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Keble, John, 1792-1866
ALS, 1853 Apr. 29, to "My Lord"
Keller, Helen, 1880-1968
Letter, 1928 Jan. 5, to the New York Post Office
Removed from The World I Live In, by H. Keller
Kellogg, Clara Louise, 1842-1916
ANS, n.d., to W. G. Cowles
Adelman Fund, 1992
Kelly, Fitzroy, Baron, 1796-1880
ALS, 1868, to W. Jerden
Gift of the Bryn Mawr Albany Bookshop
Kennan, George, 1845-1924
ALS, 1889 Sept. 14, to Mr. Smith
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald, 1917-1963
TL, 1959 Feb. 19, to Katheine Mc Bride (President of Bryn Mawr College)
Removed from Papers of Katherine McBride
From then-Senator Kennedy, thanking her for a message regarding the deletion of the loyalty oath provisions from the National Defense Education Act of 1958. Signed by a secretary.

Kimbrough, Emily, 1899-
TLS, 1973 Feb. 12, to Miss Alis
TLS, 1963 Apr. 24, to Janet Agnew
Library correspondence
King, Hortense Flexner, 1885-
2ALsS 1961 Mar. 2, March 26 to Isabelle Seltzer Fleck
1 ALS n.y Aug 20, to Mary Lehr
11ALsS to Isabelle Seltzer Fleck. 1964 Dec 18 to 1966 Aug 10
2 ACsS to Isabelle Fleck 1964 Dec 18 and 1966 Jul 23
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
TLS, 1964 Mar. 27, to Katherine McBride
Accepts invitation or deliver 1964 baccalaureate address at Bryn Mawr College.
From the Papers of Katherine McBride
Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936
TLS, 1918 Apr. 3, to Samuel Chew
"As far as I know Mr. Swinburne never took an interest in my verse." Agrees to have passages of his works quoted in Chew's book, but requires that they be identified so that he might "sanction" them.
Gift of Samuel Claggett Chew
Kirtland, Elizabeth
Christmas card, signed with note, [1958]
Removed from Buttons in the Back, by E. Kirtland
Gift of Martha C. Johnson
Kjersmeier, Carl
Letters, 1949-1954, to Margaret W. Plass
Removed from African Negro Sculptures, by C. Kjersmeier
Gift of Margaret W. Plass '17, 1982
Knight, Lewis E.
ALS, n.y. Oct. 28, to George Bird
Discussion of several accounts of cavalry actions in which sharpness of swordness played a part.
Removed from New System of Sword Exercise, by Richard F. Burton
Kreymborg, Alfred, 1883-1966
Typescript, signed, 1951 Dec. 12, to Davy Lawson
"The Immortal Game"
Removed from Plays for Poem-Mimes, by A. Kreymborg
From the Library of Lola Ridge
Gift of the Estate of Lola Ridge
Kristeller, Paul Oskar, 1905-
TLS, [1967] Mar. 6, APcS, 1956 Mar. 1, to Rosemond Tuve
Gift of Rosemond Tuve
Krutch, Joseph Wood, 1893-1970
TLS. 1965 Dec. 21, to Professor Zirkle

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