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Fees and Financial Support

  • Teaching Assistantships
  • Research Fellowships
  • Summer Stipends
  • Tuition Awards
  • Tuition and Fees

Teaching Assistantships

For the 2012-2013 academic year, Teaching Assistantships carry stipends of $14,500, a health insurance stipend of $3,380, a summer stipend of $4,000 and a tuition award of up to 2 units per semester (the maximum course load for a TA).  We usually have 5 teaching assistants in mathematics.  

Applicants interested in a teaching assistantship should indicate this on their application form.

Teaching assistants are assigned to a course, or sometimes to a particular section of a course. The duties of a mathematics teaching assistantship vary tremendously but generally include preparing for, organizing, and facilitating weekly or semiweekly problem sessions, grading or otherwise evaluating students, holding office hours and working with students one-on-one, and meeting with the course instructor. Faculty work very hard to help graduate students develop their teaching skills. Although this is generally done on an informal, individual basis, we do strive to make graduate student teaching assistantship assignments so as to enhance this skill development while giving each student as broad of a teaching experience as possible. Our success in producing strong teachers is demonstrated by the frequency with which local colleges and universities that need to hire additional teaching staff seek out our graduates as well as our continuing students who have finished their M.A.'s.

At Bryn Mawr, faculty members are evaluated by students in every course they teach. Teaching assistants are also evaluated by the undergraduate students in the courses they assist in. Completed evaluation forms are reviewed by the supervising faculty member with the TA. The originals or copies of all TA evaluations are submitted to the GSAS and become part of the TA’s file.

The annual Doris Sill Carland Prizes for Outstanding Teaching are made to one of more TAs on the basis of their evaluations and recommendations from supervising faculty, which are reviewed by the Dean and the Committee on Graduate Awards. Our graduate students have also received the college-wide award for excellence in teaching.

Named Fellowships

Dean's Fellowship:   Intended to enhance the diversity of the graduate student body, this fellowship carries both academic year and summer stipends, a tuition waiver, and a health insurance subsidy. It may be guaranteed for multiple years.

Doris Sill Carland Fellowship: Awarded by the GSAS based on department
recommendation and strong teaching evaluations, this fellowship carries both academic year and summer stipends, a tuition waiver, and a health insurance subsidy.

Marguerite N. Farley Fellowship: Awarded to a graduate student who is from a country other than the U.S. and who holds temporary resident status, this fellowship carries both academic year and summer stipends, a tuition waiver, and a health insurance subsidy.

Research Fellowships

For our more advanced students, there is the opportunity to obtain a research fellowship where you have no teaching responsibilities and have more time to dedicate to your research project. 

Summer Stipends

Under the direction of a faculty member, students choose an appropriate project over the summer and receive a summer stipend.  There are no teaching responsibilities associated with this stipend.

Tuition Awards

The department is often able to grant tuition waivers for non-TA’s who are taking classes or are enrolled in Supervised Work with a faculty member.