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Troubleshooting QuickTime Player Problems

If you are experiencing problems with the Quicktime player, there are several thing you might try. These include:


turning off Windows XP's internal firewall
configuring RTSP streaming
configuring your connection speed in Quicktime player


Windows XP's internal firewall
This is by far the most common problem if you are using Windows XP. The built-in firewall blocks real time streaming media. To correct this, you must turn off the firewall. Firewalls are designed to protect information on a network, but they can also prevent you from viewing QuickTime streams. This is because firewalls are frequently configured to block data protocols that QuickTime uses for streaming. Anti-virus software will do a much better job of protecting you computer.


Configuring Your Connection
Your selection determines the stream that QuickTime will try to get from the server. If you have too high a speed selected, data will be lost and the stream you receive will either be choppy or will not work at all. To adjust the speed at which Quicktime player receives the stream:


Mac OS X
1. Open the "QuickTime Preferences" pane in the "System Preferences."
2. Click on the "Connection" tab.
3. Select your connection speed from the "Connection Speed" drop-down menu.
For example, if you have a modem connection at 56k, choose "56 Kbps
Modem/ISDN" from the menu.


1. Open the "QuickTime Player."
2. From the "Edit" menu, select "QuickTime Preferences" from "Preferences."
3. Select "Connection Speed" from the drop-down menu.
4. Select your connection speed from the drop-down menu. For example, if you have a modem connection at 56k, choose "56 Kbps Modem/ISDN" from the menu.

Setting streaming transport to RTSP
1. Launch the QuickTime Player application.
2. From the QuickTime Player menu, locate Preferences (usually under the Edit menu) and select QuickTime Preferences.
3. Click either the Connection tab or drop down menu depending on the version of Quicktime you are using.
4. Select Transport setup or Streaming Transport..
5. Make sure the option for RTSP is selected.
6. Click OK to close the QuickTime preferences dialogue box.
7. Try the link again.


If none of these tips help and you are sure that Quicktime is installed correctly, you may need to come to the Language Learning Center or another Bryn Mawr public computing lab to listen to streaming audio files