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Typing Polytonic Greek on Windows XP

In the Start menu, find and select Control Panel. In the resulting window, double click the icon called "Regional and Language Options".


In the Regional and Language Options window, click on the tab at the top labeled 'Languages' and then click the Details... button.


Language Settings


In this window, you will find a list of all the languages currently enabled. Click the Add button to add a new language to the list.

In the Input language drop-down list, select Greek.  In the field labeled Keyboard Layout/IME, select Greek Polytonic




Click OK to close this window and then Apply in the underlying window. Again click OK to close this window.


In the bottom right hand corner of the screen, you should now see an icon similar to Add Input Language. Click this icon to see a list of the installed languages, and select the EL (Greek) icon.


EN icon



The Polytonic Greek keyboard layouts are as follows:


Normal state:


Language Bar



Shift state:


normal keyboard



Alt-Gr (right side) state:


shift keyboard



Alt-Gr and Shift state:


rt-alt keyboard



Normal state & Spacebar:


rt-alt+shift keyboard



Shift state & Spacebar:


spacebar keyboard



Alt-Gr state & Spacebar:


shift+spacebar keyboard



Alt-Gr + Shift state & Spacebar