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Font Preferences in Safari (Mac)

Safari PreferencesTo check to fonts setting in Safari, open Safari and select Preferences under the Safari menu. The window that pops up will allow you set the general prefences of the Safari web browser.

AppearancesClick on the Appearance icon at the top of the window. You may now set the font that is associated with each encoding.







Select the encoding for the page you are trying to view from the dropdown menu at the bottom labelled Default Encoding: Some common fonts for particular encodings are listed below:

Default Encoding:

Standard Font:

Fixed Width Font:

Western Times Courier
Central European Geneva CE Geneva CE
Japanese Osaka Osaka
Traditional Chinese Apple LiSung Light Taipei
Simplified Chinese Song Beijing
Korean Apple Gothic Seoul
Cyrillic PriamojProp PriamojProp
Greek Geneva Geneva
User Defined / UTF-8 Arial Arial