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Math Majors Get Great Jobs!

The facts...

"Despite outperforming men in college, women earn less money in the work world. Unless they take college math. Women who take more than eight credit hours in math not only achieve equity in some occupations but surpass men in some, shows a study that tracked a group of men and women for nearly twenty years." (Sally Richard Crooks, 'USA Today,' June 10, 199 1)

Students who major in mathematics have a wide array of career options before them. Our alumni have attained many wonderful positions in academics, business, government, and industry. Read some alumni statements.

Here are some great links that describe a wide variety of careers for which a background in the mathematical sciences is useful. They provide practical answers to the question: "Why should I study math?"

http://www.maa.org/careers/index.html http://www.ams.org/careers/mcbb.html http://www.awm-math.org/career.html

At this second site, you can read profiles of mathematicians in nonacademic positions. There is also a question and answer forum that allows you to query the mathematicians featured monthly.

There are also a number of books that describe many mathematical career options. For example, the Mathematical Association of America published a book entitled 101 Careers in Mathematics, Andrew Sterrett (Editor).

The Association for Women in Mathematics has published a book entitled Careers that Count: Opportunities in the Mathematical Sciences. This is also available online at http://www.awm-math.org/ctcbrochure/toc.html


Summer Opportunities

A great way to start on a career path is to do a mathematically related (paid!) summer internship. Our students have done a wide variety of activities including