pages
2 21

An assortment of MAB's writings, in both typed and published form taken from magazine publications, brochures and newspapers:
"A Century of Progress" TMs copy, written for Pictorial Review
"Chicago in Summer" from Fashions of the Hour Magazine, June, 1928 and TMs copy.
"A Famous Mother in Literature" from Mother's Aid Message
"The Gifted Author", TMs essay written for Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin, undated
"High Rank Involves No Shame" published article from Chicago Daily News, March 13, 1929, 3 copies
"History in the Making", TMs essay, undated
"New Lives for Old" medical health essay on orthopedics by MAB
"The Period Novel" from The Writer, Vol. 48, Number 9, September, 1935.
"The Shedd Aquarium" from Marshall Field and Co. Magazine, Summer 1930
"Spring Song" from Marshall Field and Co. Magazine, Spring, 1936 and TMs copy
"St. Luke's Hospital", TMs essay, undated
Untitled TMs essay for Cosmopolitan Magazine, and rewrite with MS signature by MAB, undated
TMs and published article on World War II with short commentary by MAB from Woman's Day Magazine,
April, 1939, pp 4-5.
Untitled TMs essay written December, 1935 with MS note: For Fanny Butchen Book Page
Several book reviews by MAB


Box Folder Description
2 22 Age of Innocence, TS, bound
2 23 Age of Innocence, TS, bound
2 24 Age of Innocence, TS, loose pages, with MS corrections
2 25 Age of Innocence, TS, loose pages from various scenes
2 26 Age of Innocence, includes discarded last act
2 27 Dishonored Lady, Act I-III, with MS notes, additions and corrections
2 28 Dishonored Lady, Act I-III, in a cloth cover from "Charles Frohman, Inc., Empire Theaters, PA"
2 29 Dishonored Lady, Act I-III
2 30 Dishonored Lady, Act I-III, addressed to "Office of Alice Kauser, NYC"
2 31 Dishonored Lady, Act I-III, addressed to "Kraus and Griscomb Scenes Inc."
2 32 Dishonored Lady, rewritten fragments, TS and MS
2 33 Dishonored Lady, movie scenario
2 34 Edna His Wife, adaptation by Connelia Otis Skinner with signature
3 1 Jenny: A Comedy in Four Acts, complete script
3 2 Jenny, Act I, II, III (with IV), signed on cover: W. E. Watts, all with copious staging notes
3 3 Jenny, Act I through IV, signed on cover: Margaret Ayer Barnes, with many MS changes in dialogue
3 4 Jenny, Act I and II, revised
3 5 Jenny, Act I and II, a few notes and changes
3 6 Jenny, Act III and IV, some notes and changes throughout
3 7 Jenny, Act III and IV, some notes and changes throughout, with MS signature of MAB
3 8 Jenny, miscellaneous scene fragments
3 9 Johnny, Act I-III, full script, TMs
3 10 Johnny, AMs and TMs first drafts
3 11 Johnny, with MS notes and corrections
3 12 Johnny, with minor MS notes


Short Stories in Magazines:

Box Item Description
5 Cosmopolitan

November, 1933- "All's Fair"
November, 1943- "Sauce for the Gosling"

5 Golden Book October, 1934- "Cordelia and the Poet"
5 Graphic 1934- "The Town We Grew Up In"
5 Harper's September, 1927- "Homel Fire"
March, 1928- "The Eyes of Youth"
5 Pictorial Review

March, 1923- "The Charmer"
August, 1923- "The Dinner Party"
September, 1923- "Feather Beds"
October, 1923- "Perpetual Care"
September, 1927- "Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves"
October, 1927- "Set a Thief"
March, 1930- "A Square Meal"
June, 1933- "Are You Going to the Fair?"
May, 1936- "A Whooping Success"
November and December, 1936- "Bridal Wreath" (Part I and II)

5 Red Book April, 1928- "Arms and the Boy"
September, 1928- "Cordelia and the Poet"
July, 1936- "A Lady of Letters"
March, 1940- "The Deceiving Husband"
August through October, 1942- "Margery's Marriage" (Part I, II and III)
August, 1946- "Even if a Wife is Right"
April and May, 1947- "His Very Successful Wife" (Part I and II)



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