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The MISO Survey: 2014 Main Findings

IS tools and services are important.

When asked about a range of IS services, faculty and students surveyed rated 75% of them as either Important or very important. E-mail services, the wireless network, off-campus access and BIONIC were top rated in importance for all three populations surveyed. By comparison with peer institutions, Bryn Mawr faculty and students give more importance to almost all of IS’ services than do communities at other schools, and the greater importance they give to various library services and to Moodle is particularly marked.

Smartphone and tablet adoption has accelerated rapidly.

The majority of all populations surveyed in 2014 own smartphones. Bryn Mawr student smartphone ownership is higher than at our peer institutions. Almost all students at Bryn Mawr own a laptop.

Satisfaction with Bryn Mawr’s wireless network is higher than at peer institutions.

Though our wireless availability and performance satisfaction ratings show room for improvement, Bryn Mawr community members consider wireless networking equally or more important, and are more satisfied than their peers. Student satisfaction with wireless network performance has also increased since 2012.

Our transition to Moodle has been a success.

Student satisfaction with Moodle is high. Student and staff satisfaction with Moodle and Moodle support is higher at Bryn Mawr than at our peer institutions. Faculty satisfaction with these is similar to that of our peer institutions.

E-books are becoming more important at Bryn Mawr, as they are at institutions across the country.

Faculty and students consider e-books to be more important than they did in 2012. Meanwhile, importance ratings for print collections at Bryn Mawr have continued a slow but steady decline. Still, print collections are more important to Bryn Mawr students than to their counterparts at peer institutions.

Satisfaction with BIONIC is down from 2012 for both students and staff.

This follows Bryn Mawr’s recent rebranding of its enterprise data administration system, Virtual Bryn Mawr, to BIONIC. Students and staff are also less satisfied with the system than their counterparts at peer institutions.

Bryn Mawr faculty use a variety of tools to facilitate in class and out of class learning.

They consider classroom technologies and support to be more important than in 2012.

Bryn Mawr staff and faculty value the Help Desk.

They report higher or equal usage, higher importance ratings, but lower satisfaction with it than do staff and faculty at peer institutions.

Bryn Mawr undergraduates value the library but they are less than satisfied with library spaces.

Many library services more important to our undergraduates than they are to students at peer institutions. Our undergraduates are also more satisfied than their peers with several library services, with the exception of library physical spaces.