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Part II: Box and Folder List
Series I: Incoming and Third Party Correspondence

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Incoming Correspondence

Box Folder Writer and Contents Date
    Bell, Mackenzie
3 1

ALS (carbon copy)

2 p. Contents: Sympathy note regarding the death of Mrs. William Rossetti.


1894 Apr 18


ALS (carbon copy)

1 p. Contents: Says he is glad if his words gave her any comfort, and thanks her for telling him so.

1894 Apr 23

ALS (carbon copy)

1 p. Contents: Thanks her for her letter; is glad her health is better and would like to see her soon.

1894 May 15

ALS (carbon copy)

4 p. Contents: [Almost unreadable] Mentions Dante. Forwards a copy of Poems and Verses.

1894 Jul 30
3 2 Unidentified  

Envelope only.



Third Party Correspondence

Index of Writers

Bell, Mackenzie Rossetti, Gabriele Wilson, Lisa
Brown, Ford Madox Rossetti, Maria Francesca Unidentified
Gemmer, Caroline M. Rossetti, William Michael  
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel Sutherland, Amy T.  
Box Folder Writer, Recipient, and Contents Date
    Bell, Mackenzie
3 3 Bell, Mackenzie to Gemmer, Caroline M.  

ALS (carbon copy)

9 p. Contents: Says he hasn't forgotten her and the Christina Rossetti letters, but has been very busy. Says his Life of Christina Rossetti still sells slowly. Asks if he can keep all the letters, reminds her of some past favor he's done for her, and mentions her and his own health. With "Returned Postal Packet" fragment.

1903 Mar 10

ALS (carbon copy)

7 p. Contents: Says he will have a copy of his Life of Christina Rossetti sent to her as well as any future edition containing the letters she has supplied to him. Thanks her for letting him keep all of the letters and asks her to let him know if anything else comes to mind. Asks some specific questions in a post script about some references made in Christina's letters.

1903 Apr 15
    ALS (carbon copy)

4 p. Contents: Thanks her for her letter. Mentions that he found the source of a quote about Christina which Mrs. Gemmer referred to in 1898. Remarks that he is pleased that she appreciates his biography and has promised him any other Christina Rossetti letters that she might come across later.

1903 Apr 17

ALS (carbon copy)

7 p. Contents: Thanks her for ten more letters of Christina's and says they will be very useful in in a later edition of his biography. Agrees to her request to leave something out of it. Returns five letters, about which he outlines several specific questions.

1903 Apr 21

ALS (carbon copy)

2 p. Contents: Thanks her for the information she has given him and asks what is the first line of "the Athenceum Similies." With little note to himself.

1903 May 2

ALS (carbon copy)

2 p. Contents: Refers to Miss Lisa Wilson, whom he says he has known for a long time and is a "genuine friend." He is glad that Mrs. Gemmer liked her and says there must be some delay in sending her book.

1903 Jun 19
3 4 Bell, Mackenzie to Ingram, John Henry  

ALS, The Hotel Metropole, Brighton

2 p. Contents: Pleased by Ingram's reference to The Same Bog in the Woods and his kind hope "to respond suitably somewhere." Says he would be grateful for anything to help the book.

1893 Nov 1

ALS, 33, Carlton Road, Putney, S.W.

2 p. Contents: Thanks him for the 14 pages of manuscript and letters. Agrees to his wishes with regard to W. M. Rossetti.

189[5] Dec 14

ALS, 33, Carlton Road, Putney, S.W.

3 p. Contents: Thanks him for the opportunity to read his correspondence with Christina Rossetti, which he is returning. Says if space permits, he will make some quotations, but not without the proper permission from William Michael Rossetti, who has agreed to read the manuscript before publication. Hopes to send him a proof, but cannot promise anything.

1896 Jun 9
3 5 Bell, Mackenzie to Rossetti, William Michael  

ALS, 33, Carlton Road, Putney, S.W.

3 p. Contents: Thanks him for valuable information and answering his enquiries. Would like to see Christina's poems if possible and convenient for William and would like to call on him after his return.

189[5] Jun 20
3 6 Bell, Mackenzie to Wilson, Lisa  

ALS (carbon copy)

4 p. Contents: Sends her a note of Mrs. Gemmer's and asks that she "give [him] as long an account as feasible of her." Mentions enjoying a recent talk with Mr. W. M. Rossetti "about his literary projects."

1903 Jun 19
    Brown, Ford Madox
3 7 Brown, Ford Madox to Rossetti, Lucy Madox Brown  

AL, 4 Bath Terrace, Tynemouth, Northumberland

2 p., signature cut out. Contents: Has received her letter and mentions Scott. Remarks, "of course you had better stay and keep the little boy with you. Asks her to tell him if she wants money.

    Gemmer, Caroline M.  
3 8 Gemmer, Caroline M. to Bell, Mackenzie  

ALS, 107 Hereford Road Hersbourne Grove W.

4 p., on blue paper. Contents: Says he is "very welcome to all Miss Rossetti's letters" and will send others if she finds any. Gives her opinion on Christina's writing and requests a copy of his book. Mentions "Mrs. Patmore & Bertha." With envelope.

1903 Apr 14

ALS, 107 Hereford Road, London, W.

1 p., on blue paper. Contents: Thanks him for his book. Closes with, "O happy Christina! Why am I kept so long? What purpose can I serve?"

[1903] Apr 16

ALS, 107 Hereford Road W.

4 p., on blue paper. Contents: Says she cannot remember about the letters, but knows that she never saw his book before, which she now thanks him for sending. Answers his questions about references in Christina's letters regarding cabbage roses and Master and servant. Returns his letters, and says she is too weak to write any more. With envelope.

[1903] Apr 17

ALS, 107 Hereford Road W.

1 p., on postcard. Contents: Says she has already sent him everything of interest, but has kept back "2 or 3 & a piece of one, & 2 cards in which [Christina] say[s] writing has become painful to her, poor dear!"

[1903 Apr 18]

ALS, 107 Hereford Road W.

1 p., on postcard. Contents: Says she discovered a passage, which she had completely forgotten, that shows he is right. Says she is alone and mentions her grandchildren and her son's old job.

[1903] Apr 18

ALS, 107 Hereford Road W.

4 p., on blue paper. Sunday. Contents: Remarks she can barely write, but answers some specific questions about the Christina's letters, inluding an anecdote about her "ruined" Babyland, which resulted in her and Christina being "estranged for a time." Mentions her opinions on some of Christina's works.

[1903 Apr 26]

ALS, 39 Northumberland Place Bayswater W.

2 p., on blue paper. Contents: Says she thought she had found a new friend in Miss Lisa Wilson, but has not heard from her, and comments that she does not know "what is to become of me." She may stay where she is or move closer to her grandchildren. With envelope.

[1903] Jun 9


1 p., on outside of half an envelope only. Contents: Explains Master & Servant and "Cabbage Rose" references in Christina's letters, apologizing for writing on the envelope.

    Envelope only. Postmark illegible. n.d.
    Rossetti, Dante Gabriel
3 9 Rossetti, Dante Gabriel to Brown


2 p. Monday. Contents: "I find I shall have to go out his evening, so will not expect you to dinner."


ALS (initials)

2 p., on black-bordered paper. Contents: Says he thought he knew where the black skirt was, but cannot find it. Claims it must be with his family in Albany St., and he will get it and send it as soon as possible.

    Rossetti, Dante Gabriel to Brown, Ford Madox  


Tipped in: The Germ, AP4 .G415 1850, c.3

1862 Dec 15
3 10

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel to Faulkner, Miss [Kate]


ALS, 16 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

3 p. Thursday. Contents: Thanks her for the [wood] block she has made for Macmillan's, which is fine except for the "plugging." He insists she charge them for her work. Adds in a postscript that he will ask her also to prepare a plug with the words "Second Edition" on it, to be inserted above the vignette.

[1865 Feb]
3 11 Rossetti, Dante Gabriel to Marston, Westland  

ALS, 16 Cheyne Walk

4 p. Contents: Sends him a copy of Christina's new book of nursery rhymes and asks him to notice it in the Athenaeum. Mentions a picture he has just finished and a new poem he has written. In a postscript he adds that Arthur Hughes's illustrations in Christina's book are "beyond all praise." Inlaid on a paper along with envelope and description.

1871 Nov 21
3 12 Rossetti, Dante Gabriel to "My dear Lewis"  

ALS, 16 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

2 p., on personalized stationery. Contents: "I had engaged [Louder] & wife some days before getting your note. They are here now & very satisfactory hitherto." Thanks him for his letter and hopes to see him soon.

1865 Aug 28
    Rossetti, Dante Gabriel to "My dear [Ianides]"  

ALS, 16 Cheyne Walk

1 p. Contents: Thanks him for his check towards the price of a picture. Says he does not think the plate monogram suits the note paper and will "send another sketch immediately for [this new] purpose."

1888 Mar 22
    Rossetti, Gabriele
3 13 Rossetti, Gabriele to Admiral and Lady Moore  

ALS and poem

2 p. Contents: Written in Italian to the couple who sponsored his entry into England and its society. Includes a poem titled "Goda Penelope."

[ca. 1820s]


5 p. Contents: A song titled "Exaltation of Malta: A Birthday Song," written in Italian by Gabriele Rossetti in honor of Admiral and Lady Moore's first-born son.

[ca. 1820s]
    Rossetti, Maria Francesca
3 14 Rossetti, Maria Francesca to Wynne Jones, Miss

ALS, 56 Euston Square N.W.

3 p. Tuesday evening. Contents: Says goodbye in case she cannot come to "the dear Home tomorrow." Sends the autograph of George Cruikshank for Miss Jones or her cousin. Gives her future address.

    Rossetti, Maria Francesca to "My dear Lucy"  


3 p., signature cut out. Friday afternoon. Contents: Says she will be by in the morning if Lucy would like her to look over her answers before copying them.

    Rossetti, William Michael  
3 15 Rossetti, William Michael to Colles, Mr.  

ALS, 3 St. Edmund's Terrace, Regent's Park N.W.

3 p., on blue personalized stationery. Contents: Writes about a photograph "from the portrait of Swinburne," which he trusts Mr. Colles has now received. Is pleased he received a copy of his brother's poems.

[18]91 Jul 4
3 16 Rossetti, William Michael to Dooley, A. H.  

ALS, 56 Euston Sq. N.W.

5 p. Contents: Responding to a letter from Dooley, comments that his reading plan is "about the best." Reveals very personal sentiments regarding his religious convictions, stating that he is "not an adherent to the Christian or to any religion," and discussing his thoughts on the immortality of the soul. Mentions Swedenborg's views. Refers to the publishers of his brother's poems and then continues with an interesting appraisal of Tennyson and Buchanan. With envelope.

[1878] May 6
3 17 Rossetti, William Michael to Hood, Edwin Paxton  

ALS, 5 Endsleigh Gardens N.W.

2 p., on personalized stationery. Contents: Encloses a copy of "the little print" of his sister's poems. Says "please to accept it in friendliness notwithstanding its uninviting exterior."

[18]81 Aug 9
    Rossetti, William Michael to Swinburne, Algernon Charles  


Tipped in: The Germ, AP4 .G415 1850, c.3

1882 May 23
3 18 Rossetti, William Michael to Wheeler, F. A.  

ALS, 5 Endsleigh Gardens N.W.

3 p., on black-bordered paper. Contents: Writes regarding Wheeler's inclusion of a "juvenile poem" by Dante Gabriel in his book. Says that only giving the "external particulars" rather than reprinting the verses themselves is allowable. But makes it clear that to publish the poem would require his permission, as the owner of his brother's copyrights, and that he would respect his brother's wishes to never publish something that was merely "boyish stuff."

[18]86 Apr 21
3 19 Rossetti, William Michael to "My dear Madam"  

ALS, 5 Endsleigh Gardens N.W.

2 p., on black-bordered paper. Contents: Refers to an order of several photographs, including one of Dante and one of Christina. Says he is sure Christina will sign the photograph taken from her portrait, and having been an invalid most of her life, genuinely sympathizes with suffering.

[18]83 Mar 6
3 20 Signature and fragment of ALS n.d.
    Sutherland, Amy T.  
3 21 Sutherland, Amy T. to "Madam"  

ALS, Caledon, Bolebroke Road, Meshillon Sea

2 p. Contents: Says she has two letters of the late Christina Rossetti, which she would be happy to sell. Mentions that one contains a "funny little poem about a picnic" with her old friend Mrs. [Belescoli], who was a relative of Miss Sutherland.

[1900 Dec 13]
    Wilson, Lisa  
3 22 Wilson, Lisa to Legg, Janie  

ALS, Rubery House, St. Mary's Terrace, Penzance

3 p. Contents: Thanks her for the lovely "artistic" card. Mentions another biography of Christina written by a Mrs. Shove, who she believes is also a poet and writes "most sympathetically, and from the religious point of view, which neither Miss Sanders nor Miss Stuart have done." Mentions she would be very pleased if Josephine could bring Janie for a visit, but fears it is too far.

n.y. Jun 19
3 23 Unidentified to Brown, Mrs. [Ford Madox]  


2 p. Contents: Expresses sympathy for her loss of "poor Arthur," but says "it is a relief poor little dear to think he is now out of all his pain for ever." Signature cut out.

    Unidentified to Watts, Theodore  
    Envelope only [1890 Dec 12]

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