Math 295

Spring 2013

Prof. Donnay


Class Materials and Assignments



Wk, Class#,


Class Material



Wk 1: Class 1

T 1/22


 Introduction. Issues facing the world.


HW for Thur 1/24


Please fill in pre-course questionnaire.

C2: Thur 1/24

Praxis visitors re; Trash Collection Study. Constant flow rate and total amount of water.

Variable flow rate worksheet (please finish for Tuesday).

For Tuesday, try to get an energy bill from your home (fax, photo). What are the units used to measure energy use? How much energy does your home use according to the bill? If you can not get your own bill, use this sample one:  Peco Energy Bill.


HW Wk 1 due Tues 1/29 and Thur 1/31.

C3: Tue 1/29

Lightening the Way event:

Bryn Mawr solar panels info,  data from panels.  Detailed data for 1/27/13.



C4: Thur 1/31

Jim McGaffin, light bulb issues and modeling the savings due to LEDs in Brecon. Ways in which college students use energy. Finding area under curve by adding up boxes.

Hw Wk 2 due Thur 2/7

C5: Tue 2/5

Solar power: adding up energy produced using Riemann sum and Trapezoid rule. Solar flux, Energy reaching the earth; albedo.  Mathematica notebook with these calculations.

Read: Section 3 and 4 (pp. 5-12) of

Climate Change and the Daily

Temperature Cycle (on Moodle)

C6: Thur 2/7

Presentations of student energy models. Calculating impact of latitude on peak solar energy.

HW Wk 3 due Thur 2/14.

Note new times for TA Sessions:

Monday 6 – 7 pm

Wed 7:30 – 8:30 pm all in Park 336.

C7: 2/12

Energy balance equation. See Solar Information doc.  Temperature conversions in mathematica. Using Mathematica to plot data. We use data from excel file on 1.26.13.  



Atmospheric data from Tom Pfaff.