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Paoli, Pasquale, 1725-1807
ALS, 1800 May 19, to "Signor Cambiagi"
Writes with news of the wars of Napoleon: "In Italy it seems that things are going well for the Allies. It is not so on the Rhine." Describes assassination attempt on the life of George III. 
Gift of Katherine McBride
Panofsky, Erwin, 1892-1968
ALS, 1937 Nov. 20, to Marion E. Park
Writes of pleasure of his reception at Bryn Mawr College on the occasion of his lectures there.
From the Papers of Marion Edwards Park
Parker, Dorothy, 1893-1967
ALS, 1962 Sept. 30, to Marion Coffin Canaday
On receiving gift of clay porcupine and poem from Mrs. Canaday, she writes: "Thank you for the porcupine/ who’s now my favorite pet/ I’ve never had him once decline/ to light my cigarette."
Gift of Doreen Canaday Spitzer '36, 1990
Parker, Louis Napoleon, 1852-1944
ALS, 1934 Feb. 17, to "Herr Doktor"
ALS, 1933 Feb. 1, to "Dear Saint" with Ms. poem
Tipped in to Several of my Lives, by L.N. Parker
 Gift of Harriet Bradford '15, 1970
Parker, Theodore, 1810-1860
ALS, 1849 Apr. 9, to Lydia Maria Child, with photo
ALS, 1856 May 14, to "Miss Cobbe"
Adelman Fund, 1991
Parrish, Maxfield, 1870-1966
TNS, 1913 Jan. 8, to Espen-Lucas Machine Works
Pater, Walter, 1839-1894
ANS on verso of bookplate of Edward Jardis
Lines advocating simplicity of expression.
Patmore, Coventry Kersey Dighton, 1823-1896
ALS, [c. 1896], to Lord Balfour regarding F. Thompson
Replies to request from Balfour for his opinion on the artistic merits of Francis Thompson, saying that "nothing since Coleridge and Keats strikes me as showing as much genius."
Gift of Frederick E. and Mary Louise Jardin Maser, 1984
Patmore, Peter George, 1786-1855
2 ALsS, 1838 Nov. 30, 1839 Mar. 16 to Mr. Talfourd, MP
From the Library of Edward Corning
Paton, William, 1886-1943
TLS, 1939 Dec. 15
Patterson, Thomas
ALS, 1881 Sept. 27, 1872 Feb. 23, to Flora Lowry
Paul, Howard, 1835-1905
ALS, n.d., Mr. Jones
From the Estate of Margaret Gregson
Pauling, Linus, 1901-
TLS, 1959 Feb. 20, to Mrs. W. Perry Epes
Promises to write an article for the Anniversary issue of the Alumnae Bulletin. Includes typescript "Determination of our Future Course" and three carbons of letters from Mrs. Epes.
Peck, Annie S. (Annie Smith), 1850-1935
ALS, 1911 Dec. 24, to Mr. Drineka (Harpers Magazine)
Library Purchase
Pellico, Silvio, 1789-1854
ALS, 1853 Jan. 14, to "Monsieur"
From the Papers of Angeline Lograsso, 1995
Pennell, Elizabeth Robins, 1855-1936
Correspondence: 5 ALS, 1915-16, to Mr. Evans
ALS, 1934 July 5, to Mr. Thorpe
Pennell, Joseph, 1857-1926
ALS, 1914 Mar. 28, to "Dear Sir"
ALS, 1924 Aug. 8, to Rainforth Armitage Walker
The first removed from, the second tipped in to Aubrey Beardsley and Other Men of the Nineties, by J. Pennell
Pepper, George Wharton. 1867-1961
ALS on verso of Chrismas Card, 1947 Dec. 25, to Augustus N. Hand
Perkins, Frances, 1880-1965
TLS, 1949 May 20, to Emily Cross
Recommends that she read first installment of Eleanor Roosevelt’s "This I Remember" in McCall’s.
TLS 1941 Dec. 4, to Katherine McBride
Congratulates her on her election to presidency of Bryn Mawr College.
From the Katherine McBride Papers
Peyre, Henri, 1901-
ALS, 1959 Feb. 7, to Marion E. Park
"Your College has remained way ahead of all women’s colleges in this country." 
From the Papers of Marion Edwards Park
Phelps, William Lyon, 1865-1943
ALS, 1935 Feb. 27, to Margaret Gregson
From the Estate of Margaret Gregson
Pichois, Claud
ALS, 1957 Dec. 25, to Margaret Gilman
Pierce, George Winslow, 1841-1917
ALS, 1903 June 29, to Mr. Aiken?
ANS, 1903 June 27, to Mr. Norcross
Removed from Four Fifths of Goldsmiths Deserted Village, by G. W. Pierce
Gift of the Fairfield County Book Sale, 1986
Pinchot, Gifford
TNS, 1939 Oct. 20, to Emily Cross
Pinero, Arthur Wing, Sir, 1855-1934
ALS, 1932 June 10, to "My Dear Parker"
 Removed from A Cold June, by A. Pinero
Piozzi, Hester Lynch, 1741-1821
ALS, 1806 Apr. 23, to "My Dear Miss Francis"
Removed from Mrs. Thrale. . ., by Leonard Benton Seeley
From the libraries of Anna Lloyd Reilly
Pissarro, Lucien, 1863-1944
ANS, 1907 Oct. 15, to Grant Richards
Adelman Collection
Pollock, Frederick, Sir, 1845-1937
ACS, 1886 Jan. 22, to R. Pearsall Smith
Poole, Reginald Lane, 1857-1939
ALS 1913 Sept 15 to "Dear Pollard"
Gift of Margaret Healey
Pope-Hennessy, Una, 1876-1949
ANS, 1931 July 19, to Logan
Porter, Jane, 1776-1850
2 ALsS, 1816 Dec. 22, n.y. Dec., to Sarah Bartley
Gift of the Class of 1912
Pottecher, Maurice, 1867-1960
4 ALsS, 6 PCsS, 1950-1957, to Mario Maurin
Gift of Mario Maurin
Pound, Ezra,1885-1972
4 TLsS, annotated, 1933-34, to Bryn Mawr College student Sarah Perkins Cope
"I have been trying for years to kill off the ancient system of concealing poetry from the young…" Comments on T.S. Eliot and suggests readings.
Library Purchase
Powell, Richard, 1908-
2 TLsS, 1957 Jan. 5, Jan. 8, to Greville Haslam
Removed from Philadelphian, by R. Powell
Praed, Campbell, Mrs., 1851-1935
ALS, n.y. May 31, to Miss Croumoulin?
Gift of the Class of 1912
Prescott, William Hickling, 1796-1859
3 ALsS, n.y. Feb. 6, Feb. 13, Aug. 6, to Col. T. Bigelow Lawrence
Preston, Margaret Junkin, 1820-1897
ALS, [c. 1870] Oct. 27, to N. E. Scudder
Tipped into Old Song and New, by M. Preston
[Price, Warwick James, 1870-1933]
Correspondence to him, 1927-28, re: The One Book
Removed from The One Book, by W. Price
Priest, Charlotte
TLS, 1925 Nov. 9, to "Jacquelyn"
Removed from A School for Girls
Procter, Bryan Waller, 1787-1874
ALS, n.d., to "Sir"
 From the Library of Edwin Corning
Proust, Marcel, 1871-1922
ALS, 1895 Dec. 30, to Robert de Montesquiou
Putnam, Harrington, 1851-1937
ALS, 1926 July 12, to Augustus Hand
Putnam, Herbert, 1861-1955
Signed, dated 1939 Apr. 5, typescript of poem "Owed to a Bust" glued to verso of photo of a bust of himself

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