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Current Ph.D. Students

Photo of Kathryn Bryant

Kathryn Bryant  CV
M.A. Mathematics, Bryn Mawr College 
B.S. Mathematics, Northern Arizona University
B.A. Spanish, Northern Arizona University

I am currently beginning research in low-dimensional topology. I recently wrote an expository master's thesis on lens spaces, and I hope to use the knowledge I gained from this project to inform aspects of my Ph.D. dissertation.   

When I'm not thinking about math, I spend time cooking, reading, watching shows, sewing, and running, I am currently training for a few marathons (including my first!). I love socializing, so I also spend my time with my friends and family.

Why Bryn Mawr?
I chose Bryn Mawr because of the high level of research coupled with the small, supportive environment. The professors are challenging yet encouraging, the undergraduates are motivated to learn, and there are numerous scholarly opportunities outside of the college in which graduate students can participate; it is the ideal academic environment.

Eva Goedhart Picture

Eva Goedhart CV
M.A. Mathematics, Wake Forest University
B.S. Mathematics, James Madison University


I am working to finish my dissertation on certain families of Diophantine equations. I use various methods, including algebraic and analytic techniques, to prove that there are no solutions to those particular families.

Every free moment that I have, I spend with my family, enjoying a home cooked meal, playing outside, and crocheting warm things for my friends and family.

Why Bryn Mawr? I chose Bryn Mawr College because the department feels like a family. It's a small department where everyone matters and everyone wants to see you succeed. The faculty, students, and staff all work really hard to make sure everyone has the tools and resources needed to complete their dissertation. I'm proud to be part of that family.

Photo of Ziva Myer

Ziva Myer  CV 
B.A. Mathematics/Physics, New College of Florida


I am currently working on my M.A./Ph.D. and am interested in Contact Topology. 

In my free time I enjoy yoga, hula hoop dancing and socializing. 

Why Bryn Mawr?  I chose Bryn Mawr because the professors here strike a great balance between excellence in teaching and their own mathematical research. I also enjoy studying math at a liberal arts college.

Photo of Samantha Pezzimenti

Samantha Pezzimenti CV 
B.S. Mathematics, Ramapo College


As a first year graduate student, I am focused on my coursework and teaching assistantship.  I am interested in studying topology. 

In my free time I enjoy exercising and working on various art projects. 

Why Bryn Mawr?  Bryn Mawr offers everything I was looking for in a graduate school. Bryn Mawr has an extremely supportive and close-knit environment with an emphasis on both research and teaching. The professors are always willing to help and truly care about your success. 

Photo of Frank Romascavage

Frank Romascavage
M.S. Mathematics, Lehigh University
B.S. Mathematics, Ursinus College

I am currently doing research in Analytic number theory, but also enjoy twin primes and partial differential equations. 

My interests outside of math are martial arts and chess.

Why Bryn Mawr?  I chose Bryn Mawr due to the fact that everyone in the department has created a very healthy environment which focuses equally on excellence in teaching as well as research.  One has to come here to experience it firsthand!

Photo of Danielle Smiley

Danielle Smiley CV
B.S. Mathematics, Albright College


I am currently finishing my last semester of Graduate Math classes and will begin studying for my preliminary exams this summer.  I will also begin to do research in the field of Analysis but have not yet decided on a specific topic.

In my free time I enjoy swing dancing, knitting and playing the piano.

Why Bryn Mawr?  Bryn Mawr offers a unique graduate experience due to the fact that they are a small program.  The individualized attention was exactly what I was looking for during my studies.  The closeness of the faculty and students helps to enhance a great working and learning environment.  On another note, Bryn Mawr and the surrounding area offer great opportunities for attending lectures, seminars, conferences and various events.  There are a great many outside resources that supplement the smallness of the program.


Current A.B./M.A. Students

Emily Schroeter '15

Madeleine Hanson-Colvin '16