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H.D. From the photograph of the 1909 Class of Bryn Mawr College.

HD's Correspondence
Bryher's Correspondence
Third Party Correspondence

HD's Correspondence
Recipient and Description

Bryn Mawr College (via Norman Holmes Pearson)

ALS. 2p. With original envelope. Writes that she cannot attend the 50th Reunion of the Class of 1909.

1959 Mar 3

Cournos, John

ALS. H.D. pleads for Cournos' help and contemplates leaving for the United States. Gift of the Class of 1912.


ALS. H.D. acknowledges his bitterness towards her.

1918 May 2

TLS. Writes in confidence about Bryher's state of mind.

1919 Nov

Herr, Mary

26 letters. TLS, ALS, APcS. Includes one letter with notes from Bryher and Perdita added. In these letters, H.D. maintains contact with Bryn Mawr through Mary Herr, gives periodic updates about her health (after breaking her leg), and shares impressions of Norman Pearson Holmes.

1931 Dec 23 - 1960 Sept.

McBride, Katherine (President of Bryn Mawr College)

TLS. 2p. With photocopy. Regarding an invitation to lecture to the student body. Also contains a photocopy of letter from Norman Holmes Pearson to Professor J. Alister Cameron, 1945 Sept 25, TL, 2p.

1945 Nov 8

Cable to McBride. Writes that she is unable to arrive until March.

1946 Jan

ALS. 2p. Thanks McBride for considering her as a participant at the Convocation. (Mary Herr represented her.)

1960 Mar 17

ALS. 1p. Thanks McBride for the citation awarded at the 1960 Convocation.

1960 Jun 11

ALS. 1p. Writes that she is unable to go to Bryn Mawr.

1960? Sept 28

Russell, Alys

TLS. 1p. With photocopy. Sends birthday greetings and responds to a suggested Bryn Mawr collection of her materials. Also in reference to work she has just completed: "But though Prof. Pearson said that the War II novel was wanted, I can not publish it because of people mentioned, who don't want me to tell 'the story.' " Gift of Mary K. Woodworth.

1950 Jul 20

[Trumper], Jeannette

TLS. 1p. Catching up on he life with an old friend.

n.y. Sept 25


Bryher's Correspondence
Recipient and Description

Alt, Alice.

52 letters to Alice Alt. In her correspondence with Alt, Bryher often sends funds and German books and comments on the weather and H.D.'s health. Gift of Franz L. Alt.


[Alt], Ernest.

TLS. Sends her thanks for his letter of sympathy upon H.D.'s death and gives brief details of her decline, death, and burial arrangements.

1961 Oct 5

Alt, Franz L.

9 letters (7 from Bryher to Alt and carbon copies of two of his letters to her).

1969 Mar - 1972 Jan

Herr, Mary

59 letters to Mary Herr. TLS, ANS. Some with notes in H.D.'s and Perdita's hand. These letters are often politically oriented, occasionally refer to the magazine Life and Letters, demonstrate a steady exchange of books, and discuss life in London during the war (raids, blackouts, rations, and so forth). The correspondence reveals Bryher's pro-euthanasia stance, in reference to Virginia Woolf's suicide; her attempts at learning Persian; her views on race; and her preoccupation with the role of women in the war efforts and the implications of the new sex equality for the aftermath of the war. Other individuals mentioned include Marianne Moore, Edith Sitwell, Sylvia Beach, and George Plank. Gift of Mary Herr.

1940 Feb - 1959.



Third Party Correspondence
Writer, Recipient, and Description

Alt, Franz L.

TLS. To James Tanis regarding the letters he sent to Bryn Mawr and attaching his commentary on the letters.
1992 Dec 23

Grimes, Gail

TLS. To Janet M. Agnew of Bryn Mawr College Library. Regarding manuscripts of H.D. at Yale and a suggestion of Norman Holmes Pearson about lending some manuscripts to Bryn Mawr.

1959 Apr 7

Herr, Mary E.

ALS. To Mary Herr. Signature of correspondent not clear. Removed from a copy of Bid Me to Live, gift of Mary E. Herr, 1960. Responds to having read H.D.'s book (title is not mentioned), which Mary had sent to her.

1960 June 20

ALS. 2p. To Mary Herr from Ada L. Gardiner, thanking her for gift.

1944 Jan 3

ALS. Mary Herr to Katharine McBride. Reports that she has given H.D. the Citation and programs from the Convocation and sends along H.D.'s copies of programs from the American Academy of Arts and Letters Awards event.

1960 June 11

Holmes, Norman Pearson

4 letters. TLS, TL, ALS. Correspondence with Mary Herr regarding H.D.'s materials at Bryn Mawr. Includes comments about Bryher's Roman Wall. With bibliographical lists.

1954 July- Oct

2 letters. TLS. To Marian K. Appel regarding the Bryn Mawr College Alumnae Bulletin reviewing H.D.'s Tribute to Freud and mentions his hope that H.D. will return at last to America as a citizen.

1956 Oct and Aug

McPherson, Mary Patterson

2 letters. TL and TLS. Correspondence between Patterson and Leo M. Dolenski. Regarding H.D.'s materials at Bryn Mawr.

1986 Sept

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