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Program Requirements and Opportunities

The information listed below is a direct excerpt from the 2016-17 Course Catalog.

Published annually, the Course Catalog sets out the requirements of the academic programs--the majors, minors, and concentrations. Each Bryn Mawr student must declare her major before the end of her sophomore year. Students may also declare a minor or a concentration, but neither is required for the A.B. degree. Students must comply with the requirements published in the Course Catalog at the time when they declare the major, minor and/or concentration.

The Course Catalog also sets out the College requirements. Students must comply with the College requirements published at the time they enter Bryn Mawr College.

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2012-13 Catalog

Students may complete a major or minor in Mathematics. Within the major, students may complete the requirements for secondary school certification. Majors may complete an M.A. in Mathematics, if accepted into the combined A.B./M.A. program, or may enter the 3-2 Program in Engineering and Applied Science at the California Institute of Technology.

The Mathematics curriculum is designed to expose students to a wide spectrum of ideas in modern mathematics, train students in the art of logical reasoning and clear expression, and provide students with an appreciation of the beauty of the subject and of its vast applicability.

Major Requirements

A minimum of 10 semester courses is required for the major, including the six core courses listed below and four electives at or above the 200 level.

Core Requirements:

MATH B201 Multivariable Calculus (H121 or H216)
MATH B203 Linear Algebra (H215)
MATH B301 Real Analysis I (H317)
MATH B303 Abstract Algebra I (H333)
MATH B302 Real Analysis II (H318) or MATH B304 Abstract Algebra II (H334)
MATH B398 or B399 Senior Conference

The analysis and algebra sequences, MATH 301/302 and MATH 303/304, both have a strong proof writing focus. Consequently, students often find it useful to take a course such as MATH 206 (Transition to Higher Mathematics) before they enroll in these sequences, and in any case should consult with the instructor if they are unsure about their level of preparation.

With the exception of Senior Conference, equivalent courses at Haverford or elsewhere may be substituted for Bryn Mawr courses with approval of the major adviser. A student may also, in consultation with a major adviser, petition the department to accept courses in fields outside of mathematics as electives if these courses have serious mathematical content appropriate to the student's program.

Mathematics majors are encouraged to complete their core requirements other than Senior Conference by the end of their junior year. Senior Conference must be taken during the senior year. Students considering the possibility of graduate study in mathematics or related fields are urged to go well beyond the minimum requirements of the major. In such cases, a suitable program of study should be designed with the advice of a major adviser.

Major Writing Requirement

Students will take MATH B301 and MATH B303, two writing attentive courses, to satisfy the major writing requirement.


A degree with honors in mathematics will be awarded by the department to students who complete the major in mathematics and also meet the following further requirements: at least two additional units of work at the 300 level or above (which may include one or two units of MATH 395/396 or MATH 403), completion of a meritorious project consisting of a written thesis and an oral presentation of the thesis, and a major grade point average of at least 3.6, calculated at the end of the senior year. A draft of the written thesis should be submitted to the Math Department Office one week before the last day of classes.

Minor Requirements

The minor requires five courses in mathematics at the 200 level or higher, of which at least two must be at the 300 level or higher.

Advanced Placement

Students entering with a 4 or 5 on the Calculus AB advanced placement test will be given credit for MATH 101 and should enroll in MATH 102 as their first mathematics course. Students entering with a 4 or 5 on the Calculus BC advanced placement test will be given credit for MATH 101 and 102, and should enroll in MATH 201 as their first mathematics course. All other students are strongly encouraged to take the Mathematics Placement Exam so they can be best advised.

A.B./M.A. Program

For students entering with advanced placement credits it is possible to earn both the A.B. and M.A. degrees in an integrated program in four (or possibly five) years.

3-2 Program in Engineering and Applied Science

See the description of the 3-2 Program in Engineering and Applied Science, offered in cooperation with the California Institute of Technology, for earning both an A.B. at Bryn Mawr and a B.S. at Cal Tech.