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Christina Georgina Rossetti Collection of Mary Louise and Frederick E. Maser, 1830-1894

Part II: Box and Folder List
Series II. Other Materials

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Other Materials

Dates: 1860-1903
Series II, Other Materials, is organized into three sub-series: Writings, Materials of Mackenzie Bell, and Other. Materials of Mackenzie Bell is further divided into two sub-series: Christina Georgina Rossetti Materials, and Non-Christina Georgina Rossetti Materials, with the latter including two sub-categories: Letters and Other Materials.


Box Folder Contents Date
4 1 Rossetti, Christina Georgina

"Good Friday," poem, holograph

Tipped into: The Germ, AP4 .G415 1850, c.3

    "In the bleak mid-winter...," poem, holograph, signed n.d.
4 2-3 Rossetti, William Michael [2 folders]  
    [Wives of British poets], lecture n.d.
    holograph, corrected  


Materials of Mackenzie Bell

Box Folder Contents Date
    Christina Georgina Rossetti Materials
4 4 Envelope marked "Copies of letters of C. R. received from Mrs. Gemmer which are at present not included in the new Appendix" 1903 Apr 16
4 5 Envelope marked "Old lease of 30 Torrington Square given to me by ... W. M. Rossetti - 15th Dec. 1898" [1898 Dec]
4 6 Lists of illustrations for Christina Rossetti:A Biographical and Critical Study 1897
4 7 Notes regarding letters of Christina Rossetti n.d.
4 8 Notes regarding research about Christina Rossetti var.
4 9-10 Transcriptions of letters from Christina Rossetti to Caroline M. Gemmer [2 folders] [189-]
4 11 Notes and comments, holograph, from William Michael Rossetti regarding Mackenzie Bell's biography of Christina Rossetti 1895-1897
4 11a Photocopy of poem by Mackenzie Bell on the death of Christina Rossetti. Original in private collection 1898 Sept 24
    Non-Christina Georgina Rossetti Materials
    Jackson, R.  
4 12 Jackson, R. to Bell, Mackenzie and Mrs. Bell  


2 p. Friday before Christmas 1917. Contents: Sends seasons greetings and the framed proof of "a beautiful Blake plate entirely unknown to the public & Blakean scholars also." Says the book is progressing as fast as possible, with over a dozen people engaged in the printing process. But says it is so costly, that they desperately need more subscribers. He is including over 30 extra plates and 3 or 4 new letters of Blake to make "this 100th memorial a veritable treasure."

[1917 Dec 21]
    Japp, Alexander H.  
4 13 Japp, Alexander H. to Bell, Mackenzie  
    ALS, N.L. Club
Encloses five sonnets, holograph, signed.
[1892 May 12]
    Sinclair, William Macdonald
4 14 Sinclair, William Macdonald to Bell, Mackenzie  

Two ALS, Armadale Castle, Isle of Skye

Contents: Letters enclose poems, printed and holograph. With two clippings of Sinclair's obituary, 1917 Dec.

1917 Aug, Nov
4 15 Letters regarding his death 1917 Dec
    Other Materials
4 16

Clippings of notices of dissolutions

Contents: clipping regarding dissolution of partnership between Thomas Bell and William Boyle Barbour; clipping regarding dissolution of partnership between Thomas Bell, Robert Robinson, and George Mackenzie Bell.
1860, 1874



Box Folder Contents Date
    Rossetti, Christina Georgina
4 17 Fragment of CGR's handwriting n.d.
4 18 Photograph, cabinet, by Elliott & Fry, 55 Baker Street, W. n.d.
4 19 Calling card of Christina Rossetti, holograph n.d.
4 20 Receipt to Cassell & Company, Limited, signed by Christina Rossetti 1890 Aug 27
4 21 Signature of Christina Rossetti n.d.
    Rossetti, Dante Gabriel  
4 22

Check made payable to Queens taxes

Signature cut out.

1879 May 3
    Rossetti, Maria Francesca  
4 23 "Today," poem composed by T. Carlyle; transcribed, signed, and dated by MFR 1861 Jan 12
4 24 Photograph, carte-de-visite, of unidentified woman by Elliott & Fry, 55 Baker Street, Portman Square, W. [ca. 1865]

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