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Letters to Laurence Housman from Family Third Party Family Correspondence Letters Concerning A.E. Housman
Other Material Concerning A.E. Housman Other Family Documents

Letters to Laurence Housman from Family

Box Folder Content Date
6 1 Letters from Unidentified Family Members 1930 - 1954
6 2

Housman, Lucy (step-mother): 16 AlsS; Bromsgrove

Housman's stepmother writes affectionately and in detail of family news.

6 3

Housman, Katharine (sister): 2 ALsS, Bromsgrove

In the first letter, Symons wishes her brother a happy birthday and describes a local church bazaar and tennis tournament. In her second letter, she attempts to mediate in a dispute between Housman and their stepmother.

1886 July 18; n.d.
Two Empty envelopes (in Laurence's hand?) addressed to "Miss Housman/ Long Meadow Street/ Somerset"  

Housman, Robert (brother): 3ALsS; Pembroke, Hagley Grove, Edg.

Thanks his brother for his "threefold surprise - a present, an advance copy of your book, & a dedication." Second letter contains a lengthy solution to a geometric question involving artillery fire. In the third letter Robert expands on his earlier musings about peace and religious faith.
Includes a signed fair copy of a 14-line poem, "Evening", a sonnet.

1906 June -
1906 Aug. 31

Third Party Family Correspondence

Box Folder Content Date
6 4

Housman, A.E.: TL to Katherine Symons, ny June 19

Poem addressed to "My dearest Kate" sign "Your doting brother A. Edward H.".

ny June 19
6 4

Housman, Basil: ALS to Katharine Symons; Stockport

Reassures his sister about financial matters and a loan.

1905 May 31
6 5

Housman, Clemence: ALS to "Miss Wheeler"; London

Apologizes for tardy reply. Discusses literature and writing: "We share I think in a sense of word value, - for selecting and arranging words with great pains for exact effects; and also in attraction for tragedy and failure."
Purchased with the Adelman Fund, 1995

Includes handwritten poem single sheet signed Clemence Housman
Gift of Frederick and Louise Maser, May 1995

1908 Nov. 5
6 4

Housman, Lucy: 5 ALS to Katharine Symons

Letter's to Lucy's step-daughter on financial and family matters.

6 4

Housman, Mary: ALS to Katharine Symons

Requests of her cousin the "annual cheque". Describes daily events and routines of "your Master".

June 23 [ny]
6 4

Millward, E.L. Haywood: ALS; Worcester

Begs Housman to give him news of the recent death of Lucy Housman, who was an old family friend.

1909 Mar. 16
6 4

Pollard, Alice: ALS to Clemence Housman; Wimbledon

Expresses condolences to Clemence on the death of her brother, Robert Housman. "The saddest thing about death always seems to me that so often we cannot be sad. I always liked Robert and have often looked forward to seeing him again and am so much the poorer because that hope is gone."

1905 May 3
6 4

Symons, Katharine (Housman, Katharine): 4 ALsS to Clemence Housman; Bath

Kate writes to her sister concerning family matters, issues of business and the payment of a loan.

6 4 Telegram to Miss Housman

1906 Oct. 1

Letters Concerning A.E. Housman

Box Folder Content Date
6 6

Seymour Adelman Materials:

Two letters from Adelman to Mrs. Thomas Hardy on the possibility that A.E. Housman's copy of Hardy's Poems, the Past and the Present was a presentation copy;

ALS (photocopy) and attached reply; 1936 Aug. 24;

16 carbon-copy pages of transcripts of A.E. Housman's letters to SA;  1927-1933

Carbon-copy sheets upon which pencilled notations have been made for passages from works of different authors (Edmund Gosse's Life of Algernon Charles Swinburne, Andrew Smithberger's On Poetry, George Saintsbury's Nineteenth Century Literature, Henry Hallam's Introduction to the Literature of Europe, Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure and other poems);

4 pages marked "Excerpts from A.E.H's letters"; 1925-1931

Single carbon page referring to SA' s search of autograph catalogues for descriptions of A.E. Housman's letters.

Notes by SA to Housman on A.E. Housman's writings on Bacon's Essays.

Two pages of notes (presumably to Housman) remarking on annotations in A.E. Housman's copies of books

6 7 Bursi, A. to Housman: ALS 1936 May 2

Carritt, Dorothy M. to Housman: ALS; Somerset

Condolence letter in regards to A.E. Housman's recent death.


Chapman, Cecil Maurice to Housman: ALS; London

Condolence letter.

[1936] May 2

Gilbert, A. Housman: ALS, Ealing

Condolence letter.

1936 May 2

Housman to Partridge, Mr.: ALS

Answers Partridge's questions pertaining to funeral services and burial of A.E. Housman.

1936 June 5

Marillier, Henry Curie to Housman: ALS; London

Sends his condolences and congratulates Housman on the success of Victoria Regina.

1936 May 7

Summerhayes, J. to Housman: 2 ALsS; Somerset; Ludlow.

Writing as secretary of the Street Men's Adult School, Summerhayes sends condolences on the death of A.E. Housman.

1936 May 5;
1936 Oct. 14

Symons, Katharine:
Housman, Clemence:

ALS; London, 1906 July 30
4 ALsS; Cambridge, 1936 May 10 (2 letters), 1936 May 11, 1936 May 18
ALS; New York ny Feb. 23
ALS; Cambridge 1936 May 14
ALS; Cambridge, ny May 4

Letters are primarily concerned with the disposition of A.E. Housman's estate following his death. Housman writes of poems and manuscripts found among A.E.'s effects and also discusses funeral arrangements. He mentions seeing Pamela Stanley in a play and visiting with his publishers in London. In a letter from New York, Housman describes a tour of the Cloisters given by its owner, George G. Barnard. Also included is a copy of an early letter to his sister Kate regarding disposal of their stepmother's estate.


Shepherd, F.G. to third party: ALS; Ludlow

On Ludlow Rectory stationery describing A.E. Housman's funeral services.

1936 Oct. 14

Thomson, J. J. to Housman: ALS; London

As a representative of the Council of Trinity College, Thomson writes to thank Housman for donating his brother A.E.'s books to the college's library.

1936 May 9

Other Materials Concerning A.E. Housman

Box Folder Content Date
6 8 "A. E. Housman;" fragement of article, by John Freeman, from The Bookman n.d.
6 8

Housman's notebook

6 leaves filled with notes apparently concerning A.E. Housman and his poetry. Empty envelope marked in Housman's hand "Letters of A.E. Housman to Housman with reference to poems, etc. 1908-1933"

6 9

Letters from Housman Concerning A.E. Housman's Literary Estate: 16 ALsS, 1 TLS

Addressed to various publisher's and secretaries, primarily at the Society of Authors about the management of A. E. Housman's literary estate and particulary concerning publication of his poetry in anthologies and collections. References are made to a misunderstanding of a contract with the Library of Congress

6 10

Housman in his Biography of A.E. Housman

Folder includes letters concerning reproductions of A.E. Housman's works, as well as fragments on him by Housman.


Other Family Documents

Box Folder Description
6 11 Photographs:

2 of Housman and one of Clemence.

6 12

Manuscript Genealogy of the Adams, Bateman and Housman families, 1766

Copy of Housman's birth certificate;
Gift of Frederick and Louise Maser, May 1995
Copy of Housman's death certificate;
Gift of Frederick and Louise Maser, May 1995
6 photocopies of Housman obituaries;
Gift of Frederick and Louise Maser, May 1995
1 photocopy of article on Bromsgrove brothers;
Gift of Frederick and Louise Maser, May 1995
Photocopies of two articles about Housman and Clemence;
Gift of Frederick and Louise Maser, May 1995
Vellum official document signed by Edward Housman.
6 13 Material concerning Housman's great-grandfather, Rev. Robert Housman

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