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Carrie Chapman Catt Papers: Photograph Albums

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June 2000
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Total Boxes: Six clamshell boxes

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Gift of the estate of Carrie Chapman Catt, 1947.

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[The collection description and container list are based on Lucy Fisher West, The Papers of M. Carey Thomas in the Bryn Mawr College Archives. Reel Guide and Index to the Microfilm Collection. Research Publications, Inc., 1982.]

The six albums are part of the Carrie Chapman Catt Papers at Bryn Mawr College. They contain approximately 815 photographs and a very limited amount of printed matter, mostly newspaper clippings, related to the history of international woman’s suffrage. The photographs cover the period from ca. 1840 to ca. 1940, with the majority dating from the last years of the nineteenth century through the first two decades of the twentieth century.

The photograph albums were originally bound in black leather covers. The albums were dismantled in early 2000 but the album covers were retained. Each album is in an individual box. Pages are grouped in threes and fours to facilitate handling and location of subjects. Original page order was maintained.

The albums measure approximately eleven by fifteen inches. The photographs themselves are varied and irregular in size, ranging from approximately two by three inches to roughly ten by fourteen inches. Although most of the photographs are remarkably well preserved, a very few have tears along the margin and some are slightly faded. Legends (presumably written by Catt or under her direction) accompany all of the images; some appear in white ink on the black mounting paper and others in black ink handwritten directly on the photographs. The first two albums are devoted to themes in the history of suffrage; the last four follow a geographic organization.

All of the images are available as part of Triptych, a digital initiative of Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges.


Box 1 (Album 1)

"Parades and Page[a]nts" is comprised of photographs of parades, floats, marching units, street meetings, suffrage posters, and suffrage headquarters from throughout the United States. Subjects of series of photographs include "Your Girl and Mine," identified as a woman suffrage picture melodrama, the sale and distribution of the Woman’s Journal; the Illinois suffrage campaign; and World War I soldiers’ support for woman’s suffrage.

Box 2 (Album 2)

"Pioneers and Leaders" is made up of individual and group photographs of women leaders of the suffrage movement augmented with a small lot of photographs of male reformers. Roughly chronological in format, the album features National American Woman Suffrage Association officers, particularly Susan B. Anthony. Along with portraits, there are informal photographs of ceremonies in Washington, D.C. and several states celebrating the submission of the suffrage resolution to the states in 1919. The volume concludes with a picture of the final meeting of the Woman Suffrage Council in Washington on April 23, 1925.

Box 3 (Album 3) "States M-W-Omitting New York"

Box 4 (Album 4) "States A-L"

Box 5 (Album 5) "New York State and N.Y. City"

Box 6 (Album 6) "International"

Albums 3 through 6 depict the history of the movement by states and internationally. Formal and informal photographs of suffrage leaders, in groups or singly, predominate. In addition, there are fewer photographs of parades and rallies, headquarters buildings and offices, ceremonies, and celebrations.

Albums 3 ("States M-W, Omitting New York"), 4 ("States A-L") and 5 ("New York State and N.Y. City") are devoted to the individual state organizations. They afford a pictorial record of local campaigns and provide a collection of portraits of leaders and workers in the suffrage movement at the state and municipal level. Album 5 includes photographs of the New York City suffrage parades.

Album 6 focuses on the international suffrage movement. Although most of the photographs are of European subjects, Africa, Asia, South America, and Canada also are represented. Of special note are numerous photographs of international woman’s suffrage conferences.

Processing and description by Barbara Ward Grubb, Marianne Hansen, Lucy Fisher West.

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