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Part II: Box and Folder List: Incoming Correspondence

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General Housman's Work


Box Folder Content Date
1 1

Abercrombie, Lascelles: ALS; Oxford

Thanks Housman for his contribution to "our society" and adds: "How glad I am Victoria Regina should have succeeded as it deserved."

1938 Mar. 2

Ackenhausen, Alva: ALS; London

Thanks Housman for his help with her new home


Adelman, Seymour: (from Chester, PA unless otherwise noted)
11 ALsS, drafts of letters to Housman. In most cases, the letter actually sent is represented by copies made from items in the Manuscripts Division of the Library of Congress:
1936 Aug. 12 via "S.S. Ile de France" (& copy of letter sent)
1936 Sept. 8 via "Queen Mary" (& copy of letter sent)
1936 Sept. 25 (& copy of letter sent)
1936 Dec. 9
1936 Dec. 14
1937 Jan. 15, np via "SS Paris" (& copy of letter sent)
1937 Jan. 20
1937 Nov. 10 (& copy of letter sent)
1938 April 18 (& copy of letter sent)
1939 Jan. 11 (may be original, rather than draft)
1946 July 25

1936 - 1946
1 2

Ainley, Henry: 3 AlsS; all from "Grove End Road", 1906 Oct. 8, 1906 Oct. 11 and 1906 Nov. 4

Ainley writes Housman that he would be pleased to work with him on his play Pierrot on Toast [Prunella]. In the third letter, however, he writes: "The exigencies of earning a livelihood have rendered me incapable of assisting you with the Pierrot play."

8 Oct. -
4 Nov. 1906

Andrews, Charles Freer: ALS; London

Apologizes for not writing earlier: "I have been in the Black Forest nursing the grandson of the poet Tagore who was consumptive ... While I have been abroad and especially in Geneva quite recently I have been able to do much about India, - indeed more effective work than in England."

[193-] Aug. 28

Anstey, F.: ALS fragment, np

Refuses to sign an appeal sent by Housman "I should have no objection to the enfranchisement of women householders ... at local government elections, if I could believe that such a measure would never be extended in the future ... But ... I feel, rightly or wrongly, that this would not be the case."


Archer, William: TLS; London

Critiques Housman's play Pains and Penalties.

1911 Jan 26
1 3

Ashbee, Janet Elizabeth: 2 ALsS; Glouc.,"Godden Green"

Thanks Housman for "a great deal of help & encouragement" and adds "We are longing for more Sabrina."

[1904] June 27;
[1904] Dec 19

Austin, Alfred: 2 ALsS; London

Congratulates Housman on "the production of a really remarkable & rather wonderful book [The Sheepfold] ... It's the best thing you ... or anyone has done, for a long time." Austin also responds to comments on his own work made by Housman.

1918 July 29;
[19--] Feb. 17

Baker, A.T.A.: ALS; Peterborough

Sends Housman newspaper reports of a performance of Bethlehem. "Personally I was never engaged on such an absorbing work."

1918 Dec. 22
1 4

Balfour, Lady Betty: ALS; Woking

Discusses her efforts to arrange a meeting between Housman and her friend Mr. Lane. Also writes of a recent trip to the country.

1921 Feb. 15

Bantock, Sir Granville Bucks: 2 AlsS; London

Discusses setting an A.E. Housman poem to music. Also informs L. Housman that "I am writing a short note to your brother to acknowledge his kind permission regarding my setting of the Threnody."

1934 Oct. 18;
1935 Jan. 21

Barnes, Mary R.: ALS; np

A group of friends, made aboard ship, writes to Housman, who is missing from their reunion. Includes notes of greeting by Margaret Towle, Mary and William Piercy, and Mrs. Boyd.


Beresford, J. D. (John Davys): 2ALsS; Brighton

Comments on King John of Jingalo. "May I congratulate you? It is rare indeed for a book to become topical a quarter century after its conception." Also comments after reading the Royal Runaway: "I am sorry you found it necessary to do so much killing at the end. Did you feel like Shakespeare at the end of Hamlet?"

1937 April 13;
1937 May 18
1 5

Bergner, Elizabeth: TLS, London.

Apologizing for not remembering correspondence concerning a play.

1937 Jan 22

Beringer, Esme: ALS; Chelsea

"I did enjoy playing [Giacomina] so ... In fact E.B. disappeared altogether & your beautiful character was there instead."

[19--] April 25

Binyon, Laurence: ALS; Chelsea

"I am in a terrible rush of work & have hardly had time to think about my episode yet, but I must get it done next week somehow."

[19--] Mar. 15

Bottomley, Gordon: 2 ALsS; Oxford, Banbury

Sends Housman a copy of his latest book Scenes and Plays. "I hope you [and your sister] will both let the book say to you how much I value what you have done." Also discusses his views on blank verse: "I feel I must base blank-verse wholly intended for speaking upon the speech-rhythms (not speech-phrases) of my own time and usage."

1929 July 15;
1929 July 26
1 6

Boughton, Rutland:
4ALsS; 1923 Jan. 16, 1923 Feb. 8, 1927 June 18, 1935 Feb. 23
ALS fragment, Bristol; n.d.
TLS; 1921 June 6
TLS fragment, np.; ny Aug. 3

Discusses productions of several Housman plays by the Glastonbury
Players, and laments the censorship of Housman's Bethlehem: "It is a cruel thing that your Mary may not speak. What do you do? That's the sort of thing that makes one despair of the Censorship." Also makes reference to his changing political views: "I have modified my views a little during the last year, owing to what seems to me the possible Pauline betrayal of Lenin's work by Stalin."

1921 June 6 -
1935 Feb. 23
1 7

Bourchier, Arthur: 2 TLsS; London

"Granville Barker has mentioned to me a one act play by you. Would you allow me to read this?" Bourchier writes in the second letter that he has read the play "but just at present I do not see my way to entertaining it."

1908 Feb. 18;
1908 Mar 12

Bourdillon, Francis William: ALS; Sussex

Thanks Housman for sending a copy of his Aucassin. "I thought you had caught a good deal of the medieval fancifulness and charm in your imitation." Asks if he may send Housman a copy of his own revised translation of Aucassin et Nicolete.

1903 April 19

Bregy, Katherine Marie Cornelia: ALS; Philadelphia

"I shall look about alertly for John of Jingalo, when that reprobate unpucks himself in the Land of the Free! He may be in the way of making a hit over here." Also writes, "I am putting together a ... paper on the 'poetry of Christmas,' and mean to use your Bethlehem."


Bridges, Robert: ALsS; Oxford

Note accompanying presentation copy to Housman of his book October and Other Poems.

ny Apr. 3

Brown, Oliver Frank: TLS; London

Brown, a director of Ernest Brown & Phillips, asks Housman to identify 2 drawings of his, which may be shown in a "collection of Victorian drawings and illustrations."

1949 May 3
1 8

Bynner,Witter: 2 TLsS; Santa Fe

"Your brother [A.E. Housman] ... tells me that you are bringing out a volume of reminiscences ... They ought to make a rich book." Also sends Housman a photograph of himself along with one of his later books. In the second letter, Bynner thanks Housman for commenting
on a volume of his poetry.

1935 Oct 29;
1936 April 11
1 9

Carpenter, Edward:
2 ALsS; Croydon, ny Dec. 8; nr Sheffield, 1915 June 30
3 ACsS, nr Sheffield, 1911 June 10; Guildford, 1924 Sept 13; Guildford, [19--] June 29

Recommends that Housman call on R. H. Hobart-Cust while in Florence; agrees to sign a petition circulated by Housman regarding women's suffrage; hopes to see Housman at a 1915 Pacifist Conference; and, in his last card, asks, "Any news of that renegade E.B.L.?"

1911 June 10 -
1924 Sept. 13
1 10

Casson, Sir Lewis (husband of Sybil Thorndike): ALS; London

"I'm so delighted you liked Coriolanus ... I'm sorry Skillan's nose cut you so deeply ... but I had to coarsen his face a bit."

1938 May 8

Chadwick, Owen: 2 TLsS; Cambridge

"I have been extraordinarily interested in the personality and work of Father George Tyrrell. I wonder whether your Dialogue called Prix de Rome ... is likely to be published." Chadwick would like to look through the material and give "an opinion about future possibilities."

1952 June 16;
1952 July 30

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith: ALS; nr Arundel

Apologizes for not sending in his article before the end of the month. Promises to send it "in the course of a few days."

1 11 The Citizens' Center for the Theatre: (all from Glasgow)
4 ALsS; 1947 May 17, 1947 July 3, 1947 Oct. 4, 1948 Jan. 13 (including 2 stage sketches)
TLS; 1947 May 9
1947 May 9 -
1948 Jan. 13
Clemens, Cyril:
TLS, Webster Groves, 1936 Sept. 12
ALS, Webster Groves. (See letter from Edith Wharton 2:31), n.d.
1936 Sept 12; nd

Clynes, John Robert: TLS; London (encl. typed announcement)

"The Prime Minister showed me [your letter] in regard to the arrangements for Armistice Day ... and the point you raised in regard to the carrying of arms by the troops on duty ... The Government have not felt able, for the reasons stated in the [attached] communiqué, to adopt
your suggestion."

1929 Oct. 9

Cobden-Sanderson, Thomas James: ALS; np.

Cobden-Sanderson regrets that, due to his advanced age, he is unable to do more than lend his name in support of women's suffrage.

1 12

Compton, Fay: ALS; London

Having heard a rumor that Housman would like her to play Prunella, Compton writes "I do hope this is so. She is someone I have wanted to play for such a long time."

[19--] Sept. 24

Conrad, Joseph: 2 ALsS; Kent; nr Ashford (includes photocopy)

Conrad agrees to sign Housman's petition supporting women's suffrage, but he remarks that "the shortest road to success for Women's Suffrage would be in its being made a party question on any ground under heaven except that of justice."

1910 May 11;
1910 June 27

Cooper, Duff, Viscount of Norwich: ALS; np.

Responds in detail to Housman's review of his book, David. "Your first letter convinced me... that you had not read my book before reviewing it ... Your second letter makes me doubt whether even now you have done more than cast an eye over a few passages."

1 13.1 Craig, Gordon:
5ALsS; (cartoon); London, 1901 Aug. 3; Worc., 1902 Apr. 19; Hertfordshire (with watercolor), 1902 June 3; London, 1902 July 15; Oxford, 1902 Dec. 8
17 undated ALsS, including sketch of "conception of an angel as Robin Hood"
Folder also contains 3 newspaper clippings on Craig and Isadora Duncan.
1901 Aug. 3 -
1902 Dec. 8
1 13.2 Craig, Gordon: 14 undated ALsS, some with cartoon illustrations, drawings of stage settings.  
1 13.3 Craig, Gordon: 8 undated ALsS; 1 botanical drawing ("properties"); 1 note ("idea"); undated AL fragments, undated ALS fragment.  
1 14 Daunton-Fear, R. D.: ALS; Hove, Sussex 1955 Mar 9

Davray, Henry: 2 ALsS, Paris; Bricquebec

Discusses his efforts to sell Housman's An Englishwoman's Love-Letters to various French periodicals: "They don't care much about it. They say: ... amour and Anglaise are two words that do not go together."

1907 July 11;
1911 Sept. 5
DeMorgan, William (signature only)  

de Navarro, Mary: 2 ALsS; Worcestershire

Makes arrangements for visits from Housman in 1902 and from Housman and his brother, A.E. Housman, in 1934.

1902 April 5;
1934 July 17
1 15

Despard, Charlotte: 2 ALsS; London

Writes that she is resigning from the International Franchise Club: "To my mind Peace is the only thing worth fighting for." In her second letter Despard tells of a recent campaign for the Women's Peace Crusade and thanks Housman for his "efficient help and reliant comradeship in our Suffrage Battles."

1917 Dec. 3;
1918 Jan. 15

Dobson, Austin: ACS; Ealing

"It is very kind of you to wish to associate me with your undertaking. But I am too much worried with other work at present."

1903 Aug 10

Doran, J.: ALS; Winchester

A prisoner thanks Housman for his financial and emotional support. "If I can ever be of assistance to you in any way I would be delighted. But I feel that I can never adequately repay you for that which is of inestimable value - the confidence you seemed to have in me."

1927 Mar. 30

Dowden, Edward: ALS; Dublin

Regrets that he cannot go to a performance of Bethlehem, for which Housman had sent him tickets.

1908 Jan. 23
1 16

Draper, Ruth:
ALS; Paris, ny July 20
2 TLsS; London, 1936 June 25; 1937 Dec. 3
TLS fragment; New York, 1935 May 9

Arranging meetings following various performances by Draper.

1935 May 9 -
1937 Dec. 3
1 17

Drew, Mary Gladstone: 3 ALsS; Doncaster, 1921 Sept. 23; Donc., ny Sept. 28; London, 1921 Oct. 8

Drew writes Housman to point out, good-naturedly, the errors of fact and of character in his play The Comforter, which deals with her parents Catherine and W.E. Gladstone. She sends him her book, Catherine Gladstone, with a suggestion that he read "the chapter near the end called 'Characteristics'."

1921 Sept. 23 -
1921 Oct. 8

Drinkwater, John:
ALS; Gloc., 1920 July 25
2 TLsS; London, 1927 Sept. 16; 1932 Mar. 30

Drinkwater writes that he is "for the immediate moment out of the theatre," but if Housman sends his plays to be read, he "might be of some use a little later on." Also apologizes for inadvertently producing a play with the same title as one of Housman's.

1920 July 25 -
1932 Mar. 30

DuLac, Edmund: ALS, France

Dulac regrets missing Housman in London and gives address at which he can be reached for the next several months.

28 Dec 1907
1 18

Elgar, Edward
6 ALsS: Hereford, 1905 May 30; London, 1910 May 11; Hereford, 1910 June 6; Hereford, 1910 Sept. 14; London, ny May 31; Berks, nd;  Folder includes 6 typed copies.

Thanks Housman for a libretto sketch, but expresses doubt that "the action could be rapid enough for the operatic stage." However, he would like to "find some subject on which we could work together." Remaining letters explain and apologize for delays in their collaborative

1905 May 30 -
1910 Sept. 14
1 19

Ellis, Havelock: ALS; Cornwall

Discusses printing a fragment of his Kanga Creek in Housman's Venture. Offers to send in a piece on Rousseau if Housman prefers. Mentions that a new edition of Sexual Inversion has been published.

1903 May 31

Ely, Leonard: ALS; Cambridge; (with 3 typed copies)

"I am redeeming my promise and sending you 1 coat 1 cassock & 2 pr. breeches. I am afraid they are not very showy as I wear my clothes to the bone."

1932 Oct 1

Esmond, Carl: 2 AlsS; n.p.

Sends a photograph of himself in the role of Albert. Also thanks Housman for sending him a book and mentions that he "read in an Austrian newspaper 'V.R.' [Victoria Regina] is coming out in my native town Vienna."


Evans, Edith, Dame: 2 AlsS (with typed copies); London

Agrees to read his play Pains and Penalties. After reading it, however, she writes: "I can't see myself as Queen Caroline. I do like so much of her, but I just don't feel that I fill the bill. But ... whenever I have felt like this in the past, the part has always gone to someone who has made a great success in it."

[19--] Jan 28;
[19--] Mar 18
1 20

Fawcett, Millicent Garrett:
TLS; 1918 Jan. 18
ALS; London, 1928 Oct. 29
ACS; London, ny Jan. 30

Thanks Housman and his sister Clemence for their congratulations on the passage of a women's suffrage bill by the House of Lords. Recounts "another instance & the best of all, of [John Stuart] Mill's persuasive power as a speaker" in 1870, in which he convinced supporters of "the C.D. Acts" to declare themselves opponents.

1918 Jan. 18 -
1928 Oct. 29
French, H.: TLS, London 1910 April 25
2 1

Galsworthy, John:
3ALsS; London, ny Oct. 5 ; London, 1907 Oct 8; Devon, 1907 Nov. 1
2AlsS; both London, 1908 Feb. 13 (both)
ALS; France, 1909 Jan. 6
ALS; Devon, 1910 June 10
ALS (apparently originally addressed to Society of Authors); London, 1913 Jan. 17
ALS (plus fragment of copy); France, 1913 Feb. 11
TLS; Devon, ny May 13

Discusses plans to protest censorship of plays and asks for "the facts of the Bethlehem instance" and Housman's signature: "Barrie, Shaw, ... Conrad, Wells & ... Barker ... are going to sign." Galsworthy also agrees to sign a petition being circulated by Housman. His 1913 letter pertains to women's suffrage: "The present Government is headed by an Anti-Suffragist, & contains a considerable proportion of anti-suffragists... You are wasting the time of the movement by employing its energies on a false scent."

1907 Oct. 8 -
1913 Feb. 11
2 2

Garnett, Richard: 3 ALsS, Hampstead

Discusses submission of his translation of a Portuguese romance to The Venture. "The title of 'The Merchant Knight' is mine, there is no title in the original."

1903 July 18;
1903 Sept 5;
ny Sept 7
2 3.1

Granville-Barker, Harley: 26 AlsS; 2 TLsS; 1 ACS.; 1 AL fragment, various places.

Granville-Barker critiques Housman's plays The Chinese Lantern, Comments of Juniper, St. Francis Plays, Prunella, and Victoria Regina, and mentions his own works, including his Prefaces to Shakespeare. Members of the theater community are also discussed, in particular Fay Compton, Gordon Craig, Bernard Shaw, Liza Lehmann, J.E. Vedrenne, and Joseph Moorat.

2 3.2 Granville-Barker, Harley: Many ALsS and TLsS. Contains, other than correspondence, postcards, photocopies, critical notes on plays.  
2 4

Hall, Radclyffe:
3 ALsS: Kens., 1928 Dec. 18; Westcliff-on-Sea (with postscript written by Una Troubridge), 1929 Jan. 26; Paris, 1929 April 11.
TLS, Kensington

Hall discusses the Well of Loneliness obscenity trials and thanks Housman for his support. "Too long has the public faced only half truths, hiding its head in the sands of convention. The time has come for honest speaking." Both Hall and Una Troubridge, in a postscript, urge Housman to contact their literary agent about publishing a work of his anonymously. Hall also mentions plans for a French translation of The Well of Loneliness.

1928 Nov. 15 - 1929 Apr. 11
2 5

Hayes, Helen:
Telegram (Mislabeled Hoffman for Housman), 1935 Dec. 28
ALS, London (with 3 typed copies and signed card), 1936 July 24
2 TLsS, 1937 July 3; 1937 Feb. 17
1 undated newspaper clipping

Letters pertain to Victoria Regina, "this finest role I will ever play in my life." Hayes discusses scene changes, the New York run and subsequent road tour, as well as the London and Paris productions.

1935 Dec. 28 -
1937 July 3
2 6

Heath, F.: ALS; Whetstone

Thanks Housman for an invitation.

1933 Mar 5

Henderson, Phillip: 3 ALsS; London, 1927 Nov. 7; London, 1928 Dec. 22; Chelsea, 1928 July 20

Henderson is delighted that Housman will pay a visit to look at Henderson's poems. He also writes that he intends to dedicate a volume of poetry to Housman, explaining that "the reason why I admire your poems is that you do modify form to meaning and that your form is controlled & moulded by a passion & fire of words." Henderson also reports that he is editing for Everyman's Library and may work on a Shakespeare lexicon and concordance.

1927 Nov. 7 -
1928 Dec. 22

Hewlett, Maurice: ALS; London

Hewlett praises Housman's A Modern Antaeus, which he has just finished reading.

1901 Nov. 12

Hichens, Robert Smythe: ALS; Kent

Declines to sign Housman's petition in support of women's suffrage.

1910 July 11

Hinkson, Katherine: ALS; London

Asks Housman for a photograph of himself "to go with one or two articles. One is on your poetry and your brother's ... The other ... is on the Younger English Poets." She also wonders "if the Shropshire Lad [A.E. Housman] would lend me a photograph."

1898 May 12

Hobhouse, Emily: ALS; Cornwall

Hobhouse congratulates Housman on his "beautiful set of plays" [Angels and Ministers].

1922 Dec. 6
2 7

Hyde-Lees, Edith: ALS; London

Hyde-Lees discusses the clairvoyance of her son Harold. "Just before his 16th birthday I discovered that my boy had a clairvoyant gift. He held a letter in his hand & described the writer exactly and the place she lived in ... I gave him a letter of yours. I enclose the result."


International Voluntary Service for Peace: TLS; Leeds

1938 Aug. 28

Jacks, L: ALS; Oxford

As editor of The Hibbert Journal, Jacks writes to accept an article of Housman's for publication.

1945 Nov. 17

Jackson, Gerald C. A.: ALS; St. Thomas Hospital

Jackson answers questions about his father's family that have been posed by Housman, who was writing a biography of his brother A.E.

1936 Sept. 24

Jackson, Rosa: ALS; Harrogate

1936 May 5

Jeans, James Hopwood, Sir: TLS; Somerset

Before he can give his permission, Jeans asks Housman to specify which passages from Mysterious Universe he wishes to quote.

1931 Oct. 22

Jones, H: 2 AlsS; Surrey

In the first letter, Jones discusses a letter he is writing to the Censor. In the second letter, he states "I am a mugwump on woman's suffrage - a hateful and distressing position to take up."

1909 Oct. 16;
1910 June 13
2 8

Kingston, Gertrude:
25 ALsS, London
3 ACsS; 1936 Nov. 25, Vienna; 1936 Dec. 3, Vienna; 1937 July 7, London
TL; 1928 June 21

Kingston discusses British filmmaking and the theatre, the merits of various actresses and actors, the writing of her memoirs, her health, and the successes of others: "It is a curious fact that every person who has had anything to do with me has soared to success." She discusses Housman's Pains and Penalties, Victoria Regina, The Unexpected Years, Lysistrata, and Bethlehem. Other people discussed are Sydney Carroll, Lucie Mannheim, Fritz Lang, H.G. Wells, G.B. Shaw, and A.E. Housman.

2 9

Knatsford, Lord: ALS; Herts

Comments on a story Housman has written.

1925 Nov. 8

Knight, Joseph: 2 ALsS; London

Apologizes for his review in the Athenaeum of Bethlehem: "I have all conceivable respect for it and you & could not go out of my way to be intentionally offensive ... I should be sorry at the close of life to leave the suspicion that I was in any way churlish or hostile to new developments of genius." Also thanks Housman for sending tickets so that he may see Bethlehem a second time.

1903 Jan. 5; 1903 Jan. 7

Lansbury, George:
TLS; London; 1929 Dec. 9
2 ALsS; London; 1938 Feb. 3, 1938 Apr. 3

"I would of course support the proposal concerning the Armistice demonstrations ...I think you ought to also write to the Secretary of State for War." 1938 letters ask Housman for "some big help for the War Resisters' International."

1929 Dec. 9 -
1938 Apr. 3
2 10

Lawrence, D. H.: TLS; North Cornwall

Informs Housman that a copy of The Rainbow may be obtained from its New York publisher.

1916 Jan. 28

Leighton, Frederic: ALS; London

Apologizes for having "stupidly forgotten the amount of my debt - kindly let me know that I may at once send you a cheque.


Leontovich, Eugenie: 2 TLsS; London

She would like to read his Chinese Lantern and also mentions that her husband tells her "Victoria Regina is a great success in New York and he enjoyed it very much." After reading The Chinese Lantern, however, she writes: "I don't think that I could do justice by playing the part of Mee-Mee."

1936 Apr. 21;
1936 June 11
2 11

Lilley, Alfred Leslie: ALS; Hereford

Refers to Housman's St. Francis plays: "I like your stage sermons ... You have chosen the right vehicle for prophetising to us of today in the myth-play."

1932 Oct. 4

Lodge, Oliver, Sir: ALS; Edgbaston

"I am very pleased at the opportunity you have kindly offered me of signing the petition."

1914 Jan. 9

Löhr, Marie
ALS; London; 1932 May 16
2 ALsS, London; nd, and 1936 Nov. 6

Thanks him for his letters and wishes she were well enough to once again act in his plays.

1932 May 16 -
1936 Nov. 6
2 12

Lucas, E. V.: 2 TLsS; London

Inquires as to plans for a biography of A.E. Housman, which his firm, Methuen, would like to publish. Second letter concludes: "Your own forthcoming reminiscences are, I take it, arranged for; but if the family record, to come later is free, we should much value the chance of issuing that."

1935 Nov. 15;
1935 Nov. 20

Lytton, Constance, Lady: 2 ALsS; Herts

Admires his pamphlet entitled The New Humanism.

1923 Apr. 22;
1923 Apr. 29
2 13

MacCarthy, Desmond:
ALS; Bedfordshire, nd
ALS fragment , np, nd

Returns the manuscript of More Poems of A.E. Housman with comments on several of the poems therein.


MacGregor, Helen: TLC; London

Sends Christmas and New Year wishes. She also notes: "In case you haven't seen the use that the Shropshire Advertising Committee have made of your brother's Shropshire Lad ... I am passing it on."

1948 Dec. 21

MacKail, Margaret: ALS; Salisbury

Thanks Housman for the pleasure her family has received from reading his stories, and asks to be remembered to his sister.

1905 May 7
2 14

Marlowe, Julia: ALS; London

Thanks Housman for a copy of Prunella. "I shall make less tedious the hours on the ship by reading it."

1907 Nov. 2
2 15

Martin-Harvey, John, Sir:
7 ALsS; 1898 June 23, 1898 June 27 London; 1939 Feb. 14 London; 1939 Apr. 6, Bradford; ny Feb 16, London; "Monday" London; ny July 9, London.

Asks Housman to illustrate Pelleas & Melisande: "There is no one who is so near the soul of Maeterlinck as yourself;" congratulates H. on An Englishwoman's Love Letters, and discusses life in the theater.

2 16

Masefield, John: ALS; Hampden

"Many thanks for your letter. I return your Memorial signed. Wishing you many signatures."

1920 June 10

Maugham, W. Somerset: 2ALsS (initials); London; Guildford

Letters discuss contributions to The Venture, of which both Maugham and Housman were editors.

ny; 20 Sept ny

Maurois, Andre:
ALS Neuilly-sur-Seine
TLS Neuilly

In the first letter, Maurois thanks Housman for Pains and Penalties, writes of his wife's illness, and mentions Victoria Regina. In the second letter, he says he gave a speech on the occasion of the 100th performance of Victoria Regina and would like it very much if Gaby Morlay were to return in the role. Also comments on Housman's recent book of short stories, several of which he claims would shock readers.

1937 April 8
1938 April 11

May, J. Lewis: ALS; Mill Hill

Apologizes for confusing, in his book John Lane and the Nineties, Housman's frontispiece to Francis Thompson's Sister Songs with that in Thompson's Poems: "It was a lamentable fate that divorced your beautiful drawing from its context and placed it in such inappropriate surroundings."

1936 May 8
2 17

Meynell, Alice Christiana Thompson:
7 AlsS, all without year; Aug. 17, Dec. 4 and Dec. 23 Portman Square; June 3 and Oct. 7, Palace Court; July 29, Sussex.

Meynell comments on several Housman publications. She is "taken by the life, the heart, and blood and thought" in his selected Poems; she is grateful for his letter in the Westminster Gazette on "the South African shooting case. You have said the only just and honourable words on that deplorable legal crime." One letter asks for "a revise of my small article for the Venture. Wilfrid tells me that I must change a word - one."


Meynell, Wilfrid: ALS; London

Thanks Housman for his kind letter of condolence upon the death of Alice Meynell.

1922 Dec. 4

Mitchison, Naomi: TLS; London

Writes to ask Housman to contribute a fairy tale to a children's annual she is proposing: "What I am trying to do is make a children's annual definitely revolutionary socialist, but not correct communist with short stories, pictures, articles and so on."

1933 May 16
2 18

Moorat, Cicely: ALS; Farnborough

Details legal agreements for disbursement of royalties from her late father's music for Prunella, Bethlehem, and The Chinese Lantern.

1947 Aug. 16

Moorat, Joseph: ALS; Farnborough, Hants

Letter refers to their financial agreement over Prunella.

1907 Oct. 12

Moore, Thomas Sturge: ALS; Holland Park

Asks for details of Housman's duties as art critic of the Manchester Guardian, for which post Moore has been proposed as his replacement. Also comments on Housman's play Bethlehem; "I was greatly impressed by the performance and quite converted to Craig's new staging."

1903 Feb. 24
Morley, J.: ALS; London. 1870 May 26
2 19

Murray, Gilbert: ALS; Newcastle-on-Tyne

Thanks Housman for tickets to see his play and adds: "I need not assure you of my sympathy in your battle with the Censor."

ny Oct. 3

Nevinson Henry Wood:
TLS; London, 1933 July
ACS; (initials) London, nd
TLS; London, 1937 Aug. 2

Comments, and congratulates Housman, on his books Golden Sovereign, Wicked Uncles, and on the opening night of an unidentified play. Also thanks Housman for being one "of the generous contributors to the presentation made me on June 30th [1933]."

1933 July -
1937 Aug. 2
Newbolt, Henry: ACS; London 19(?)3 Aug. 28

Oliver, Francis: 2 ALsS; Surrey

Oliver writes regarding Cyril Clemens's solicitation of material for a biography of A.E. Housman: "I should be unwilling to contribute to the Clemens scheme unless it has your sanction & cordial approval." In the second letter, Oliver agrees to ignore Clemens's appeal and includes some anecdotes regarding A.E. Housman.

1926 Sept. 17;
1936 Sept . 11
2 20

Page, Norman: ALS; London

Thanks Housman for giving a copy of his play Prunella to Page's daughter, who is named after the title character.

1900 Dec. 25

Pain, Barry: ALS; nr Brighton

"The reasons why my name has not appeared in the list of great authors in favour of woman's suffrage are probably that I am not a great author and that I am not in favour of woman's suffage."

1909 June 17

Paterson, William: ALS (initials); Eastbourne

Thanks Housman for his positive comments on Nude Souls.

1900 July 21

Peace Pledge Union:
3 ALsS; London, 1937 Nov. 19; Birmingham, 1938 Mar. 16; Birmingham, 1938 Mar. 24
3 TLsS; London, 1938 Mar. 3; 1947 Jan. 20; 1947 Aug. 1
3 TLS; London, 1939 Jan. 9; 1938 Oct. 24; 1938 Nov. 29
Housman's Book Shop Ltd Booksellers to the Peace Pledge Union:
TLS; London, 1947 June 18

1937 June 18 -
1947 Aug. 1

Pethick-Lawrence, Frederick William, Baron: ALS; Surrey

Discusses the recent International Labour Party split, "an unhappy affair ... A government that professes socialism & has to buttress up an individualist society is almost a contradiction in terms."

1932 Sept. 7

Pinero, Arthur Wing, Sir: ALS; Sussex

Regrets he could not sign the dramatists' protest of the censorship of Housman's Bethlehem because he "didn't like its wording."

1910 Oct. 3

Plater, Charles Dominic:
ALS (initials); Oxford, ny June 29
ALS; Holland, ny Aug. 25
ALS; Dover, n.d.

Apologizes for the troubles caused by his brother.

ny June 29 -
ny Aug. 25



Pollard, Alfred William: 7 ALsS 1916 Dec. 28, 1917 Jan. 1, 1918 Jan. 17, 1918 July 10 and 3 Nov ny all fromWimbledon; nd The Mansions; nd British Museum.

Pollard engages in lively debate with Housman on such topics as the state and "the will to power" versus "the will to live," recent world events, and conscientious objection. Pollard also advises Housman to "go on writing, but don't publish for a year or two," and critiques his works, including the St. Francis Plays, The Sheepfold, and Nazareth.

3 2

Ponsonby, Magdalen: ALS; np

Responds to Housman's 4-page questionnaire (included) on court etiquette. She also adds: "If Marie Löhr plays ... Q.V. again do tell her to look at the actual cap & bonnet & hat ... she was wrongly dressed last time."


Price, Nancy: TLS; London

Likes his play but doesn't think she could "put it on for quite a long time."

1937 Nov. 24

Quilter, Harry: 2 ALsS; Monte Carlo; London

Discusses illustrations for Housman's article to appear in The Universal Review and the fee Housman is to receive.

nd; [189-] Apr. 17
3 3

Rackham, Arthur: ALS; London

Discusses the failings of the French when it comes to writing fairy tales, and also thanks Housman for offering him verses to illustrate.

1908 Dec. 18

Raven, Charles Earle: ALS; Cambridge

Discusses and critiques a script of Housman's: "The script is vastly interesting - full of points of real importance, alike in their criticism of conventional orthodoxy & in their hints of a restatement of religion."

ny July 26

Reid, Forrest: ALS; Belfast

Writes to praise A Modern Antaeus, by which he has been deeply affected.

1903 Feb. 9

Ross, Edward Denison: ALS; London

Acknowledges receipt of a check for work done.

1936 Nov. 4
3 4

Rothenstein, William, Sir: 8 ALsS: 1899 Oct. 18, Kensington; 1902 Aug. 25, Kensington; 1902 Dec. 5, Hampstead; 1906 Nov. 16, Hampstead; 1910 May 31, Hampstead; 1910 June 1, Hampstead; 1930 Nov. 5, Kensington; 1938 Mar. 25, London.

Rothenstein discusses details of subletting his rented home to Housman; responds to Housman's criticism of "lack of feeling" in his work and, in the last letter, asks Housman's permission to include a quote from a letter from A.E. Housman in his own memoirs.

3 5

Russell, Bertrand:
ALS; London, 1917 April 7
2 TLsS Petersfield, 1925 Jan. 7; London, 1909 June 10

Answers a question posed by Housman as to how to find out which members of Parliament favor women's suffrage. Also discusses printing a pamphlet of Housman's in the International War Resisters' Tribunal. Third letter praises Housman's Mr. Trimblerigg.

1909 June 10 -
1925 Jan. 7

Rutherston, Albert Daniel: ALS; London

Discuses drawings he has done for the Cape edition of Angels & Ministers.

1922 Sept. 22

Rutland, Violet Lindsay Manners, Duchess of: ALS; London

Sends her effusive praise of Housman's play Victoria Regina.

1937 June 27
3 6

Sabatier, Paul:
3 ALsS; 1922 Dec. 27 and 1923 Oct. 4, Ardèche; 1927 May 18 Strasbourg;
3 ACsS; 1923 Mar. 15 and 1923 Mar. 21, Strasbourg; 19?4 Aug. 6, Ardèche; (folder also contains 4 typed copies of letters)

Sabatier expansively describes his admiration for Housman's Little Plays of St. Francis. He states that the plays are the closest to the real spirit of Francis, compared to all the works produced during his 700th anniversary. Letters arrange for meetings in Assisi as well as for Housman's introduction to Sabatier's friends in Italy.

3 7

Sadler, M. E.: ALS; Leeds

"We shall never forget your reading of your plays. They hang like pictures in my mind."

1922 Mar. 8

Sassoon Siegfried: ALS; Edinburgh; (folder includes flyer of his talk at Philadelphia)

Writing from Craiglockhart War Hospital, Sassoon thanks Housman for supporting his anti-war statements. "I am under W.H.R. Rivers ... He says there's nothing wrong with me, & quite sees my point of view."

[1917] Aug. 18

Scott, Charles Prestwich: ALS; Manchester

Signs Housman's petition in support of women's suffrage.

1909 June 7

Scott, Cyril: ALS; Harlech.

"I have received your ms safely & look forward to reading it."

ny July 22
3 8

Seabrooke, Elliott: ALS (signed "Elliot S"); Essex

Asks Housman's help in finding him work in the theater.

1914 Jan. 7

Shannon, Charles Hazelwood: ALS; Beaufort St.

"Open the door Posy! has won great favor in our eyes ... It is a charming story."


Sharp, Evelyn: 3 ALsS; Hampstead, 1918 Jan. 12; 1933 Jan. 3; 1936 Mar. 22

Addressed "Dear Odrik" and signed "Becket" or "Becky," these letters discuss women's suffrage, her upcoming marriage to Henry Wood Nevinson, and Housman's success with his play Victoria Regina.

1918 Jan. 12-
1936 Mar. 22
3 9

Shepard, Ernest Howard: 4 ALsS; all from Longdown, 1933 Oct. 21; 1933 Oct. 24; 1934 April 24; 1934 Sept. 12

Thanks Housman for the opportunity to illustrate The Golden Sovereign, and arranges a meeting. Also discusses the progress of his background research and the final published results.

1933 Oct. 21 -
1934 Sept. 12
3 10

Sidgwick, Frank: ALS; London

Congratulates Housman on the publication of Little Plays of St. Francis.

1921 Oct. 19

Smyth, Ethel: 2 ALsS; London; Woking

Declines her permission to let Housman dramatize her "little adventure at Balmoral ... The R. Family were very kind to me and, I shouldn't like the incident to be used in any way." Also writes to say that she would like to set a poem of his to music.

ny Jan. 25;
1932 Jan. 3

Somervell, Arthur, Sir:
ALS; London
TLS; London

Thanks Housman for "what you say about the children's singing ... I noticed the difference myself." Somervell expresses his disgust with the way a play of Housman's has been treated by the press: "I am writing to a good friend of mine (one of the Times Editors), asking him to come or send some really responsible man."

1932 Jan. 11

Stacpoole, Henry De Vere: ALS; "Wednes"; London

"I'm awfully sorry to hear of the monetary worries. Cheer up there's a good time coming. I'd love to have that plot yes, do let's have it."

3 11

Stanley, Pamela:
ALS; London
6 ALsS; London

Stanley discusses her role in Victoria Regina, comments on Housman's Little Plays of St. Francis, and thanks him for sending her The Chinese Lantern to read.

1935 Aug. 18;
3 12

Stewart, H. F.: ALS; Cambridge

Stewart informs Housman that Edith Wharton has written "expressing concern over a projected biography [of A.E. Housman] by Cecil [recte Cyril] Clemens. She doubts his capacity & wonders whether he has the authorisation of the family." One of several such letters about Clemens; see Erich Walter and Edith Wharton as well.

1936 Sept. 17

Stott, Edward: 2 ALsS; both from Sussex.

Accepts Housman's congratulations on his election to the Royal Academy and also praises Housman's articles in the Manchester Guardian on a recent exhibition at the Royal Academy.

1906 Jan. 20;
1907 May 8
3 13

Strachey, Lytton: ALS; Manchester

Strachey advises Housman to poll members of the House of Lords to determine where they stand on the issue of women's suffrage. He also suggests Housman revise his petition because "the clause for signature which you circulated previously was a little too emphatic to secure your object."

1909 June 23

Tagore, Rabindranath: TLS; Birmingham

The strain of his recent lecture tour prevents Tagore from visiting Housman in Somerset. He hopes to meet Housman at the home of an acquaintance.

1930 June 6

Terry, Fred: TLS; London

Terry writes that he is "too busy trying to manage my Theatre to give the time I should to the question of Women's Suffrage, and I therefore regret it is impossible for me to give you permission to use my name."

1909 Dec. 7

Thorndike, Sybil, Dame: ALS; London.

Discusses the character of Lady Macbeth: "I feel, with you, that there is little room for doubt about Lady MacBeth's death being suicidal." She also mentions that "the new Prunella end sounds good to me."

1926 Nov. 18
3 14

Trevelyan, Charles Philips, Sir
4 ALsS 1924 Dec. 16, London;, 1924 Dec. 18, London; 1924 Dec. 31, Northallerton; 1931 June 3, London
2 TLsS; London, 1929 Sept. 18; Morpeth, 1931 Mar. 10

Trevelyan discusses Housman's recent books, including Trimblerigg, King John of Jingalo, The Royal Runaway, and Dethronements. He urges Housman to write a book on the Russian Revolution: "I think you have a remarkable political grasp ... Why is this power of reading public events and tendencies only used for the laughter of a leisure hour?" Trevelyan also discusses events in his political career, and the future of the Labour Party.

1924 Dec. 16 -
1931 June 3
3 15

Trollope, G.: TLS; London

Asks Housman to send his St. Francis plays. "I shall read every word with great interest and expect to be charmed." Trollope disagrees with Housman's views on the actions of the Catholic Church during World War I: "I understand your not agreeing with Her that in some cases a defensive war is both just and necessary ... but I think the charge you bring against her ... is unfounded."

1933 July 21

Vachell, Horace: ALS; Bath

Invites Housman to join him for lunch with Randolph Churchill.

1931 Jan. 3
Vanbrugh, V. (signature only) n.d.

Walmsley, Leo: ALS; Yorkshire

Thanks Housman for his letter and describes his recent film work: "I have been acting 'in an advisory capacity' with the filming of Three Fevers and I feel I have been rolling in a dung pit - no, dung is clean stuff compared with the mind of the movie man."

1935 June 18

Walshe, Christine: ALS; London

Sends an obituary of A.E. Housman and mentions admiring a set of drawings for Laurence's play Victoria Regina. She also mentions some design work she is doing and asks "Can't you find a job for me now you are doing so much?"

1936 May 6

Walter, Erich A.: TLS; Ann Arbor (See Edith Wharton's letter, this folder)

"I should like to protest to you that Mr. Cyril Clemens is not the man to write A.E. Housman's biography. Mr. Clemens may be an organizer and a promoter; he is not a literary critic." Letter includes a transcription of an essay in the New Yorker by E.B. White mocking Cyril Clemens. One of several such letters about Clemens; see H.F. Stewart and Edith Wharton as well.

1936 Sept. 1
War Resisters International: 2 TLsS; Middlesex 1938 Dec. 19;
1939 Jan. 20
Wharton, Edith: ALS; St. Brice. Describes her interaction with Cyril Clemens, a would-be biographer of A.E. Housman: "Our (one-sided_ correspondence was enough to show me that he was hardly the person for the projeced task, + I was horrified to see, in his letter to the Times, that he hinted at the approval of the family. But then, in his letter to me, he described your brother ("the last time I was with him at Cambridge" as surrounded by my works, + treating his visitor to an eloquent discourse on my genius!! All this was so nauseating that I felt I must intervene..." Wharton concludes: "May I venture ... to tell you of the lasting delight you have given me ... in writing the scene of Mr. Martin Tupper's visit to Buckingham Palace? It is a masterpiece." One of several such letters about Clemens; see H.F. Stewart and Erich Walter as well. 1936 Sept. 21
3 16 Wilde, Oscar: Folder contains photocopy only of ALS of 1898 Dec. 14 and two typed transcripts of the letter. 1898 Dec. 14
3 17

Wilde, Oscar: ALS; Napoule. Folder contains two typed transcriptions and display description.

Wilde thanks Housman for sending his book All-fellows: "Your prose is full of cadence and colour, and has a rhythmic music of words ... I have lately been reading your brother's lovely lyrical poems, so you see you have both of you given me that rare thing happiness." He also writes of working on a poem "terribly realistic ... and drawn from actual experience," and describes the scenery and people of Napoule.

ca. 1898 Dec. 28
3 18 Wilde, Oscar: 2 ALsS; Dieppe; Berneval-sur-Mer (folder also contains typed copies of each) 1897 Aug. 22 ;
1897 Aug. 9
3 19

Yeats, William Butler:
ALS; Chiswick, with photocopy and 2 typed photocopies
ALS; Dublin, with photocopy and typed photocopy

In the first letter, Yeats states "I am sorry that I have no present intention of publishing an illustrated edition of any of [my poems]." In the second letter he responds to Housman's criticism of a review by Yeats of Housman's Selections from the Writings of William Blake. "Of course you have a perfectly clear right to take Blake as a writer of 'belles Lettres' only you should make this compatible with a respectful attitude towards his mysticism also. Mysticism has been ... and will be one of the great powers of the world and it is bad scholarship to pretend the contrary."

ny Aug. 1
ny Oct. 10
3 20

Young, Dalhousie: ALS; London

Congratulates Housman on Prunella

1906 Apr. 27

Young, E. H.: ALS; London.

Thanks Housman for his letter, which congratulates her upon the publication of William.

1927 Sept. 13
3 21

Zangwill, Israel:
ALS; London (?)
2 ACsS; London; Worthington
TLS; Sussex

Zangwill admires Housman's work for women's suffrage, congratulates him on publication of The Sheepfold, and expresses a wish to speak with him further concerning Zangwill's Plaster Saints.

1910 June 10-
1918 July 22
3 24

Letters Concerning Financial Matters:
22 items

3 25

Incoming Correspondence from Unidentified Persons:
5 items

1936, n.d.

Letters Concerning Housman's Work
Box Folder Content Date
3 22 Letters to Housman from publishers, agents, artists and others concerning presentations of his work  
3 23

Scott, Maude: TLS; London

Discusses fee he will receive for granting permission to produce Prunella.

1923 June 18
Flavius, L.: TLS; Cardiff 1947 May 15

Farley, Nina: ALS; London

Asks permission to translate Little Plays of St. Francis into Esperanto.

1947 May 27

Vernon, Virginia: ALS

Welcomes Housman to Paris with "news of the success of your lovely 'Victoria Regina' ... Thank you for having trusted me with the play's destiny in France."

1937 Mar. 8

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