Math 399

Spring 2013

Prof. Donnay


Class Materials and Assignments

Here is schedule of who gives what presentation when.



Wk, Class#,


Class Material



Wk 1: Class 1

T 1/22




Please fill in the on-line pre-course questionnaire . 


Schedule of presentations.

Wk 2:


Use LaText to write a self-reflection after each presentation. Please write down what you did well and were pleased with about your presenation. Then write down what you would do differently next time and areas in which you would like to improve. Post the self-reflection into the Moodle blog.


Ch 3 (p. 26) #1,2,3

Ch. 13 (p.173) #2. use Excel and make graph. Try a variety of different initial conditions. Summarize your findings.


Wk 3

Ideas about chaotic billiards.

For Tuesday 2/19:

Ch. 3 #6, 7ceh, 8, 11egh, 13 

Ch 13 p.173: #1b, d, 2

Excel – recreate the graph that Alix made. See if you can find a “drag” way to do it.

Wk 4


For Thur 2.28: Ch 4 #1b, 1c, 1g; #3, #4. Also  - write out your own version of the proof of the Fixed Point theorem  that Asha presented. As part of this, first write out the precise statement of the Intermediate Value Theorem. Then show in your proof of the Fixed Point Theorem, how you use the Intermediate Value Theorem. Illustrate your discussion by including a graph (or graphs) that show what is happening.