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Bagnold, Enid Folder#1

TLS, 1962 Oct. 30, to Robin
ALS, 1969 Oct. 2, to "Darling Robin"
Enthusiastic critiques of Robin's plays
Adelman Fund, 1991
Bagnold, Enid Folder# 2
TLS, 1977 Nov. 8 to Abbott Van Nostrand
Describes need to restore changes made in the Philadelphia performance of her play "Matter of Gravity": "to alter back to the original things that were invented by director and Miss Hepburn ... it wasn't their fault, poor dears."
Bagot, Charles
ALS, 1818 Oct. 20, to Mr. Beverley
Gift of Pamela Reilly, 1981
Bailey, Temple, d. 1953
ALS, 1926 Apr. 11, to Dorothy Hale Litchfield
Gift of Dorothy Hale Litchfield
Balch, Elisabeth, 1843-1890
ALS, 1889 Oct. 16, to "the Atlantic Monthly"
Asks if magazine is interested in serializing her almost-complete novel The Greater Mystery.
Adelman Fund, 1992
Balch, Emily Greene, 1867-1961
ALS, n.d., to M. Carey Thomas
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate responds to an invitation to appear with Jane Addams at Bryn Mawr. As an alumna thanks Thomas for "wonderful gift of the Deanery".
Balfour, Arthur James Balfour, Earl of, 1848-1930
TLS, 1926 May 4
TLS, 1926 June 3, to Mr. Brooks
Removed from Theism and Thought, by A. J. Balfour
Presentation copy to Mr. Brooks
Bandy, William Thomas, 1903- (in Tripod)
TLS, 1953 Nov. 1, to Margaret Gilman
Gift of Margaret Gilman
Banville, Théodore Faullain de, 1823-1891
ALS, 1877 Feb. 8, to "Mon cher ami"
Barnard, F. J. and Co [Bookbinding]
ALS, 1909 Dec. 9 and invoice, to Miss Simons
Library purchase, 1996
Barnes, Margaret Ayer, 1886-1967 (in Tripod)
TLS, 1945 Mar. 22, to Mr. Roberts; letter fragments with signatures.
Library Purchase
Barrie, J. M. (James Matthew), 1860-1937 (in Tripod)
ALS, 1930 Dec. 9, to Arthur Scribner
Gift of Helen Annan Scribner '91
Baudelaire, Charles
MS, list of possible translations of the title Arthur Gordon Pym
Gift of Margaret Gilman
Beardwood, Alice
ALS, 1932 Jan. 4, to Conyers Read
Describes procedures of the Calais staple, a British Royal institution (1390-1558), but advises correspondent that further detail would be difficult to obtain.
Beaux, Cecilia, 1855-1942 Folder #1 (in Tripod)
ALS, n.y. July? 24, to Miss Cross
Gift of the Friends of the Library
TLS, n.y. Feb. 4, to Miss Woodruff
Library purchase, 1993
ALS, [1897], to Miss Sartain
Gift of Emily Cross
Beaux, Cecilia, 1855-1942 Folder #2 (in Tripod)
PcS, 1939 Jun. 14
ALS, n.y. Mar.? 17
ALS, n.y. Oct. 11, to Caroline Anderson
Pc removed from and letters tipped in to:
Background with Figures, by C. Beaux
Beazley, J. D. (John Davidson), 1885-1970 (in Tripod)
ALS, 1946 Dec. 31, to May Swindler
Bedford, Grosvenor Charles
ALS, 1808 Jan. 28, to Sir Foster Cunliffe
British essayist. With R. Southey, nine issues of The Flagellan 1892.
Thanks for hospitality, sends a copy of his translation.
Removed from presentation copy of Loves of Hero and Leander, by Musaeus Grammaticus, trans. by G. C. Bedford
Bell, Henry Thomas Mackenzie, 1856-1930
ALS, 1899 Mar. 17, to Edgar Fawcett
British biographer, literary critic.
Asks to see "biographical and critical study of Christina Rossetti".
Removed from Christina Rossetti, by MacKenzie Bell
Bellamy, Edward, 1850-1898 (in Tripod)
ALS, 1882 Mar. 21, to Mr. Dole
Benet, Laura Folder #1
AMs fragment of Young Edgar Allen Poe
Gift of Elaine Sproat, 1988
Benet, Laura Folder #2
3 CsS, n.d.
ALS, 1974 July 19, to David Lawson
Removed from Benet's books, RBR
Benet, S. V. (Stephen Vincent), 1898-1943
ALS, 1920 Apr. 6, to Evelyn Page
Permits quotation and other privileges to Bryn Mawr "Reeling and Writhing Club", asks to subscribe for a copy of each new issue.
From the Papers of Evelyn Page
Given by F. J. Dallett, U. of Pa, archivist, 1978
Benet, William Rose, 1896-1950
ALS, 1929 Jan. 5, to Ruth Wainwright 
Replying to a letter of sympathy on the death of his wife, Elinor Wylie, recalls her as a "hero" and "genius".
Removed from Nets to Catch the Wind, by Elinor Wylie
Berenson, Bernhard, 1865-1959
ALS, 1897 Aug. 19, to Mr. Marquand
Offers an article on Giralamo da Cremona. "If the article does not suit you, you need but return it, without the slightest fear of offending me."
Berenson, Mary, 1864-
ALS, 1936 Apr. 8, to Lucy M. Donnelly, cosigned by B. Berenson
A note on the retirement of Lucy Donnelly: "Our Bryn Mawr goes with your retirement. Next to Carey, you have stood for what has seemed to us to make the College chiefly illustrious, and if any vestiges of civilization (in our sense) survive the present wreckage a not inconsiderable share will be due to the spirit of Culture and love of literature with which you have inspired your many pupils."
Removed from LMD retirement scrapbook
Bergen, Henry, 1873-
ALS, 1937 Aug. 9, to Meiric K. Dutton
Comments on a copy of Gray's Elegy he has sent Dutton, expressing dissatisfaction with the printing ("far from what I designed it to be") and because of his "non-speaking" relationship with the printer, pessimism about doing other books he had planned. Personal details of current activities and removal to new quarters.
From the Castle Collection Thomas Gray, item 3
Berry, Mary, 1762-1853
ALS, n.y. May 7, to "Dear Sir"
Request for reference to a biography of Charles the Eighth in Fraser's Magazine.
Bethurum, Dorothy
ALS, 1964 June 22, to Rosemond Tuve
Gift of Rosemond Tuve '25
Bierce, Ambrose, 1842-1914 (in Tripod)
ALS, 1912 Nov. 3, to Stuart M. Jackson
Removed from Dance of Death, by Wm. Herman (author's copy)
Bierstadt, Albert, 1830-1902
Artist, American West
ALS, 1880 June 18, to Rosa Bonheur
Letter of introduction for Barretts of Baltimore
From the M. Carey Thomas Papers
Binyon, Laurence , 1869-1943
ALS, n.d., to Miss Drage
British poet, art-historian
Alerts correspondent to some drawings by Cozens in a Covent Garden shop
Library purchase, 1992
Bishop, Elizabeth, 1911-1979
3 TLsS, 1978 Nov. 20, 1979 Mar. 7
TLS, 1979 Apr. 17, to Mary Patterson McPherson
TLS, 1979 Jun. 19, to Miss Pabst
Letters pertain to her involvement in organizing the Marianne Moore Poetry Fund at Bryn Mawr. She makes suggestions to promote the reading of poetry among students, sends recipe for fish chowder, and recommends Seamus Heaney as a poetry reader: "He's awfully good and has a lovely brogue."
From the Papers of M. P. McPherson
Blackmore, R. D. (Richard Doddridge), 1825-1900
ALS, 1885 Dec. 7, to Sir Richard
Probably to the anatomist-naturalist Sir Richard Owen, thanking him for his "cheering words" countering Blackmore's recent drubbing by the English critical press. He compares the vagaries of "fashion" to the vagaries of weather.
Removed from The Bugle of the Black Sea R. D. Blackmore, London: 1855
Blackwell, Elizabeth, 1821-1910
APcS, 1901 Oct. 30, to Caroline Healey Dall
"I am indeed grieved to receive notice of such an irreparable loss - as far as this limited life is concerned. May the larger view of spiritual life console you."
Removed from Pioneer Work in Opening the Medical Profession to Women, by E. Blackwell
Blunden, Edmund, 1896-1974 Folder #1
ALS, 1935 Sept. 11, to Eric George
Adelman Fund, 1989
For George's projected biography of the painter B. R. Haydon, supplements list of poems and other works address to or concerning the article.
MsS poem: "Evening Mystery,"
Gift of Jeanetta Jameson Chace '17
Blunden, Edmund, 1896-1974 Folder #2
ALS, 1966 Jan 25, to Brian North Lee
Provides information on sources of poems of 18th century English poets Bampfylde and Samuel Williams
Blunt, Anne, Lady, 1837-1917 (on Tripod)
ALS, 1900 Jun. 14
ALS, 1905 Apr. 23, to W. Cockerell
Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen, 1840-1932 Folder #1
Correspondence from 1898-1920 including:
W. Cockerell, Wilfred Meynell, Thurlow, and Samuel Chew
Personal notes and invitations to hunt.
From the Library of Mary Pierce '12
Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen , 1840-1932 Folder #2
Correspondence with Samuel Chew written by Dorothy Carelton, at Blunt's instruction, 1920-1921 (8 letters) Discusses his work and that of some British writers of whom Professor Chew has made inquiries.
Gift of Samuel Claggett Chew
Bodley, W. H.
ALS, 1900 Jan. 17, to Bishop Lightfoot
Photocopy of letter accompanying presentation copy of book of poems of his brother, George Frederick Bodley.
Laid into presentation copy of Poems, by George Frederick Bodley
Bohlen, Charles, E. (Charles Eustis), 1904-
TLS, 1960 May 2, to Catharine Bohlen
Concerning visit of Shipley school student to U.S. State Department
From the estate of Catharine Bohlen
Boileau, Ethel Mary Young
ALS, 1939 June 18, to "Mr. Wheatley"
Assuming her correspondent to be a Baconian, chastises him for giving "undue weight" to the theory, disputing it on the evidence of vocabulary, practical stage experience, temperament and character of mind.
Bok, Edward William, 1863-1930
ALS, 1909 Nov. 2, to Arthur H. Scribner
 "All the arrangements have been made for the little dinner..."
Rec.'d from Mary Leahy, 1982
Bonaparte, Elizabeth Patterson, 1785-1879
ALS, 1815 Aug. 22, to William Patterson
Gift of Mary E. Garrett
Bonheur, Rosa, 1822-1899
Misc. Corr., 1887-1899, mainly to Tedesco
Discussing handling of materials and comments on possibly fraudulent representation of a painting as one of hers.
Given to the Library in honor of Clare Wofford. Gift of Friends of the Library
Botrel, Théodore, 1868-1925
TLS, 1916 Mar. 27, to Countess de Rodellec
 Requests procedures for delivering copies of two of his books to military hospitals.
Gift of Joanna Semel Rose '52
Bottomley, Gordon, 1874-1948
ALS, 1926 May 17, to Dorothy Hale Litchfield
Gift of Dorothy Hale Litchfield
Bottrall, Ronald, 1906- (on Tripod)
ALS, 1950 Mar. 17
ALS, 1950 May 14, to Samuel C. Chew
Gift of Samuel Claggett Chew
Bowen, Catherine Drinker, 1897-1973 (On Tripod)
TLS, 1970 Oct. 23, to Elma Loines
Gift of Elma Loines, 1976
Misc. Corr. with Library, 1958-1970, 5 p. in all
Bowen, Elizabeth, 1899-1973 (On Tripod)
ALS, 1956 Jun. 15
ALS, 1956 Sept. 22, to Jane B. Savage
(Chair, Friends of the BMC Library)
Gift of Jane B. Savage, 1956
Bowen, Marjorie, 1888-1952 (on Tripod)
ALS, 1912 Sept. 19
ALS, 1912 Oct. 19, to J. P. O'Connor
Bradford, Gamaliel, 1863-1932
TLS, 1917 Sept. 24, to "Thayer"
TLS, 1926 May 15, to Margaret H. Litchfield 
Gift of Margaret Hale Litchfield?
Bragdon, Claude Fayette, 1866-1946
TLS, 1916 Oct. 19, to James Sibley Watson
Removed from Creative Involution, by Cora Lenore Williams
Breckenridge, Mary B.
TLS, 1941 Apr. 26, to Emily Cross
Concerning the "difficult problem of presenting Tip Martin's name for membership."
Bridges, Robert Seymour, 1844-1930 (In Tripod)
ALS, 1913 Dec. 8, to Marion Edwards Park
From the Papers of Marion Edwards Park
Brighouse, Harold, b. 1882 (In Tripod)
3ALsS, 2 Cards, 1954-1955, to Leroy Phillips, Boston, MA
Removed from What I Have Had, by Harold Brighouse
Brooks, Phillips, 1835-1893 (In Tripod)
TLS, 1892 Jan. 8, to "Dear Sir"
From the Library of F. M. Gilman, 1958
Broun, Heywood, 1888-1939
TNS, 1926 Apr. 14, to Dorothy Litchfield
Gift of Dorothy Litchfield?
Brown, Carleton, 1869-1941 (In Tripod)
ALS, n.y. Aug. 13 (1939?)
ALS, n.y. Aug. 14, to Rosemond Tuve '25
Gift of Rosemond Tuve '25
Brown, Ford Madox, 1821-1893
ALS, 1865 July 1, to John Shelly
Agrees to search out copies of Germ, a publication of only four numbers, produced in "perferct artistic fervor and utter disregard of all business rules" in which sketches by Brown appear.
Tipped into The Germ. London, 1850
From the Library of John Shelly
Brown, Henry Collins, 1862-1961
ALS, n.y. July 16, to "Mr. Anderson"
Gift of Jack Freas, 1987
Brown, John Mason, 1900-1969 Folder #1
ALS, 1953 May 1, to "Connie"
Gift of the Bryn Mawr Bookshop of New York City
Brown, John Mason, 1900-1969 Folder #2
3 TLsS, 1 TPcS, 1ALS, 1942-1949 to Miriam Coffin Canaday
with her notes and the draft of a reply
Gift of Doreen Canaday Spitzer '36, 1979
Browning, Robert, 1812-1889 (In Tripod)
ALS, 1884 Jan. 3, to Mrs. Thomas Fitzgerald
Gift of Leah Goff Johnson'89, 1945
Bryant, William Cullen, 1794-1878
ALS, 1865 Nov. 11, to Mrs. E. Bancroft
Blames printer for "disturbance of rhythm" in reproduction of one of his poems
Removed from Thirty Poems, by W.C. Bryant
Buchan, John
TLS, 1933 Oct. 3, to Paul Lemperly
Rec'd from M. Leahy, 1986
Buck, Pearl S. (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973
TLS, 1942 Aug. 3, to Mrs. James Chadwick-Collins
Visit to Bryn Mawr contingent on College providing transportation.
TLS 1960 Feb. 22, to Mrs. Vernon Hammond
Burke, Kenneth, 1897-
TLS, 1943 Jan. 25, to Katharine McBride
A postscipt to his talk at Bryn Mawr, clarifying a distinction between dramatic and lyric principles.
From the Papers of Katharine McBride
Burne-Jones, Edward Coley, Sir, 1833-1898
ALS, 1892 Sept 16, to Charles Halle
Includes sketch (self-portrait?) on page inviting visit.
Gift of Friends of the Library, 1989
Burne-Jones, Georgiana , Lady, 1840-1920 Folder #1
ALS, 1891 July 30, to William Morris
The Adelman Fund
Burne-Jones, Georgiana, Lady, 1840-1920 Folder #2
4 ALsS: 1898 Nov. 17, 1900 Mar. 15, 1904 Nov. 14, 1918 Oct. 12
to Mr. Whitworth-Wallis
Concerning publication of her memorial to her husband.
Gift of the Friends of the Library, 1982
Burnett, Frances Hodgson, 1849-1924
ALS, 1894 Sept. 2, to Mr. Logan Pearsall Smith
Burt, Maxwell Struthers, 1882-1954
TLS, 1926 May 15, to Dorothy Litchfield
Sends inscription to be inserted in his The Interpreter's House.
Gift of Dorothy Litchfield?
Burt, Nathaniel, 1930-
ALS, 1963 Mar. 8, to C. Christopher Morris
Writes to clarify is request for use of a photograph
Butler, Josephine Elizabeth Grey, 1828-1906
ALS, 1888 Aug., to Lord Mount Temple
Butor, Michel
ALS, 1960 Mar. 9 with Ms of talk
ALS, 1960 May 23 to Mrs. Epes
Article written for anniversary issue of the Alumni Bulletinn
Buttonweiser, Moses, 1862-1939
ALS, 1938 Nov. 3, to "My dear Sam"
Gift of Hilda Buttonweiser
Bynner, Witter, 1881-1968
ALS, 1953 June 17
TLS, 1953 Aug. 28
TLS, 1953 Dec. 26, to [Elizabeth Sergeant] Elsie

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