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Font Preferences in Internet Explorer (PC)

To check the setting, open up Internet Explorer, then go to 'Tools' menu and select 'Internet Options...'



Select 'Fonts...' at the bottom of the window. The Languages... button can also be set if you normally visit webpages in languages other than English, but normally it is set correctly.


Internet Options

The fonts dialog box allows you to set the font used for each different encoding. Each webpage has an encoding designated for that page. Certain fonts are particularly suited to particular encodings. A list of usual ones can be found below:


Default Encoding:

Standard Font:

Fixed Width Font:

Western Times Courier
Central European Geneva CE Geneva CE
Japanese Osaka Osaka
Traditional Chinese Apple LiSung Light Taipei
Simplified Chinese Song Beijing
Korean Apple Gothic Seoul
Cyrillic PriamojProp PriamojProp
Greek Geneva Geneva
User Defined / UTF-8 Arial Arial


You may have to experiment a little to make your page display correctly. Some fonts such as Arial, Tohoma, and Times New Roman have larger sets of characters are are often more successful than others.


After you have set the font for the encoding in question, click OK to make the changes and close the Internet Options window.