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[Lacroix, Octave]
AL to Lacroix by ?
Lagerlöf, Selma, 1858-1940
Correspondence, 1936-1937 with Helen Ferris
Library purchase
Lamb, Charles, 1775-1834
ALS, 1834 Aug. 25, to J. H. Green
 From the Library of Edwin Corning
Gift of the Friends of the Library
Lameau, S. J.
ALS, 1882 July 27, to Mr. Thompson
 Library purchase, 1976
Lander, Rosalie
TLS, 1967 Jan. 8, to Gilbert and Janet Troxell
 Removed from The Three Rosettis, ed. by Janet C. Troxell
Maser Collection, Oct. 1990
Landor, Arnold Henry Savage, 1865-1924
ALS, 1889, to Herbert Browne
Landseer, Edwin Henry, Sir, 1803-1873
ALS, 1853 Feb. 23, to Charles Landseer
Gives his opinion as to requirements for admission of engravers to the Royal Academy.
Adelman Fund, 1989
Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912
Ms Poem, to Frederick Locker, and reply, 1882 Jan. 14
Written on endpaper of XXII Ballades in Blue China, by A. Lang
Lapham, Lewis
TLS (signed Lulu), 1968 August 8 to J. Hampton Barnes
Laski, Harold Joseph, 1893-1950
ALS, 1931 Apr. 15, to Marion Edwards Park
"I shall not visit America again without asking you to let me come [back] to Bryn Mawr."
TLS to Mr. Bingham, invitation to tea
From the Papers of Marion E. Park
Laver, James, 1899
AMsS "Caricatures of the Regency"
 Adelman Collection, 1986
Law, Margaret Lathrop, 1890-
ACS, c. 1958, to Marjorie Thompson
Removed from Yield from Flame, by M. Law
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Victor R. King
Lawrence, Robert
ACS, 1963 Mar. 24, to Donald Brien
From the Papers of Donald Brien
Lawrence, T. E. (Thomas Edward), 1888-1935
ALS, 1924 July 19, to "Dear Sir"
Concerning receipt of 15 guineas subscription for The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, which Lawrence describes as "a quite private issue." Removed from Miscellanies, by T. E. Lawrence
Gift of Jeannetta Jameson Chase '17
 2 ALS (as T. E. Shaw), to Phoebe Brown
1924 Sept. 2. Remarks on her use of the name Lawrence: "It served its purpose in the war, and is dead. "Shaw" is short, and of equal authenticity. Indeed I chose first the one and then the other." Demanding that she have someone known to him write and tell him who she is, so that he will add her to the subscription list for The Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Describes the conditions under which it is being published. "If you want the book still, then please just polish up some one who knows me enough to write and tell me that you are rich, not a puritan, and spendthrifty ... and then I'll ask you to send a cheque to my bank. If all these precautions and warnings offend you, then so be it."
Gift of Phoebe Brown.

1925 Aug. 17. Continues the discussion of her subscription for the Seven Pillars. Does not demand, as before, that she submit references, only payment. Postscript reads: "Let me put it to you most strongly that your subscribing will be a deplorably silly act: one which your purse will regret for years."
Gift of Phoebe Brown.

Lear, Edward, 1812-1888
ALS, 1844 Apr. 28, to T. G. Parry
ALS, n.d., to J. E. Gray
Removed from Illustrations of the Family of Psittacidae, or Parrots, by E. Lear
Gift of Ethelinda Schaefer Castle
Leete, Helen Ames
ANS, 1943 July 8, to Mrs. Henschel
Removed from Demand Peace, by H. Leete
Gift of Charles and Leila Frances Monaghan '82
Leeuwenhoek, Antoni van, 1632-1723
ALS, 1679 May 11, to Lambertus van Vetthuysen
Explains for Utrecht doctor the effects of dampness on mold, a matter about which he had written earlier to the Royal Society.
Gift of Frank C. Deering Trust
Le Gallienne, Richard, 1866-1947.
ALS, n.d., to "Gertrude"
Le Grice, C. V. (Charles Valentine), 1773-1858
ALS, 1845 June 10, to "My Dear Sir"
From the Library of Edwin Corning
Leighton of Stretton, Frederic Leighton, Baron, 1830-1896
Misc. Corr., 1870-1895
Lemperly, Paul, 1858-1939
ALS, 1938 Jan. 11, to Donald Brien
Describes his physical and financial disasters
From the Papers of Donald Brien
Leonard, William Ellery, 1876-1944
ALS, 1927 Dec. 5, to Miss Park
From the Papers of Marion Edwards Park
Leslie, Shane, 1885-1971
3ALSs, 1942 Nov. 13-30, to George [Cornwallis-West]; in pessimistic wartime letters from Home Guard headquarters, describes condition of London.
ALS, 1922 April 6, to William Toynbee, in response to a letter fromToynbee on Leslie's work.
ALS, 1942June 15, to Moncher Storrs, in respnse to a letter from Storrs on The Cantab, with some remarks by Leslei on the book.
Gift of Friends of the Library
Levis, Howard Coppuck
ALS, 1925 Nov. 16, to Mr. Nichols
From Extracts from the Diaries and Correspondence of John Evelyn and Samuel Pepys, with notes by Howard C. Levis
Gift of David N. and Julia C. Lignon Mills '40
Lewes, George Henry, 1817-1878
ALS, [1871 Oct. 29], to John, Emily, and Eleanor Cross
George Eliot's husband describes household matters.
Gift of Emily Cross
Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963
ALS, 1957 Feb. 11, to Beatrice Fox Griffith
with AMs "Introduction to Letters to Young Churches," by J. B. Phillips
Gift of Mrs. Charles Francis Griffith
Lewis, Geoffrey
TLS, 1955 Oct. 8, to Mr. Garwood
 From Dorthea Seelye Franck'38
Lewis, Martin, 1881-1962
ACS, 1927 Oct., to Lola Ridge
Removed from Martin Lewis
From the Library of Lola Ridge
Lewis, Sinclair, 1885-1951
ALS, 1930 Jan. 14, to Thomas Wolfe
"I'm going to London in about two weeks. I'll hail you first thing. We'll settle the fate of the novel."
TLS, 1934 May 16, to John Cournos
Gift of the Friends of the Library, 1986
Lewis, Wyndham, 1882-1957
ALS, 1937 Dec. 4, to "Wolfe"
Lincoln, Robert Todd, 1843-1926
3 ALsS, 1821 Aug. 14, 24, and n.d., to "Mrs. Archdeacon"
Concerns memorial service for James Russell Lowell, and the impending marriage of Lincoln's daughter Mary.
Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel , 1879-1931
ALS, 1919 Mar. 1, to Helen Taft Manning
Gift of Helen Taft Manning, 1962
Lippmann, Walter, 1889-1974
TLS, 1932 Oct. 17, to J. R. Page
 "... A congress without presidential leadership invariably goes wild, as anyone can see who will examine the record of the [Democratic crossed out and Republican inserted handwritten] House in Wilson's last two years."
Tipped in Interpretations, Walter Lippmann 1931-32, Allan Nevins, ed.
Litchfield, Dorothy
TLS, 1944 Mar. 15, to Lois Reed
Describes circumstances of the book auction for the Summer School for Women Workers in Iindustry held at Bryn Mawr in 1926. File contains list of authors who autographed their books and in some cases added letters.
Library Correspondence
Livermore, Mary Ashton Rice, 1820-1905
ALS, 1890 Oct. 8, to Mrs. Wallace
States that no one has written an account of her work, and writes: "In every phase of work for woman, I have persistently toiled for her higher education ... in short for her legal equality."
Removed from My Story of the War: A Woman's Narrative, by M. Livermore
Library Purchase, 1972
Locker-Lampson, Frederick, 1821-1895 [
AC, [1889 Aug.], to ?
Removed from London Lyrics, by F. Locker-Lampson
Chase Bequest, 1977
London, Hannah Ruth, 1894-
ANS, 1982 May 8, to Librarian at BMC
 Library Correspondence
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882
ALS, 1878 Apr. 10, to Mrs. Cohn
ALS, 1878 Dec. 22, to Mrs. Sherwood
Loveman, Amy
TLS, 1953 Jan. 13, to Pauline Goldmark
Gift of Pauline Goldmark?
Lowell, Amy, 1874-1925
TLS, 1921 Oct. 7, to W. Van R. Whitall
Removed from Tendencies in Modern Poetry, by A. Lowell
Chase Bequest, 1977
2 TLsS, 1924 Feb. 5, Mar. 7, to Marion Park
From the Papers of Marion Edwards Park
Lowenfels, Walter, 1897-1976
ALS, 1956 Nov. 8, to David Lawson
Removed from Sonnets of Love and Liberty, by W. Lowenfels
From the Library of Lola Ridge
Lowes, John Livingston, 1867-1945
ALS, 1924 Mar. 18, to Marion Park
From the Papers of Marion Edwards Park
Ludewig, Wilhelm
ALS, 1983 May 1, to Rulf Sauppe
Removed from Sauppe Dictionary?
Lyman, Samuel, 1749-1802
ALS, 1798 June 25, to "Mary"
Representative of Massachusetts, in Congress at Philadelphia, gives an account of Mrs. Benjamin Rush's accident at Schuylkill River bridge with loss of the horse and carriage, and of her being saved from drowning by a young English nobleman accompanying her. "As to War...I much doubt, whether France will ever attempt to send an Army to land upon our Coast...
Gift of the Class of 1912
Lysenko, Trofim Denisovich, 1898-1976
ALS, 1966 Jan. 5, to "Conway"
"The whole world knows that it is primarily through your efforts ... that I have gained an international reputation. [Translated from Russian]
Gift of Helen Kingsbury '20

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