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Adae, Marie
ALS, 1923 May 10, to Helen Annan Scribner '19
Gift of Helen Scribner
Adams, Ansel, 1902-
TLS, 1936 Nov. 19, to Mr. McAlpin
A note of thanks for purchasing and appreciating his photographic work. "It made Steiglitz very happy too."
Removed from: Making a Photograph, Ansel Adams
Adams, Charles Francis, 1835-1915
TLS, 1904 Dec 5, to Wendell Phillips Garrison 
Historian, railroader, grandson of John Quincy Adams
Comments on the proposition that language and/or tool-using distinguished human beings from other animals. Finds President Cleveland in office blamed for the consequences of the very policies of his predecessor that Cleveland had opposed. Speculates that such would have been the experience of Greeley, or even of Adams's father, Charles Francis Adams, had either been elected President in 1972 and so inheritedthe financial panic of 1873. Reference to U. S. Grant. 
Removed from unknown book, 1987
Adams, Frederick B. (Frederick Baldwin), 1910-
ACS "Fred", n.d., to Miss Sergeant
American author and bibliophile.
Addams, Jane, 1860-1935 folder#1
ALS, 1907 Mar. 1, to Emily Greene Balch
  "...I have written to Mr. Kellogg suggesting that you (ought?) to write the (?) article, please do." 
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Victor K. King
Addams, Jane , 1860-1935 folder#2
TLS, 1912, Mar. 7, to Margaret H. Shearman
Informs Sherman that she will be in Washington for suffrage hearings and in Philadelphia for the National Board meeting.
Gift of Margaret H. Sherman

ALS, 1921, June 25, to Mrs. Codman
ALS, 1921 May 19, to Mrs. Codman
Two notes concerning fund-raising
ALS, 1929, Dec. 29, to Mrs. Jenkins
Returns a contribution to Hull House for signature of check.
Gift of Doreen Canaday Spitzer '36
Addicks, Barbara O'Sullivan
ALS, 1938 June 25, to the Duke of Sussex
Requests his patronage for her Essays on Education, and supplies an account of the circumstances of her lifelong separation from family, "to convey...some idea of myself..."
Removed from Essay on Education, by Barbara O'Sullivan
Adenaur, Konrad
TLS, 1951 Dec. 17, to Hertha Kraus (ALS on reverse)
Thanks for her report, promising to write more about it.
TLS, 1953 Apr. 29, to Hertha Kraus
Recalling with Prof. Kraus during his visit to US, discusses concerns about Christian Democratic Party attitudes toward the European Defense Community. A handwritten note is appended, inquiring about a temporary position at a physiological institute for a friend.
From the Papers of Hertha Kraus, 1989
Aiken, Arthur
Lecture notes taken by a student
Removed from Syllabus of a Course of Chemical Lectures delivered at Guy's Hospital, London, 1835.
Alice Mary Augusta, Countess of Athlone
ALS, 1947 May 28, to Margaret Plass
Grandaughter of Queen Victoria, wife of first Earl of Athlone. Born 1883
Recalls a meeting with the German archeologist, anthropologist Leo Frobenius (1873-1938) at which he displayed a velvet material that was made and worn in an African tribe that he considered to be a remnant of a high civilization. Refers also to casts of bronze heads that had been found by Frobenius.
Gift of Margaret Plass
Allison, Philip
ALS, to Margaret Plass
Antiquarian, author of Life in a White Man's Grave
Personal note, congratulating her and publisher on African Miniatures
Removed from African Stone Sculpture, by P. Allison
Anderson, Sherwood, 1876-1941
ALS, 1926 May 6, to Dorothy Hale Litchfield
American writer
Will be glad to sign a copy of A Story Teller's Story if readressed to him.
  Andrews, Charles McLean, 1863-1943 folder #1
ALS, 1899, Jan. 11, to Sylvia Scudder
American historian, educator
Explains his reasons for speaking on the Philippines to the De Rebus Club at Bryn Mawr College.
Removed from the scrapbook of Sylvia Scudder Bowditch '33
Andrews, Charles McLean, 1863-1943 folder #2
ALS, Mar. 28, to Maud Skinner
ALS, 1935 May 8, to Otis and Maud Skinner
Gift of Donald Moskin, 1985
Andrews, Evangeline Walker
American travel history writer
ALS, 1907 Jan. 3, to Maud Skinner
ALS, 1909, to Maud Skinner
ACS, 1915 Christmas, to Cornelia Otis Skinner
Personal notes
Andrews, John Albion
Pasted in a book of his bound printed speeches
From the Caroline Healey Dall Collection
Gift of Charles W. Dall, Jr., 1982
Andrews, Marietta Minnigerode, 1869-1931
Notes on a luncheon held 1928 Feb. 14, including guest list and menu.
Removed from My Studio Window, By M. M. Andrews
Armangué Ríus, Gil
Author of Gibraltar los Espandes
TLS, 1965 Jan. 23, to Joaquin Maurin
Discusses the political situation in Gibraltar
Gift of Jeanne Maurin, 1975
Arnold, Matthew, 1822-1888
ALS, n.d., to Mr. Plumptre (in Tripod)
Comments that correspondent's verses have "feeling and earnestness" and that he will be willing to "see the Ecclesiastes".
Gift of Mary Woodworth, 1979
Asquith, Herbert Henry, 1852-1928
ALS, 1843 Feb. 13, to John Randall
Removed from Biography of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence by John Sanderson
Asquith, Margot, 1864-1945
ALS, 1928 Jan. 22, and
ALS, 1928 Jan. 24, to Mr. Jackson
Expresses her indignation at an exhibition of modern furniture: "I was shocked at the lack of taste in all the suites we saw." Second letter turns down invitation to lunch.
Auden, W. H. (Wystan Hugh), 1907-1973
ALS, 1943 Sept. 20, to Katharine MacBride
Requests informating regarding the beginning of the school term at BMC in order to arrange for his lecture.
From the papers of Katharine MacBride
Aufruf Zur Grundung Eines Frauenblattes
[Call for the Creation of a Women's Newspaper]
Broadside with ms. corrections and deletions
n.p., n.d. [Berlin, 1894]
Signed on verso by a number of the leaders of the women's movement in Germany
Library purchase, 1976
Aupick, Jacques, 1789-1857
ALS, 1842 Apr. 10, to M. St. Amour?
Auslander, Joseph, 1897-
"Prayer Before Dawn"
Autograph manuscript inscribed to Howard L. Goodhart, signed
Gift of Howard L. Goodhart
Austin, Alfred, 1835-1913
ALS, 1891 June 12, to W. Henley
"I am instructing ... Macmillan to send you such volumes of the Collected Edition of my writings in prose as have not previously been sent to you; and I ... to ask you to accept them as a very small return for the pleasure your work has given me...."

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