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Part II: Box and Folder List (Microfilm)

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In addition to her extensive research notes, Bryn Mawr College has also received Phyllis Goodhart Gordan's large collection of microfilms. The collection, comprised of fifty-two reels, contains selections from nearly 500 Renaissance manuscripts, largely works and letters of Renaissance popes and other ecclesiastics taken from the Vatican archives, as well as a copy of Rüegg's unpublished critical text of Poggio's letters to Niccolo (Reel 45) and several journal articles.

Notes on the Catalog: Every effort has been made to ensure that the catalog accurately reflects the contents of the collection. Due to the difficulty in determining foliation, the folio numbers given should be not interpreted as an exact summary of the selection; rather, such information is intended to give the scholar a general idea of the size and nature of the selection. Where two foliation numbers were given, we have followed the more recent series. Dates for all Reg. Vat. and Reg. Lat. entries have been taken from Sussidi per la consultazione dell'archivio Vaticano (Studi e Testi 45), and do not necessarily reflect the years represented in the selections on the film.

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