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Waddell, Alfred M. (Alfred Moore), 1834-1912
ANS, 1877 Feb. 8, to unidentified person
Removed from A Colonial Officer and His Times, by A. Waddell
Walcott, Mary Vaux, 1860-1940
ALS, [1934 Nov. 4,] to Margaret Gregson
Describes her tour of the U.S., and writes of the addition of "nice sketches to my collection."
From the Estate of Margaret Gregson'28
Walker, Emery, Sir, 1851-1933
ANS, n.d., to "My dear Cornwell"
Walpole, Robert, 1781-1856
ALS, [1820] Apr. 11, to Rev. H. T. Payne
Concerns his work "Travels in various countries of the East," a recently excavated Greek inscription, and one found in a pyramid.
Library purchase, 1978
Walton, E. W. Kevin (Eric William Kevin), 1918-
ANS, n.d., to unidentified person
Removed from Two Years in the Antarctic, by E. W. K. Walton
Ward, Humphry, Mrs., 1851-1920
ALS, 1888 Oct. 10, to John Eliot Bowen
ALS, 1888 Nov. 30, to unidentified woman
ALS, 1892 June 2, to Bishop Copelston
2 ALsS, 1903 Oct. 10, 1904 Apr. 7, to Madame Blanc-Bentzon
Library Purchase, 1985; Bowen letter removed from Robert Elsmere, by Mrs. Ward
Ward, Humphry, Mrs., 1851-1920
ALS, n.y. May 25, to Mr. Olcott, with single fragmentary Ms leaves from her books
Gift of Janet Agnew, 1955
Warfield, Catherine Ann, 18916-1877
ALS 1876, May 16 to "Mr. Peterson"
Warren, Cinina
ALS, TLS 1944, April 18, May 10 to Janet Agnew.
Tells of offer to "Red" (her husband, Robert Penn Warren) of Chair of Poetry at Library of Congress
[Warren, Edward]
APcS, 1912 Oct. 29, to Henry James, signed "EPW"
Removed from The Question of our Speech; the Lesson of Balzac, by H. James
Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-
4 ALsS, 1947-1955, to Janet Agnew
Gift of Janet Agnew, 1955
Watson, William
ALS, 1902 June 7, to S. B. Herrick
Gift of Seymour Adelman, 1960
Webb, Sidney, 1859-1947
ALS, 1929 Mar. 27, to Lois A. Reed
Sends a copy of his English Poor Law History to the Bryn Mawr College Library and requests $8.00.
Weiss, Dimitri
TLS, 1963 Jan. 22, to [Edith Melcher'23] with ACS, n.d.
Welles, Alice
ALS, 1915 Dec. 2, to Mr. Hart
 Removed from Six Months at the White House with Abraham Lincoln, by F. B. Carpenter
Welles, Sumner, 1892-
4 TLsS, Sept. 1946-Apr. 1949, to Angeline Lograsso
From the Papers of A. Lograsso
Wells, Carolyn, d. 1942
2 ALsS, 1920 Oct. 26 and Nov. 8, to Professor Holloway
Adelman Fund, 1994

ANS, 1926 Apr. 18, to Dorothy Litchfield
Wells, John Edwin, 1875-1943
2 TNsS, 1932 Mar. 3; 1941 Jan. 3, to Hope Emily Allen
Welty, Eudora, 1909-
11 ALsS & TLsS, 1958-1959 and undated, to Bettina Linn
Letters anticipating and following her teaching in fall semester, 1958, at BMC; later notes to "Benjy." 
From the Papers of Bettina Linn
Welty, Eudora, 1909-
Letters, 1959, to Isota Epes
Refers to contributions to BMC Alumnae Bulletin and states that she cannot promise "any piece of writing" for the Anniversary Issue.
Folder also contains carbons of letters from Epes to Welty.
From the Alumnae Bulletin
Welty, Eudora, 1909-
AMs essay, signed and corrected in her hand, for Bryn Mawr College Centennial volume
Photocopy of letter to Margaret Holley, BMC, accompanying the MS.
Rec'd from President's Office
Welty, Eudora, 1909-
2 ALsS, 1966 Mar. 15, May-, to Katherine McBride
Responding to news that she had received the Thomas award from BMC. A letter following the ceremony.
ALS, 1958 Nov. 19, to Jane Yateman Savage
"Thank you again for the lovely occasion yesterday…how good and generous Bryn Mawr has been to me I’ll never be able to say well enough."
ANS, 1980 Apr. 8, to Bryn Mawr Library
Savage letter gift of Jane Yateman Savage '52
West, Rebecca, Dame,1892-
TLS, 1963 Aug. 10, 2 CS, n.d., to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Wolf
with photo of Temple of Concord taken by R. West and other miscellany
Gift of Constance Wolf
Weston, Agnes Elizabeth, Dame, 1840-1918
ALS, 1893 Nov. 4, to Robert Pearsall Smith
Wharton, Edith, 1862-1937
ALS, 1928 Nov. 11, to Charlotte Martin
Removed from The House of Mirth, by E. Wharton
White, Andrew
TLS, 1905 May 13, to Albert J. Edmunds
White, Eliza Orne, b. 1856
ALS, 1906 Sept. 30, to Miss Field
ALS, 1907 May 1, to "David and Amy"
Removed from A Browning Courtship, by E. O. White
White, William Allen, 1868-1944
TNS, 1926 Apr. 16, to Dorothy Litchfield
TNS, 1940 May 25, to Emily Cross
Whitehead, Alfred North, 1861-1947
ALS, 1936 Apr. 29, to Mrs. Borie
Regrets he cannot attend the dinner for Lucy Martin Donnelly. "She has indeed a rare personality…."
From the Papers of Lucy Donnelly
Whitney, A. D. T. (Adeline Dutton Train), 1824-1906
ALS, 1891 Sept. 21, to Houghton and Mifflin
Removed from A Golden Gossip, by A.D.T. Whitney
Whitney, Anne
ALS, n.y., no addressee
Adelman Collection
Whittier, John Greenleaf, 1807-1892
ALS, 1885 Sept. 15, to John Biddle Garrett
Declining for reasons of health an invitation to participate in the inaugural ceremonies of Bryn Mawr College
Gift of Friends of the Library in honor of Barbara Trimble
Whittier, John Greenleaf, 1807-1892
Misc. Correspondence to "my dear friend," William Hayes Ward, and the Houghton Mifflin Co., and Ms. poems
Gift of Jeanette Shipley Michener, 1977
Wick, Barthinius Larson, 1864-
TLS, 1929 Apr. 19, to H. E. Smith
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler, 1850-1919
ALsS, PCsS, 1899-1909, to Mrs. Streamer
Gift of the Class of 1912
Wilder, Thornton, 1897-1975
2 ALS, 1950 Jan. 27 and Feb. 5, to Margaret Gilman
Discusses his lecture, "Aids towards Dating the Earlier Plays of Lope De Vega," to be given at BMC.
Wiley, Sarah King, 1871-1909
ALS, 1900 Sept. 21 to Horace E. Scudder
Willard, Frances Elizabeth, 1839-1898
ALS, 1897 Mar. 4, to Elbert Hubbard
Tipped into The Beautiful Life of Frances E. Willard, by Anna A. Gordon
Willkie, Wendell L. (Wendell Lewis), 1892-1944
TLS, 1940 Dec. 5, to Caroline McCormick Slade
Thanks for her work on his behalf in the Presidential campaign of 1940.
Removed from the C.M. Slade Scrapbook v. 4
Willkie, Wendell L. (Wendell Lewis), 1892-1944
ALS, 1943 Aug. 25, to Margaret Gregson
Gift of Margaret Gregson
Willoughby Female Seminary (A. Nash)
1848 Apr. 20, to Frederic W. Porter along with advertisement for the seminary
Class of 1912
Wilson, W. H.
ALS, 1929 Jan. 11, to Fannie E. Teller
 Removed from The Legion Book, Captain H. Cotton Minchin, ed.
Wilson, William L.
ALS, 1894 Dec. 28, to William A. Gordon
Wister, A. L. (Annis Lee), 1830-1908
ALS, 1895 Jan. 24, to Mrs. W. H. Brooks
Wister, Owen J. (Owen Jones), 1825-1896
AMs, "The woman student and the war"
Discussion of the many kinds of volunteer war work done by American women’s college students and alumnae—particularly BMC.
Library Purchase, 1986
Wolfe, Julia Elizabeth, 1860-1945
2 ALsS, 1944 Feb. 20 and May 3, to Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Wolfe
Removed from Thomas Wolfe's letters to his mother Julia Elizabeth Wolfe
Woodberry, George Edward, 1855-1930
ALS, 1914 Jan. 3, to Mrs. Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Woodhull, Victoria C. (Victoria Claflin), 1838-1927
ALS, 1871 Sept. 1, to unknown man on back page of pamphlet "The Correspondence between the Victoria League and Victoria C. Woodhull"
Gift of Joseph G. Deering
Woodward, William Harrison, 1856-1941
ANS, 1938 Dec. 25, to L. Binyon
Removed from La Figlia di Iacio, by Gabriele D'Annunzio, W. Woodward, trans.
Woolf, Leonard, 1880-1969
ANS, 1956 Oct. 31, to D. B. Green
Wordsworth, Mary, 1770-1859
(her husband was William Wordsworth)
ALS, 1852 Sept. 6 and Nov. 26, to Henry Reed
1852 letter replies to a "very touching letter" from Reed, expresses sympathy for like experience of loss and guarded support for a plan to memorialize her recently-deceased husband.
Also a page in Reed’s hand containing inventory of WW’s letters and copy of a dedication.
Adelman Fund
Wordsworth, William, 1770-1850
ALS, 1844 Dec. 21, to unknown man
Expresses sympathy for some violence his correspondent has suffered. "This detestable action will at all events have called out the sound feelings of your friends and supporters toward you…."
 Gift of Fredericka Beatty '19
Workman, Fanny Bullock, 1859-1925
ALS, 1904 Dec. 15, to Mr. Richie
Adelman fund
Wright, William
ALS, 1906 Nov. 9, to Robert Ellis Thompson
Wylie, Elinor, 1885-1928
6 ALS, 1896-97, to Tirzah Nichols
Gift of Emily B. Moores, 1970

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