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Gabrilowitsch, Ossip, 1878-1936
TLS, 1928 Dec. 20, to Marion Park
From the Papers of Marion Park
Gale, Norman, 1862-1942
10 ALsS, n.d., to Mr. Cotton
ALS, n.d., to the Editor of the Academy
Library purchase?
Gale, Zona, 1874-1938
3 ALsS, 1922 Feb. 2-Apr. 10, to Emmeline Dwyer and
Miriam Coffin Canaday
Gift of Doreen Canaday Spitzer
Gallaudet, T. H.(Thomas Hopkins), 1787-1851
ALS, 1827 Feb. 6, to John Griscom w/ signed print
Reports on founding "infant school" and inquires whether there is interest in doing so elsewhere.
Gift of the Frank C. Deering Trust
Galsworthy, John, 1867-1933
ALS, 1922 July 7, to Mrs. Walter Newkirk
Gift of Mrs. Walter Newkirk
Gardiner, Linda
TLS, 1938 Feb. 18, to Ethelinda Schaefer Castle '08
Removed from Rare, Vanishing and Lost British Birds, compiled by L. Gardiner
Gift of Ethelinda Schaefer Castle, 1971
Gardner, John William, 1913-
TLS, 1967 Mar. 13, to Barbara Thacher
Gift of Barbara Thacher
Garland, Hamlin, 1860-1940
ANS, c. 1925 April, to Lois A. Reed
Library correspondence
Gates, Seth Merrill, 1800-1877
ALS, c. 1840-43
Concerning the freeing of North Carolina's slaves, and the need for secrecy until it is accomplished.
Geddes, Patrick, Sir, 1854-1932
ANS, 1903 July 6, to Mr. Goldmark
Gerould, Katharine Fullerton, 1879-1944 Folder #1
AMs, The Wax Doll
Gift of the daughter of Katherine Gerould
Gerould, Katharine Fullerton, 1879-1944 Folder #2
Typscript, with autograph corrections, Vain Oblations
 Gift of the daughter of Katherine Gerould
Gerould, Katharine Fullerton, 1879-1944 Folder #3
ALS, 1924 Mar. 21, to "Miss Teller"
Gilchrist, Alexander, 1856-1907
ALS, 1904 Sept. 23, to "Miss Agnes"
Removed from Life of William Blake, by A. Gilchrist
Gift of James Tanis, 1992
Gildersleeve, Basil L. (Basil Lanneau), 1831-1924
ALS, 1919 Mar. 29, to Samuel Chew
Gift of Samuel Claggett Chew
Gilman, John Taylor, 1753-1828
ALS, 1798 Nov. 10, to James Jackson
Gilman, Nicholas, 1755-1814
ALS, 1783 Jan. 29, to Brigadier General Hand
On the prospects for peace, the lack of national funds, and the deliberations of the Congress
Gladstone, W. E. (William Ewart), 1809-1898
ALS, 1864 Sept. 16, to J. A. Roebuck
Raises the question of nationalization of the railway system.
Glines, Ellen
ACS, n.d., to Lola Ridge
Removed from Garden Unattended, by E. Glines
From the Library of Lola Ridge
Godine, David R.
TLS, [1969], to "Dick and Olive"
Removed from The Rescuing Mouse: A Speech, by Beatrice Ward
Gift of the Class of 1912
Godwin, William, 1756-1836
ALS, n.y. May 5, to "My dear Sir"
Goebel, Julius, 1892-1973
ALS, 1944 July 1, to Miss Putnam
Goodell, John M.
Misc. correspondence, 1895-1900
Various replies to editorials written by Goodell in The Engineering Record
From the Estate of Margaret Gregson '28
Gosse, Edmund, 1849-1928
ANS, 1898 Dec. 2, to "Furness"
2 ALsS, 1918 Mar. 13, Apr. 25, to Samuel Chew
Discussion of Swinburne and Chew's book about Swinburne
Gift of Samuel Claggett Chew
Gouffond, J. L.
ALS, 1793 Feb., to W. Mathieu
Gould, John , 1804-1881
ALS, n.d. May 14, to ? [Mr. Den*t*r]
Suggests that he be sent a specimen of the bird his correspondent describes, in order to determine its species
Removed from An Introduction to the Birds of Great Britain. . . , London: 1873
Grand, Sarah
4 ALsS, 1893-1904, Misc. Corr.
Discusses literary criticism
Library purchase, 1978; Friends of the Library; Adelman Fund, 1995
Grand, Sarah
14 ALsS, 1912-1932, to Coulson Kernahan
Grandgent, C. H. (Charles Hall), 1862-1939
ALS, 1934 Apr. 12, to Angeline Lograsso
APcS, 1936 Jan. 6, to Angeline Lograsso
APcS, 1936 Feb. 23, to Angeline Lograsso
APcS, 1937 Jan. 3, to Angeline Lograsso
From the papers of Angeline Lograsso, 1995
Granniss, Ruth S. (Ruth Shepard), 1872-1954
TLS, 1917 Jan. 8, to Arthur H. Scribner
Grant, Ulysses Simpson, 1822-1885, President of the United States
ALS and envelope, 1873 Nov. 30, to Rev. Dr. S. Clements
Helen Clements Kirk Papers (Gift of Michael Foster)

Granville-Barker, Harley, 1877-1946
4 ALsS, 1943 Oct.-Nov., to Arthur C. Sprague
Greene, Belle da Costa
ALS, n.y. Jan. 1, to Samuel and Lucy Chew
Greenaway, Kate, 1846-1901
ALS with sketch, n.d., to Mr. Locker
Gift of Lydia W. Craig, 1974
Grellet, Stephen , 1773-1855
ALS, 1846 Jan. 13, to Joseph J. Gurney
Discusses church acitivity
Removed from Memoirs of Stephen Grellet, ed. by Benjamin Seebohm
Grenfell, Wilfred Thomason, Sir, 1865-1940
ALS, 1939 May 2, to Robert Dechert, First Day Cover, 1941 Dec. 1
Gift of Helen B. Dechert
Griffin, Constance M. , 1906-
ALS, 1938 Apr. 12, Nov. 7, to Donald Brien
ALS, 1938 Nov. 8, to Edna Kenton
 From the Papers of Donald Brien
Groesbeck, Amy
Misc. Corr., c. 1960, to Donald Brien and Mrs. Brien
From the Papers of Donald Brien
Gross, Chaim, 1904-
TLS, n.d., to Margaret Plass
Gift of Margaret Plass
Grosz, George, 1893-1959
ALS, 1954 Mar. 30, to Margaret Plass
Gift of Margaret Plass
Guillén, Jorge, 1893-
ALS, 1950, to Margaret Smyth
AMS, menu 1949 signed,
Gift of Margaret Smyth
Gustaf VI Adolf, King of Sweden, 1882-1973
ALS, 1968 Nov. 3, to Kyle Meredith Phillips
Concerns the excavations in which they are both involved..."I hope that contrary to expectation a temple may one fine day come to light."


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