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Maas, Henry, 1929-
TLS 1971 Sept. 5, to John Carter
Removed from The Letters of A. E. Housman
Library Purchase
Mabie, Hamilton Wright, 1846-1916
TLS, 1899 Mar. 17, to Sylvie Scudder
Removed from the scrapbook of Sylvie Scudder
McCarthy, Justin, 1830-1912
ALS, 1886 Dec. 13, to "My Dear Sir"
McCarthy, Mary, 1912-
TLS 1987 May 2 to Mabel L. Lang
Agrees that "Mrs. Keator" in her book How I Grew was probably the student who Lang knew at Bryn Mawr College.
 Gift of Mabel L. Lang
McClellan, George Brinton, 1826-1885
ALS, 1870 Jan. 17, to William Redmond
McClure, Alexander K. (Alexander Kelly), 1828-1909
TLS, 1894 Dec. 19, to Samuel W. Pennypacker
Recollects events in the Pennsylvania's Legislature in 1861, and quotes his speech of 1865, concerning the inability to have Democrats vote to support the defense of Fort Sumter, but despite this opposition, having Pennsylvania become the first state to appropriate funds for "defense of the Government ". "Slavery reckoned but too truly on the powers of the Democracy in this fearful conflict." as he wrote in his support of a constitutional amendment abolishing slavery.
Macfall, Haldane, 1860-1928
AMS Forward to Lovat Fraser's Characters
Adelman Collection
Macfall, Haldane, 1860-1928
AMS, Home out of Which America was Born
Adelman Fund, 1995
Macfall, Haldane, 1860-1928
8 ALS, Dec. 1920-Dec. 1926, to Desmond Coke;
ALS, 1923 Nov. 17, to Christopher Millard
ANS, 1916 Nov., to Alan
Comments accompanying exchanges of books, on writers and the modern novel, on the importance of publicity on the appearance of a work, on the mid-1920's enthusiasm for his work by American critics and publishers, and the contrasting rejection by by British publishers.
Adelman Fund

ALS, 1914 Oct. 21, to Holbrook-Jackson
Tipped in to The "Nut" in War, by H. Macfall
Adelman Collection
McGoldrick, Joseph D. (Joseph Daniel), $d 1901-
ALS, 1937 Feb. 23, to Pauline Goldmark
McIntosh, Millicent Carey, 1898-
ALS, n.y. Nov. 12, to Mr. Howell
Ms of talk given for Lucy Martin Donnelly
Library Purchase
Mackail, J. W. (John William), 1859-1945
2 ALS, 1899 July 16, 17, to Sydney Cockerell
McKee, Mary Scott Harrison, 1858-1930
ALS, 1892 Nov. 24, to Ellenor Perrin
Gift of Bruce Gimelson
McKinsey, Folger, 1866-1950
TLS, n.y. Apr. 14, to Samuel Chew
From the papers of Samuel Claggett Chew
McKnight, Floyd, 1901-
TLS, 1935 Dec. 27, to Artfront
Removed from Buildings, by F. McKnight
From the Library of Lola Ridge
MacLeish, Archibald, 1892-
TLS 1955 May 23, ACS 1925 April 21 to Emma Loines
Marianne Moore Collection
McMaster, John Bach, 1852-1932
ALS, 1886 Dec. 2, to W. R. Pearsall-Smith
Madison, James. 1751-1836
ALS, 1829 May 28, to Dr. David Hosack
J. Hampton Barnes Collection

ALS, 1823 Nov. 8, to Charles Jared Ingersoll
LS, 1831 Nov. 28, to Charles Jared Ingersoll
LS, 1835 Dec. 30, to Charles Jared Ingersoll
Letters on various written works by Ingersoll. In the 1823 letter, written in response to the gift of a copy of Ingersoll's Discourse Concerning the Influence of America on the Mind, reads in part "In testing the Tree of liberty by its fruits, you have shown how precious it ought to be held by those who enjoy the blessings. I wish the Discourse could be translated + circulated wherever the blessing is not enjoyed. Were the truths it contains in possession of every adult in Europe, the portentous league against the rights + happiness of the human race would be formidable only to its authors + abettors."
Gift of Mary Meigs
MacMonnies, Frederick William. 1863-1937
ALS, 1896 Oct. 22, to George W. Smith
Gift of Friends of the Library, 1985
Maeterlinck, Maurice, 1862-1949
ALS, 1922 Feb. 23, to "Cher Monsieur"
Mangiere, Joseph
ALS 1918 Nov 19 to Peter Rinelli
Writing one week after the Armistice, describes prospect of returning home, and gives some account of his history and that of Verdun.
Mann, Thomas, 1875-1955
3 TLS, 1938-39, to Marion Park
From the Papers of Marion Edwards Park
Mannin, Ethel, 1900-
ACS, n.y. July 13 to Gilbert Turner
TLS, 1929 Oct. 25, to Kennedy Williamson
Library Purchase
Manning, Henry Edward, Cardinal, 1808-1892
ALS, 1890 Dec. 25, to Mr. Costello
Mansfield, Howard
TLS, 1907 July 18, ALS, 1909 Mar. 19, to Frederick W. Gookin
An account of difficulties in preparation and publication of his catalogue of Whistler's etchings and dry-points.
Manship, Paul, 1885-1966
ALS, 1952 Feb. 4, to "Emily"
Manthey-Zorn, Ethel
ANS, n.y. Mar. 30, to [Elizabeth] Sergeant
Mariano, Nicki
Misc. Corr., 1959, with Mrs. Epes
Alumnae Bulletin
Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria, 1717-1780
ALS, 1778 March 18, to Count von Blumengen
Writes appovingly of his intention to introduce the Roboth-Abolition system and announces that she will send a councillor (Raab) to assist.
Markham, Clements R. (Clements Robert), Sir, 1830-1916
2 ALS, 1891 Sept. 14, 1901 Oct. 1, to "Cecil"
Discusses Fairfax lineage and mentions visit from Lord Fairfax.
Removed from A Life of the Great Lord Fairfax, by C. R. Markham
Marlowe, Julia, 1865-1950
2 ALS, c. 1900, to Sylvia Scudder
 From the scrapbook of Sylvia Scudder Bowditch 1899
Gift of Sylvia Bowditch
Marrot, H. V., (Harold Vincent)
ALS, 1924 Dec. 2, to Christopher Millard
 Removed from Dark Lanterns, by H. V. Marrot
Adelman Collection
Martin, Edward Sandford, 1856-1939
ALS, 1892 Aug. 30, to Mr. Goldmark
Mason, George C. (George Champlin), 1820-1894
2 ALsS, 1857 Sept 14, 1871 May 5, to John D. Champlin
Part of a correspondence concerning efforts to trace history of Champlin family.
Removed from Picturesque Rhode Island: Pen and Pencil Sketches of the Scenery and History. . ., by W. H. Munro
Mathews, Elkin,1851-1921
ALS, 1897 Aug. 10, to Copeland and Day Publishers
Removed from Ireland, with Other Poems, by Lionel P. Johnson
Gift of Fairfield County Booksale, 1979
Matlack, Hannah
Letterbook 1810-1811
Letters are written to her uncle, brother-in-law, sister, and cousin from a boarding school in Lititz, Lancaster County.
Mauras, Charles
ALS, 1930 May 29, to ?
Maurois, André, 1885-1967
TLS, 1930 Apr. 1, to Samuel Chew
Gift of Samuel Claggett Chew
 Meigs, Cornelia Lynde, 1884-1973
Misc. Corr, 1951-1966, with BMC Library
Library Correspondence
Merrill, Wainwright, 1898-1917
Ephemera collected by Merrill's father, including obituaries, reviews, photographs and copies of a Rudyard Kipling letter of condolence.
Removed from College Man in Khaki, by W. Merrill, published after his battle death in World War I.
Mew, Charlotte Mary, 1869-1928
ALS, 1926 Aug. 30, to Sydney [Cockerill?]
Meyer, Karl Ernest
Typed notes for an unidentified speech
Removed from The Plundered Past, by K. E. Meyer
Meynell, Alice Christiana Thompson, 1847-1922
Corr., c. 1900-1922, with Samuel Chew, Henry Newbold, etc., concerning poem.
Ms and proof w/ corrections "Modern Mother"
From Samuel Claggett Chew and Library Purchase
Meynell, Viola, 1886-1956
ALS, 1929 Oct. 15, to Beatrice Rogers
Removed from A Girl Adoring, by V. Meynell
Adelman Fund

ALS, 1947 May 18, to Lester Roberts
Purchased from Lester Roberts

APcs, 1954 Dec.2 to Ruth Forbes Eliot
Removed from Francis Thompson and Wilfrid Meynell, by V. Meynell
Gift of William A. Forbes
Meynell, Wilfrid, 1852-1948  Folder #1
8 ALsS, 1921-1936, to Samuel C. and Lucy E. Chew
2 ALsS, c. 1900, to Sir Henry Newbolt
Gift of Samuel Claggett Chew
Meynell, Wilfrid, 1852-1948, Folder #2
2 ALsS, n.d. to Alfred Pollard and Mr. Hole
Tipped into Shelly, by Francis Thompson
Michenot, Daniel
5 ALsS, 1929 Mar. 16-Apr. 20, to [Mrs. Gideon Boericke]
Removed from Quelques Conseils Pratiques sur l'Art de Parler, by D. Michenot
Millay, Edna St. Vincent, 1892-1950
Telegram, 1936 Jan. 6 to Margaret Gilman
TLS, 1936 Feb. 18, to Margaret Gilman
Concerning Baudelaire's "Les Litanies de Satan", with her translation of the poem
Typescript initialed by Millay
Gift of Margaret Gilman
Miller, Helen Hill, 1899-
ANS, 1975 Mar. 28, to Pamela Reilly
Library correspondence
Miller, Joaquin, 1837-1913
AMsS, 1875 Aug. 11, "To Miss Grace Bigelow on her birthday"
Laid in front end-leaves of Unwritten History, by J. Miller
Gift of the Princeton BMC Bookshop, 1982
Miller, Margery
TLS, 1946 Jan. 6, to Mrs. William Tate Barlow
Removed from Joe Louis, by M. Miller
Millikan, Robert Andrews, 1868-1953
TLS, 1937 Jan. 22, to S. Bayne-Jones
Gift of Olive Floyd '22, 1972
Mills, Dorothy
2 ALsS, 2 Cards signed, 1948-1949, to Mrs. Hand
Mills, James
ALS, n.y. Sept 28, to Miss Toulmin? Smith
Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander), 1882-1956
ALS, 1919 Dec. 22, to Dear Sir
A long summation in defense of his literary career.
Gift of Jeanetta Jameson Chace'17
Milne, Christopher, 1930-
ALS, [1948] Aug. 19, to Mrs. Gaus
From Gertrude Reed, 1970
Mitchell, Maria, 1818-1889
6 ALsS, 1878-1879, to Emily Talbot
Discusses membership in Social Science Association, lectures for women in Poughkeepsie, thoughts on education of women. In letter dated 1878 Jan 19, congratulates Talbot on effort to endow a professorship for a woman at Boston University, urges that women work "in earnest" for the education of women. One letter is partial; the first pages are lost.
Mitchell, S. Weir (Silas Weir), 1829-1914
2 ANsS, 1907 Mar. 30, to Dear Sir, n.y. Mar 21, to Dr. McQuillen
Gift of Seymour Adelman, 1960
Mitford, Mary Russell, 1787-1855
ALS, 1854 July 12, to W.C. Bennett
 Removed from Our Village, by M. Mitford
Gift of Friends of the Library
Monro, Harold, 1879-1932
APcS, 1917 Apr. 24, to Claude Lovat Fraser
Presentation copy to Lovet Fraser, who illustrated the cover.
Removed from Strange Meeting, by H. Monro
Monroe, Harriet, 1860-1936
ACS, 1936, APcS, 1936 Feb. 11, to Mr. T. A. Larrimore
"Certainly quote what I said, and may it impress the Bryn Mawr English Department."
 Removed from the Passing Show, by H. Monroe
Library purchase, 1978

ACS, 1920 Apr. 20, to Evelyn Page
 From the papers of Evelyn Page, University of Pennsylvania
Montandon, A.
ALS, 1891 July 10, to "Monsier et cher pere" [the pastor of Jura parrish]
A note appended to a copy of his 1891 history of the Jura parish: a letter addressed to the current pastor, describing transformation of the parish by Reformation.
Montaner, Carlos Alberto
ANS, 1976 July 5, to Jeanne Maurin
 Removed from Informe Secreto Sobre la Revolucíon Cubana, by C. A. Montaner
Gift of Mario Maurin
Montez, Lola, 1818-1861
Misc. Ephemera
Moore, George, 1852-1933
TLS, 1929 May 29, to Milton J. Lesser
Gift of Frank G. Harrington Jr., 1978
Morgan, Lady (Sydney), 1783-1859
ALS, 1857 June 1
Removed from Italy, by S. Morgan
Morison, Samuel Eliot,1887-1976
APS, 1954 July 23, TLS, 1954 Sept. 18, 28, ALS 1954 Sept. 25, to Elma Loines
Gift of Elma Loines
Morley, Christopher, 1890-1957
AMs "The Fight" printed in 1921 July 9, The Weekly Review
Adelman Fund, 1996
Morley, Christopher, 1890-1957
Misc. Correspondence, 1926-1949 (7 pieces)
Includes letter to Fkirence Hitchcock signed "Socrates", his nom de plume for the Philadelphia Public Ledger.
Gift of Louise Morley Cochrane'40, 1987
Morrell, Ottoline Violet Anne Cavendish-Bentinck, Lady, 1873-1938
ALS, n.d., to James ?
Library purchase, 1989
6 ALsS, 1923 May 31-July 3, to John Cournos
 Library purchase, 1987
Morris, Harry, 1924-
TLS, 1963 Oct. 7, to Rosemond Tuve
Gift of Rosemond Tuve
Morris, May, 1862-1938
ALS, 1917 Jan. 8, to Miss Peirce
Morris, William, 1834-1896
ALS, 1882 Sept. 12, to William Tallack
Gift of the Friends of the Library
Morris, William, 1834-1896
AMs written for the Daily Chronicle, 1895 May 9
Edited by Sydney C. Cockerell
Motley, John Lothrop, 1814-1877
ALS, 1864 Aug. 3, to John Foster Kirk
Moulton, Louise Chandler, 1835-1908
ACS, 1881 Month(?)
Mout, Adèle des
ALS, n.d., to Miss Sparhawk
Removed from An Autobiography, by J. Gough
Maser Collection
Moxon, Edward, 1801-1858
ALS, 1854 Apr. 24
Munnings, Alfred J. (Alfred James), Sir, 1878-1959
ALS, 1949 Dec. to Mr. Earp
Typescript "Earp the poet",signed
Humorous letter accompanying "the quickest verse I ever wrote" showing the power of rhyme.
Removed from Old Brandy and Cherry Bounce, by A. Munnings
Murdoch, Iris
ALS, 1973 Nov. 6, to Harris Wofford
She would be pleased to come to Bryn Mawr at the later date suggested.
From the Papers of Harris Wofford
Murray, Gilbert, 1866-1957
TLS, 1936 Feb. 1, to Mrs. Flexner


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