Strategies that Support Student Success

 in Math and Science


In today’s increasingly technological world, math and science literacy is a pre-requisite for access to and success in many careers. How do we help  all students succeed in math and science  and hence have  equal opportunities in our society? 


Bryn Mawr College and the Math Science Partnership of Greater Philadelphia invite you to attend a one-day symposium.  


Wednesday March 19, 2008

Bryn Mawr College


Keynote Speaker: (pdf copy of flier) 7:15 pm in Thomas Great Hall

(change from the original 7 pm).


Dr. Hrabowski, is the author of Beating the Odds: Raising Academically Successful African American Males, and Overcoming the Odds: Raising Academically Successful African American Young Women. Hrabowski is known nationwide as a visionary leader in higher education. According to The Washington Post, he has "transformed the University of Maryland Baltimore County with his exuberant, forceful character ... and helped lift minority and low-income students, especially black math and science majors, to the highest levels of academic achievement."


Dr. Hrabowski has supplied us with three readings (article 1, article 2, article 3) related to his presentation.


He has recently taken on the position of  Chairman of The National Academies Committee on Underrepresented Groups and the Expansion of the Science and Engineering Workforce Pipeline. Here is the Committee Statement of Task.



Afternoon Events: at Wyndham House   (Building #31 on Campus Map )



3 – 4 pm     Panel Discussion: Bryn Mawr alumnae reflect on their experiences in math and science education: what supports were helpful?


Panelists:      Ekua (Anane-Fenin) Bentil, Physics Major, Class of 2005

                  Dani Carlin, Chemistry Major, Class of 2007

                  Edisa Rodriguez, Mathematics and Sociology Major, Class of 2007



4 – 6 pm     Fostering Success in Math and Science: Institutional Strategies that Work. College Faculty share strategies they use at their institutions. 

                  Presentations by:

Drexel University, LaSalle University, Northampton Community College and Swarthmore College.


For more information  contact Diana Campbell .


Directions to Bryn Mawr College.


Parking Information: Participants for the afternoon session can park either at the Gateway House lot (building #38) or at the Wyndham lot (building #31). For the evening session, you can park in those lots as well as the Merion lot (building #21). Taylor Hall is building #20.

Numbers are given on Campus Map.