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Sabin, Florence Rena, 1871-1953
ANS, 1941 Feb. 18, to Emily Cross
Sabine, Lorenzo, 1803-1877
2 ALsS, 1854 Oct. 14, 30, to Henry Penington
Sackville-West, V. (Victoria), 1892-1962
TLS, 1956 Sept. 27, to David Bonnell Green
 Gift of David B. Green, 1956
Saint-Gaudens, Augustus, 1848-1907
ALS, 1903 Oct. 12, to M. Bacon  (photocopies in file)
Discussing proportions of a proposed Parnell monument.  Includes sketch.
Tipped in The Reminiscenses of August Saint-Gaudens
Saintsbury, George, 1845-1933
2 ALsS, 1921 Oct. 14, 17, to Samuel Chew
Gift of Samuel Claggett Chew
Salvemini, Gaetano, 1873-1957
ALS, 1928 Dec. 8, to Marion Edwards Park
From the Papers of Marion E. Park
Sanborn, Kate, 1839-1917
ANS, n.d., to Dr. Morgan
Library Purchase, 1989
Sand, George
ALS, n.d., to Albert Grzymala
 The Wing Collection
Santayana, George, 1863-1952
ALS, 1907 Jan. 14, to Mr. Young
Removed from Lucifer, by G. Santayana
Gift of Eleanor A. Bliss, 1982
Sarton, May, 1912-
Typescript poem signed (initials), 1953 Christmas, "On Being Given time"
Gift of Carol Biba, 1979
Sassoon, Siegfried, 1886-1967 Folder  #1
AMs, "What Hope for Poetry"
AMs, "The Effect," "Trench Duty"
Adelman Fund, 1995
Sassoon, Siegfried, 1886-1967  Foldeer # 2
ANS, 1950 June 8, to C. H. W.
Removed from Memoirs of an Infantry Officer, by S. Sassoon
From the Collection of K. Garth Huston, Sr.
Sassoon, Siegfried, 1886-1967  Folder # 3
AMs, "He begins to doubt their authenticity"
Receipt for 10 shillings for the W. B. Yeats Birthday Preservation Fund, 1935 May 11
Tipped in to The Winding Stair and Other Poems, by W. B. Yeats
Savage, Henry L. (Henry Lyttleton), b. 1892
TLS, 1949 June 22, to Augustus Hand
Schliemann, Heinrich, 1822-1890
3 ALsS, 1874-75, to John M. Francis
Bequest of Hetty Goldman
Gift of Margaret McEwan Stedman '39, 1969
Schreiner, Olive, 1855-1920
ALS, n.d., to Miss Smith
Scott, Charlotte Angas, b. 1858
ALS, 1904 Sept. 30, to V. M. Blaisdell
Scott, John
ALS, 1820 Sept. 8, to "Sir"
From the Library of Edwin Corning
Scott, Walter, Sir, 1771-1832
ANS, [1810]
[Peter Jordan?]
Seabury, Samuel, 1729-1796
AMs, Sermon, 1772 Nov. 5
Surf Fund, 1989
Selbourne, Roundell Palmer, Earl of, 1812-1895
ALS, 1893 Sept 16 to: Reginald Smith
Complaint and regret for Gladstone as "destroyer of the British Constitution and of the churches of the United Kingdom."
Seton, Ernest Thompson
2 ALsS, 1937 Oct. 9, Dec. 21, to Virginia Grace
Seton, Ernest Thompson, 1860-1946
Typescript "King of Currumpaw"
Gift of Janet Grace McPhedran '17
Seton-Thompson, Grace Gallatin
2 TLsS, 1930 Feb. 26 and May 5, to Lillian Trask Clark
Seward, Anna, 1742-1809
ALS, 1807 Dec. 24, to L. L. Philips
A letter decrying "Britains's lust of war and her incendiarism in Europe" as "cause of the Gallic despot's triumphs..."
Adelman Fund
Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, 17th Earl
2 ALsS, 1878 Jan. 4, to H. M. Allen; 1885 Feb. 27 to Miss ?
Shapley, Harlow, 1885-1972
TLS, 1941 Dec. 3, to Katherine McBride
From the Papers of Katherine McBride
Shaw, Bernard,1856-1950
ALS, 1889 July 16, to "Dear Sir"
Advises against a new publishing venture, with extensive details on the publishing business.
Gift of Joanna Semel Rose '52, 1995
Shaw, Anna Howard Shaw, 1847-1919
TLS, 1917 December 20, to M.Carey Thomas
Criticizes inaction of Pennsylvania citizens in regards to women's suffrage; urges Thomas to contact Mrs. Stotesbury and Mrs. DuPuy, or to take other useful steps.
Sheffield, William P.
ALS, 1893 May 17, to ?
 Removed from Essay on Liberty and Necessity, by Samuel West
Shelly, James
ALS, 1924 Apr. 22, to J. C. Hoppin
 Sherman, Frank Dempster, 1855-1930
ALS, 1890 Nov. 14, to Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Gift of Eleanor Little Aldrich '05
Shields, James
2TLsS, 1922 May 12; 1923 Mar 22 to Mr. Felix
The 1922 letter discusses Shields' purchase of the day before of a stock of approximately 700 sheets of various sizes of 18th century paper, on which he hoped to have printed a small run of 'Morley's "An Apology for Boccaccio"' - presumably part of the text of Morley's translation of the De mulieribus claris. Shields had consulted with A. Edward Newton, and, at his recommendation, with Julius Weyl of the printers Stern Co., but found the price that Weyl quoted too high. He says that he was going to consult "a man ... who has a hand press," hoping that a smaller firm would work cheaper. In the 1923 letter, he discusses a copy of "Evelyn Hope" which he is sending, with notes on how it should be bound. He also discusses the illumination of the volume, and asks Felix for his opinion about the initials and alterations to them.
Sigourney, L. H. (Lydia Howard), 1791-1865
ALS, 1839 Dec. 24, to Carey and Hart, Publishers
Gift of the Class of 1912
Simpson, F. A. (Frederick Arthur), 1883-1974
2 ALsS, 1938 Aug. 10, 12, to Laurence Housman
Quotes Queen Victoria's letter and observations on Melbourne and Wellington, and writes that "she was not naturally a prude at all:, but that her husband Prince Albert "had set his stamp on the Queen in some ways, especially after his death."
Removed from Louis Napolean and the Recovery of France
Adelman Collection
Simpson, John L., 1891-
TLS, 1956 Apr. 20, to Baldwin Springer Maull
Princeton Bryn Mawr Book Sale
Sitwell, Edith, Dame, 1887-1964
Manuscripts and typescripts of "In spring" along with fair copy and printed final states, 1931
From the Bequest of Jeannette Jameson Chase '17
Skinner, Cornelia Otis, 1901- and Skinner, Maud
Misc. ephemera, cards, correspondence
Smith, George Adam, Sir, 1856-1942
2 ALsS, n.y. Mar. 14, Oct. 27, to Paul Leicester Ford
Removed from The Historical Geography of the Holy Land, by G. A. Smith
Smith, Hilda Worthington
TL, 1972 Dec. 7, to Alice Hoffman
Gift of Alice Hoffman
Smith, Logan Pearsall, 1865-1946
ALS, 1936 Mar. 28, to Lucy Donnelly
From Papers of L. Donnelly
Smith, Theodore Clarke, 1870-1960
ALS, 1911 Apr. 14, to Mr. Morgan
Removed from General Index to the American Statesman Series, Vol. XXXII, by T.C. Smith
Smith, William Henry
ALS, 1882 Sept. 30, to Thomas Irwin
Gift of the Bryn Mawr Albany Bookshop
Smyth, James
ALS, 1920 June 11, to George Holbrook
 Removed from Pitkin's A Political and Civil History of the United States
Soulié, Eudoxe
Misc notes, correspondence to S.
Removed from Journal de Marquis de Dangeau, ed. Eud. Soulié, etc.
Southey, Robert, 1774-1843
AMs "The Battle of Blenheim"
 Gift of Anne Vauclain '07, 1963
Southey, Robert, 1774-1843
ALS, 1802 Oct. 5, to George Dyer 
Removed from The Poetical Works, vol. I, by R. Southey
Spencer, Herbert, 1820-1903
ANS, 1882 Oct. 18, to Mrs. Cross
Laid into Facts and Comments, by H. Spencer
Gift of Emily R. Cross '01
Spencer, Theodore, 1902-1949
ALS, 1936 Apr. 29, to Lucy Donnelly
Spengel, Leonhard von, 1803-1880
6 ALsS, c. 1844, to Herman Sauppe
Removed from Anaximenes of Lampsacus
Spooner, Lysander, 1808-1887
ALS, 1866 Nov. 30, to Henry Sumner
From the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, Nov. 1991?
Squire, Ephraim George
ALS, n.y. Jan. 8, to Mrs. Botta
Squire, John Collings, Sir, 1884-1958
ALS, 1921 Nov. 10 to Mr. Whitall,
ALS, 1927 Jan. 13, to "Dear ?"
Removed from Poems and Baudelaire Flowers and Poems, first series, by J. Squire
Stanley, Henry M. (Henry Morton), 1841-1904
ANS, 1901 Jan. 29, to Mr. Chatto and Mr. Winders
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady, 1815-1902
3 ALsS, n.y. May 1, 17, and June 5, to Mrs. Smith
 Removed from Eighty Years and More, by E. C. Stanton
Steegmuller, Francis, 1906-
ALS, 1938 Oct. 26, to Miss Schenck
Stein, Gertrude, 1874-1946
ALS, n.d., to George Platt Lynes
AMs to George Platt Lynes
Extract from How to Write, on endpapers of Morceaux Choisis de la Fabrication des Americains, ed. de la Montaigne
Gift of Jeanetta Jameson Chace '17
Stephens, James
ALS, 1913 Apr. 6, to Harold Monro
 Gift of Jeanetta Jameson Chace '17
Stephens, James, 1882-1950
Proof of poem "A Tune on a Reed", ALS 1913 Oct. 24 to Harold Monro
Proof tipped into and letter removed from The Song of Honour, By Ralph Hodgson
Stevens, Gorham Phillips, b. 1876
ALS, 1927 Oct. 2, to Mrs. Stephen Loines
Stevens, Joseph Earle, 1870-
5 ALsS, 1899 Mar.-May, to Sylvia Scudder
 Removed from the scrapbook of Sylvia Scudder Bowditch
Stevenson, Adlai E. (Adlai Ewing), 1900-1965
TNS, 1952 Dec. 16, to Miss Goldmark
Stirling Maxwell, William, Sir, 1818-1878
ALS, 1872 Sept. 27, to "Dear Tennant"
Removed from The Chief Victories of the Emperor Charles the Fifth, by W. Stirling-Maxwell
Stokes, Richard L. (Richard Leroy), 1882-1957
ALS, 1934 Dec. 24, to Spencer Van Buren Nichols
Removed from Paul Bunyan, a Folk Comedy, by R. Stokes
Stone, E. D.
ALS, 1887 June 3, to H. Buxton Forman
Removed from [Poem on Shelley], by E. D. Stone
Stone, Irving, 1903-
2 TLsS, 1970 Aug. 18, 1971 June 12, to Leah Furtmüller
Gift of Leah Furtmüller
Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-1896
ALS, n.d., to Florence Bruin
Gift of Lydia W. Craig
Street, Julian, 1879-1947
ALS, 1920 Oct. 5, to Major Castle
Removed from The Ohio Lady, by N. B. Tarkington and J. Street.
Castle Collection
Strickland, Agnes, 1796-1874
ALS, n.d., to Mrs. Craufurd
ALS, 1868 Feb. 11, to Mr. Crossly
ALS, n.d., to Mrs. Thompson
AMs "To the moss rose"
Corrected proof for chapter VII "Elizabeth" 
Swinburne, Algernon Charles, 1837-1909
ANS, 1903 Sept. 1, to "Dear Madam"
Removed from Atalanta in Calydon
Symons, Arthur, 1865-1945
ALS, n.y. May 2, to Samuel Chew
Gift of Samuel Claggett Chew

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