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Rackham, Arthur, 1867-1939
ALS, 1916 May 19, to Mr. Ellis
Adelman Fund, 1990

ALS, 1934 June 7, to George Sutcliffe
Original drawing for the Compleat Angler
Adelman Fund, 1989
Ramsay, Alice Wardlaw
ALS, 1924 Jan. 6, to "Dear Sir"
Removed from Eastern Persia: an Account of the Journeys of the Persian Boundary Commission, 1870-71-72.
Ranney, Helen
4 ALsS, 1940-41, to Donald Brien
Gift of Friends of the Library, 1975-76
Raven-Hill, L. (Leonard), 1867-1942
ALS, 1894 June 5, to Thorpe
Raymond, Annie L.
ALS, [189-] July 24, to Mr. Heinrick
From the Estate of Margaret Gregson '28
Read, Conyers, 1881-1959
2 ALsS, 1917 Nov. 19, 1919 Dec. 16 to Miss Farr
TLS, 1938 Dec. 1, to Mary Terrien
Reagan, Ronald, 1911- , President of the United States 1981-1989
Printed commemorative invitation to 1981 inauguration: n.d.
Gift of Eleanor Bliss
Redlich, Josef, 1869-1936
ALS, 1930 Jan. 29, to [Pauline?] Goldmark
Régnier, Henri de, 1864-1936
ALS, n.d., to "Cher Monsieur"
Mounted in Les Médailles d'Argile: Poèms, by H. de Régnier
ALS, n.d., to "Mon cher ami"
Mounted in La Cité des Eaux, by H. de Régnier
Repplier, Agnes, 1855-1950, Folder #1
ALS, 1878 June 14, to Charles Warren Stoddard
ALS, 1906 Oct. 28, to Maud Skinner
6 ALsS, 1896, to Sylvia Scudder
Removed from the scrapbook of Syvia Scudder Bowditch '33
Repplier, Agnes, 1855-1950, Folder #2
Correspondence, 1899, with Edwin G. Dreer
Gift of Friends of the Library, 1978
Rhoads, James E. (James Evans), 1828-1895
ALS, 1893 Aug. 18, to Mrs. Kirkbride
Gift of Elizabeth B. Kirkbride '96, 1969
Rich, Adrienne
TLS, 1975 Jan. 28, to Michelle Osborn
Received from Public Information Office
Richards, Grant, 1872-1948
1 ALS, 3 TLS, 1927-1929, to Dennis Wheatly
Library Purchase
Richards, I. A. (Ivor Armstrong), 1893-
2 ALS, 1976 Sept. 22 and 23, to Robert Burlin
Gift of Robert Burlin, 20 May 1966
ALS, 1936 Apr. 6, to Samuel Chew
Gift of Samuel Claggett Chew
Richardson, Dorothy Miller, 1873-1957
ANS, [c. 1934], to H. G. [Wells]
Removed from Jews in Germany, by J. Kastein, trans. by D. Richardson.
Richmond, Bernice, 1899-
2 ANsS, ALS, 2 TLsS, 2APcS,1945-1947, to Evelyn Conners
Riesman, David, 1909-
TLS, 1959 Apr. 29, to Mrs. Epes
Riley, James Whitcomb, 1849-1916
ALS, 1888 Sept. 23, to Johnson, an editor
 "I want to do some great universal good.  My hats in fact, don't fit my ideas, I think, so well as my head...But you've encouraged me.....
Rinehart, Mary Roberts, 1876-1958
ANS, 1926 Apr. 19, to Mary Litchfield
Library Purchase, 1994
Ritchie, Anne Thackery, 1837-1919
ALS, n.y. June 6, to Mrs. Butler
Gift of Laurence Stapleton
Rockefeller, Nelson A. (Nelson Aldrich), 1908-
TLS, 1968 July 11, to Baldwin Maull
Tipped into Unity, Freedom and Peace, by N. Rockefeller
Rodgers, John
ALS, 1834 Nov. 21, to James Barron
 Notifies commandant of Philadelphia Navy Yard to send requistions for "ship chandlery, ironmongry and paints and oils" for the year 1835
Gift of Seymour Adelman
Rogers, Bruce, 1870-1957
ALS, 1900 Nov. 22, to Mr. Way
Rogers, Samuel, 1763-1855
2 ALsS, 1838 Dec. 26, n.d., to Mr. Spring Rice
ALS, n.d., to Lord Mounteagle
Gift of Mary K. Woodworth '24, 1979
Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884-1962
Corr., 1959, to Isota Epes
Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884-1962
TLS, 1928 Sept. 24, to Caroline Slade
TLS to Mr. Schweitzer 1956 Nov.13
Approves of Israel's action in self-defense, and strongly criticizes U.S. leadership.
2 TLsS, 1946 Jan. 19 and 1950 Aug. 1, to Angeline Lograsso
with envelope including her widow's frank: "Anna Eleanor Roosevelt"
Comments on colonialism, the sequence in which Communicsm succeeds Fascism, and the similarity in American and Russian political conduct in pursuit of delaying war long enough for preparations to be made.
From the papers of Angeline Lograsso, Oct. 1995

TNS, 1945 Aug. 17, to Katherine Woods
TNS, 1953 May 9, to Mrs. Horace L. Freiss
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945, President of the United States, 1933-1945
TLS, 1933 Apr. 19, to Charles J. Rhoads
Accepting Rhoads' resignation as Commissioner of Indian Affairs.
Roosevelt, Sara Delano, 1854-1941
ALS, n.y., to Eleanor [Roosevelt]
A letter of sympathy on the death of Eleanor's mother.
Gift of the Fairfield County Book Sale
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919, President of the United States, 1901-1909
TLS, 1898 Feb. 11, to J. M. Goodell
Written when Roosevelt was Assistant Secretary of the Navy, in response to an editorial written by Goodell for the Engineering Record.
Gift of the Bryn Mawr Club of Southern California.

TLS, 1899 April 22. 11, to Rev. Thomas Slicer
Urging Slicer to attend a meeting to dicuss labor matters.

TLS, 1904 April 12, to N. P. Gilman. With envelope.
TLS, 1906 Aug. 4, to L.S. Rowe
TNS, 1926 May 13, to Miss Litchfield
Rose, Thompson.
Fragment  of a letter from Rose,  a Union Army soldier, with letters from two other, unidentified soldiers to their wives, describing health and the movement of troops.
Gift of Alison Murphy Conner
Rossetti, Christina Georgina, 1830-1894
ANS, 1861 or 62, to Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Removed from the Castle copy of The Germ
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel, 1828-1882
ALS, n.d, to [Ford Madox?] Brown
Removed from Castle copy of The Germ.
Rossetti, William Michael, 1829-1919
ALS, 30 March 1886, to William Edwards Davenport
C. Barnes, 1996
Rothenstein, John, Sir, 1901-
ANS, 1965 Feb. 5, to David Paramor
Gift of Friends of the Library, 1985
Rothenstein, William, Sir, 1872-1945
8 APcsS, 2 ALS, 1931, to Phillip Guedalla
Concernng Guedalla's sitting for a portrait
Adelman Fund
Rowe, L. S. (Leo Stanton), 1871-1946
TLS, 1910 Oct. 17, to Fannie Teller
Rowse, A. L. (Alfred Leslie), 1903-
6 ALsS, 1955-1958, to Boies Penrose
Removed from The Devil Drives, by Fawn Brodie
Royce, Josiah, 1855-1916
ALS, 1894 Oct. 1, to Mr. Gilman
Ruskin, John, 1819-1900
ANS, n.d. to "Booth"
Gift of Sophie Sturm Brown '26
Russell, Alys Whitall Pearsall Smith
ALS, 1911 June 6, to Margaret Shearman
ANS to Bryn Mawr College Alumni Office, 1947 to her class
A biographical note relating her life in London; mentions the Roosevelts, BMC, the Marshall Plan, and her friend Walt Whitman.
Gift of Mary K. Woodworth
Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970
ALS, 1936 Apr. 18, to Lucy Donnelly
ALS, 1943 Oct. 2, to Katherine McBride
ALS, 1952 Dec. 2, to Marion Park
TLS, 1959 Apr. 24, to Isota Epes
From Papers of L. Donnelly, McBride, Park and Alumnae Asso.
Russell, George William, 1867-1935
ALS, 1927 Dec. 13, TLS,1928 Feb. 6, to Marion Park
From the Papers of Marion Edwards Park
Rutherston, Albert Daniel, 1881-1953
ALS, 1916 Oct. 8, to "Austin"
 Regretfully declines --"at least till after the war" -- a request to do drawings for Austin poems, announcing that he is to become an infantry officer.
Adelman Fund, 1991
Rutter, Owen, 1889-1944
TLS, 1944 May 21, to Logan Fox
Ryan, Marah Ellis, 1866-1934
AMsS,"Francesca and Paolo"
Removed from The Flute of the Gods, by M. Ryan
Rye, William Brenchley, 1818-1901
ALS, 1864 Dec. 20, to J. Russell Smith

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