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Gallery Openings
Other Materials


Illustrations for Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre

Box Folder Description Date
16 JE 1 "Jane as a child is teased by her cousin. She flings herself on him and kicks him in the shins while his mother (Jane's Aunt) watches, scandalized." Watercolor, pen and ink. n.d.
  JE 2 "Jane is shut up by her aunt in the Red Room where her uncle died. She imagines his dead body on the bed and is full of terror. The maid, and her irate aunt, come in." Watercolor, pen and ink.  
  JE 3 "Jane talks strongly and passionately to her aunt. She cries when she is corroborated by Bessie, the kind maid." Pencil, pen and ink. n.d.
  JE 4 "Jane confronts Mr. Brocklehurst, the schoolmaster. Jane sees the carriage arrive to take her cousins away to school." Pencil, pen and ink. n.d.
  JE 5 "Mr. Brocklehurst sends Jane to school to punish her for being rude to him. Jane weeps, and is comforted by her friend Helen." Pencil, pen and ink. n.d.
  JE 6 "Rochester has come home after a trip. His horse throws him and he hurts his leg. Jane (grown up now) and Pilot the dog watch." Pencil, pen and ink. n.d.
  JE 7 "Rochester goes riding with a highborn arrogant woman friend and Jane watches jealously from the door with Rochester's little godchild, Adèle." Pencil, pen and ink. n.d.
  JE 8 "Jane has illustrated her dreams in a notebook, and is showing it to Mr. Rochester." Watercolor, pen, and ink. n.d.
  JE 9 "Mr. Rochester talks to Jane Eyre, Pilot the dog at his feet. In background, Adèle, Mr. Rochester's ward, shows off her new dress. In scene on right, Adèle plays with Pilot. Rochester talks to Jane and hints at tragedy going on in the mansion." Pencil, pen and ink. n.d.
  JE 10 Same scene as 13 (earlier version). Pencil, pen and ink. n.d.
  JE 11 "Bertha attacks her brother with a knife, which Rochester seizes, while Grace Poole looks on." Pencil, pen and ink. n.d.
  JE 12 "Bertha, Rochester's mad wife who is shut up in the attic, steals the key from her guardian, Grace Poole, who has been drinking gin. Bertha puts on her wedding veil, visits Jane, and then sets fire to the curtains in Rochester's room. Jane rushes in and pours water over him." Pencil, pen and ink. n.d.
  JE 13 Same scene as 5 (preliminary version). Pencil, pen and ink. n.d.
  JE 14 "Rochester tries to save Bertha from jumping off the roof but the house burns down and Bertha dies. Later (on the right) Rochester, (blind in one eye) and Jane declare their love for each other." Pencil, pen and ink. n.d.

Illustrations for the legend of Cuchulainn in Jean Markale's L'epopée celtique d'Irlande

Box Folder Description Date
16 C 1 "Cuchulainn se change en pierre de moulin et route sur ses ennemis / Cuchulainn, aged 5, turns himself into a millstone and rolls over his enemies." Watercolor, pen and ink. ca. 1971
  C 2 "Cuchulainn se met en colère / Cuchulainn kills more enemies, is presented with two beautiful virgins as a reward, refuses so angrily that he steams, is thrown into a vat of water to cool off. He is then transformed into an extraordinary being." Watercolor, pen and ink. ca. 1971
  C 3 "Cuchulainn étude chez la sorcierè / Cuchulainn goes to Sorcerer's School." Watercolor, pen and ink. ca. 1971
  C 5

"Cuchulainn prend une forme effrayante / Cuchulainn is exhausted, meets and old woman and her cow, is given milk to drink and falls asleep. He wakes up transformed into a magical being." Watercolor, pen and ink.

ca. 1971
  C 6 "Cuchulainn tue son ami / Cuchulainn kills his best friend in battle and then mourns over him." Watercolor, pen and ink. ca. 1971
  C 7 "Le combat des deux grands taureaux / The two great bulls of Ireland fight to the death. Queen Medb has to urinate and King Fergus shields her." Watercolor. ca. 1971
  C 8 "Three witches give Cuchulainn cooked dog (his totem animal) to eat. His hand immediately withers up." Watercolor, pencil, pen and ink. ca. 1971
  C 9 "Cuchulainn lutte avec Morrigane, la fée / The enemy fairy, Morganna, sends a gray wolf, a red cow, and an eel to kill Cuchulainn; he kills them all." Watercolor, pen and ink. ca. 1971
  C 10 "Cuchulainn avant sa mort / Cuchulainn is mortally wounded. His entrails fall out and a cow comes to eat them. He bathes in a pool and laughs. Then he lashes himself to a post so as to die standing up. His horse mourns." Watercolor, pen and ink. ca. 1971
  C 11 "On coupe la tête de Cuchulainn / His enemies kill Cuchulainn and cut off his head." Watercolor, pen and ink. ca. 1971
  C 13 "Cuchulainn slays the great dog who gives him his name, Son of the Dog (Cuchulainn)." Watercolor. ca. 1971
  C 15 "The warrior goddess Morriganne appears before the brown bull Cualunge in the form of a bird and advises him to be prudent in battle. The child hero, Cuchulainn, watches." Watercolor, pen and ink. ca. 1971

Illustrations for Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea

Box Folder Description Date
17 WSS 1 "Antoinette in Christophine's house. She sees Christophine's voodoo objects on the floor near the bed: a severed hand, a dead rooster." Watercolor. ca. 1966
  WSS 2 "The house is on fire. The parrot (Coco's) wings catch fire. Christophine is carrying Pierre to safety while Aunt Cora comforts Antoinette." Watercolor.  
  WSS 3 "The fire. Christophine carries Pierre to safety. Coco cries out "Qui est la?" Antoinette is terribly frightened. A servant takes away Annette's white horse." Watercolor. ca. 1966
  WSS 4

"A little black girl who was Antoinette's friend throws a stone that hits her in the forehead. The girl's grandmother watches." Watercolor.

ca. 1966
  WSS 5 "Annette comforts Pierre, her little handicapped son, after fire is set to the house by hostile workers." Watercolor. ca. 1966
  WSS 6 "Antoinette comes on her mother (Annette's) white horse dead in the woods. It has been poisoned by one of the hostile workers." Watercolor. ca. 1966
  WSS 7 "Antoinette and Rochester go riding." Watercolor. ca. 1966
  WSS 8 "Rochester and Antoinette (now married) bathing. Antoinette throws a stone at a big crab while Rochester looks on." Watercolor. ca. 1966

Miscellaneous Artwork

Box Folder Description Date
15 33 Detailed list of donated illustrations. TD. 9 pgs. n.d.
  34 "Illustrations for Two Novels by Marie-Claire Blais." Published in Exile Press catalog. 6 pgs. 1978 Fall
  35 Photocopy of a pen and ink sketch of a cat. 1982
  36 Drawing published in Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin, p. 19. 1988 Spring
  37 Christmas card. Woodcut. n.d.

Gallery Opening Notifications, Reviews

Box Folder Description Date
15 38 Includes gallery opening notifications, newspaper clippings, and an invitation list for one of Meigs' exhibits. TD, AD. 10 pcs. 1956 Oct 28 - 1976 Feb 4


Box Folder Description Date
15 39 Reviews of Meigs' artwork. 4 pcs. 1979 Oct 17 - 1992 Apr 27
  40 Fan mail. TLS, ALS. 2 letters. 1969 Jan 16 - 1969 Jan 20

Other Materials

Box Folder Description Date
    Marie-Claire Blais  
15 41 Gallery opening notification and articles concerning Blais, several in French. 9 pgs. 1968 Oct 19 - 1992 Oct 17
    Barbara Deming  
  42 Various memorials for Barbara Deming (1917 - 1983). Multiple copies. 13 pcs. 1983 Jun 13 - 1984 Dec
  43 Flyers from the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund. TL. 14 pcs. 1990 Spring - 1996 Fall
    Edmund Wilson  
  44 Wilson, Edmund. "An Upstate Diary." The New Yorker, Vol. 47, pgs. 43-83. 1971 Jun 12
  45 Miscellaneous articles. 38 pcs. 1982 - 1994 Oct 22

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