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The Booke of Common Prayer: with the Psalter or Psalmes of David of that Translation which is appointed to be used in Churches.

Imprinted at London: By Robert Barker, 1607.

Restored through the generous contribution of Margery Peterson Lee, Class of 1951.

Booke of Common Prayer- old damaged binding

This edition of The Booke of Common Prayer has been bound together with Barker's 1607 editions of the Bible and the Book of Psalms. Barker held a royal monopoly on the printing of English bibles from 1600 until the abolition of monopolies in 1623. The Bible is a late edition of the Geneva Bible, first issued in 1560, and was one of the last editions before the appearance of the King James Bible, also printed by Barker, in 1611. This is a particularly important copy of these core Christian texts, as it was a gift from William Cecil, Baron of Burghley and advisor to Elizabeth I, to John King, the Bishop of London.

Booke of Common Prayer- repaired binding

The book has a beautiful contemporary leather binding with gold tooling on the spine, marked with the gold seal of King James I on both front and back covers. Before restoration, the hinges were badly cracked, leaving the front and back boards precariously attached. The end leaves, title page, and last page were creased and cockled, there was old adhesive on the fly leaf, and the book was generally soiled. The Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts cleaned the edges of the book and heavily soiled leaves; lifted, washed, and replaced the fly leaf; and repaired the hinges inside and out to firmly attach the covers.

Booke of Common Prayer- frontispiece


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